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, | Unfiltered | May 31, 2018

I work at a local hotel here in oklahoma city as a front desk agent in the mornings. I had an experience with a guest that went as follows:

Guest: Yes, I need a receipt to turn into my work for compensation.

Me: Okay, Sir, if you can just tell me your room number, please.

Guest: *says room number*

Me: Sir, I see you stayed free last nights on your reward points. I cannot give you a receipt since you didn’t pay anything for your room.

Guest: Why not? I need to get compensated for my stay!

Me: Sir, you used points to stay last night. It was a free stay.

Guest: Yes, but my company needs to compensate me for the money I spent here.

Me: ….Sir, I cannot give you a receipt because it was a free stay. However, I have you checked out.

Guest: Okay…. well have a good day then…

Me: Thank you, Sir, you too.

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(I live in a city that’s not very far from the English coast. I’m queuing at the checkout. The cashier is ringing up for a lady. He says the price and she gives him a coupon.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry, Ma’am. You cannot pay with this. It’s a 15 euros coupon and your amount is 10.63 euros.”

Customer (in English): “Please, I’d like to pay for my purchases.”

Cashier (still in French): “If you give me this, you’ll have to spend all of it! I cannot give you the missing 5 euros, that’s our policy!”

Customer (still in English): “I know this coupon is valid. Please, I’d just like to pay!”

(At this point, I’m wondering who’s stupider: the manager who hired someone who doesn’t know English in our city, or the tourist who didn’t even learn how to say “please, do you speak English?” in French before coming.)

Me (awkwardly, in English): “Madam, he’s telling you that if you pay with this card, he won’t be able to give you the missing money back.”

Customer: “That’s OK, I don’t mind giving all of it.”

Me (in French): “She says she’s ok with paying with her whole coupon.”

Cashier: “OK, thank you.”

(The lady gives her coupon and leaves with her purchases. The cashier smiles at me.)

Cashier: “It’s nice to be nice with English people!”

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We have several hand made crafts in the front lobby, made by one of our staff. Each one has a sign on it that says in English and French “DO NOT TOUCH!!!”
A group of boys, about 9 years old is walking by one of the crafts. One little boy, stops, touches it lightly with his finger, then runs to catch up to his friends. He puffs out his chest, throws back his shoulders and in a very cool, laid back voice he says:
Boy: Hey guys, (points back at the craft and sign) I just touched that. I’m such a rebel.
They all looked back in awe and he strutted off like a big man. That made me smile all evening.

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, | Unfiltered | May 31, 2018

(This was several years ago, at a popular sandwich shop. This is my first real job, and I’m a young, petite female closing the store alone. I locked the doors a couple minutes early, because I just wanted to finish and go home before it got really late. A young woman with several very young children comes and bangs on the door. I reluctantly let her in.)

Customer: Why did you lock the doors? It’s not 9 yet!

Me: *ashamed* I’m sorry, I just wanted to go home, and don’t like walking in the dark any more than I have to.

Customer: Well, you shouldn’t close early! It’s bad business!

(I make her sandwiches, then lock up again. I never locked up early again. I heard from another coworker that this lady always came in late at night to buy dinner for herself and her young children.)

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, , | Unfiltered | May 30, 2018

(I work in an upscale coffee lounge in a five-star hotel.)

Madam: “I’d like a coffee, a weak coffee, please. Tell you what, I’ll have a weak flat white.”

Me: “Madam, our Flat White’s are generally double shot, would you like a latte instead?” *our Latte’s are only single shot*

Madam: “Oh no, Latte’s are a strong coffee, I’ll have a weak Flat white.”

Me: “Of course Madame.”