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Unfiltered | January 14, 2016

(So a customer comes up to me. He has what looks like earphones in, which I think may be because he was deaf. He doesn’t say a word. Just hands over his item and loyalty card. Which must mean he has shopped with us before)

Me: hi there, Thanks that’s great. That’ll be £22.50.

(customer starts looking around and tries to see the till screen)

Me; Everything okay sir?

Customer: You’re supposed to display the amount! That’s illeagal! Ypu can’t do that.

Me: Sir if you pop your card into the card reader it will display the amount and it will ask you for your pin.

Customer: This is ridiculous! You should get your supervisor and notify them that they are discriminating against me! You don’t know what the heck you are doing. You should know this!

Me: Sir as I said before, If you pop your card into the reader it will display the balance and then will ask for your pin.

Customer: I heard you the first time! This is ridiculous. You have no career in retail!

Me: Okay that’s fine, would you like to pay for this item?

(customer grumbles and pays for his item. Then I give him the biggest smile I have)

Me: Have a nice day now.

Sometimes working in retail is hard.

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Unfiltered | January 14, 2016

(At my school there will often times be kids on either their free period or in PE who will play music in the hall that can be heard by the classrooms on the lower level. This time it happens during our English class just a few minutes after we had gotten on the topic of Adele as an example of something. There is also this kid near the door that can tell that the music is coming from the hallway but my English teacher doesn’t know where it’s coming from.)

Teacher: Is someone playing Adele?

Kid: I am

Teacher: Can you turn it off?

Kid: Ok

(Then he holds up his hand and taps it like its a cell phone)

*Music Stops*

Class: *Cracks up*

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Unfiltered | January 14, 2016

Many years ago, I worked for a popular fast food chain. In those days, they used actual eggs to make their Eggy Muffins. One Sunday afternoon as my co-workers and I were getting ready for our shift, I told everyone something amazing I had read in the Sunday paper.

“Because eggs are oval, they are actually very strong. If you hold them this certain way, you can squeeze them as hard as you can and they won’t break!”

I took an egg out to demonstrate, and three other workers each grabbed one too, wanting to get in on the fun. “Okay, here we go,” I said, and we all squeezed hard–

–and ended up covered with exploded raw eggs! Maybe because the eggs the place used were extra small, to fit on the muffins? At least everyone was laughing too hard to get mad!

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My mom: So… where exactly is New England? I mean, I know it’s on the East Coast, but where?

Me: (shocked) seriously?

Mom: Is it a state or something?

Me:This is why everyone makes fun of Americans….No New England is not a state.

Mom: Is it, like, a city in New York or something?

Me: No…When the settlers first arrived here they called the place they lived “New England” because they were settlers form England. New England is Five states Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Mom: Why do the New England Patriots have five states?!?!?!?!

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Unfiltered | January 13, 2016

(One of my personal heroes since I was very young has been a certain Canadian political figure. One day in high school, my class was watching a movie about this person. Like most of the times a video is shown in class, everyone is talking and laughing and ignoring the movie. Except for me. This movie is hard to come by, and even I’ve only seen it a few times. The movie, shall we say, does not have a happy ending, so it makes me very emotional. I’m usually pretty quiet and never get upset/angry in class, but this topic is very important to me)

Me: *almost in tears, getting more and more upset* Shut up! Shut up! All of you!

Teacher: *after several minutes of this* …[my name], please calm down. The rest of you, stop provoking [my name] so we can get through the movie.