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Unfiltered | September 8, 2016

(I never often talked to my brother, as he was one of those siblings that wouldn’t leave you alone. One day, I invite him to sit with me and my friend during lunchtime. Be warned: my brother chews his food until it’s liquid, and I will use adjectives that make people want to be ill.)

Friend: *Chatting Animatedly* “So, yeah, it’s like all good with my mum to come over to my place–”

Brother: *Eating Pancake, suddenly sneezes half pancake half mucus onto my friends hand. It drips everywhere and chunky bits start sliding off.*

Me and Friend: Ewww! Oh my god [Brother]!

Friend: “I’m gonna throw up..” *retches*

(It took a whole seventeen minutes for the pancake to wash off and even then the smell remained. To this day, my friend and I try to make each other throw up by talking about the ‘Pancake Incident’, and imagine what it would be like if you had to eat it off your hand, if he spat it into your mouth, etc., using plenty of adjectives, to make each other throw up.)

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Unfiltered | September 8, 2016

(My sister asks me to get some photos scanned for her at a high resolution-2,000dpi and since I cannot do this at home, I take it into a photo developing place. I tell the man working what I would like).

Employee: *scoffs* well FIRST of all, I don’t even have a machine that will scan an 8×10 photo at 2,000 dpi. Your sister doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Me: She was very specific about what she wanted.

Employee: No, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. At 2,000 dpi, it would make something that large *points to a poster hanging on the wall.* Plus it would take a lot of storage, a lot a lot of storage. What is she even going to do with it?

Me: I’m not sure, I know its something for a wedding so its possible it could be large. I can ask her if you need.

(As I’m dialing my sister, he mumbles under his breath “but we can certainly do whatever you need. I confirm with my sister that she wants 2,000 dpi, but she said since he was being rude about it that I should just go somewhere else. I ask once more to convince him to scan the photos, and he once more tells me my sister doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I give up, say “thank you” and leave.)

As I’m walking out the door, he yells “If she wants a poster we can do it!”

We double checked their website after and it says they can do exactly what I was asking for, so we weren’t sure why he was being so difficult about it.

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Unfiltered | September 8, 2016

(It’s Father’s Day weekend, and my grandmother and I have birthdays coming up. My mom’s birthday was several months ago, but I had found something she would like.)

Me: (to my mom) I have a gift for you, too.

Mom: Really? That’s odd, since I’m not a father, and I’m not getting older.

Me: Well, technically, you /are/ getting older.

Mom: … That was the wrong thing to say.

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Unfiltered | September 7, 2016

My husband and are are stitting by a Pokemon lure on the grass in the park. Nearby is a family of three: dad, brother and sister playing football.

A sausage dog runs by the family and the boy points to it saying.

Boy: Look dad a hotdog!

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Unfiltered | September 7, 2016

(I’m a 17 year old girl, and fairly new to the cash register. As a mean looking customer is walking up to my register one of my coworkers warns me of her temper over the radio)

Me: Hi there! Did you find everything alright today?

Customer: Wow. I hate when you guys ask me that. Every time I say I need help no one actually does help me. They should tell you something else to ask.

Me: Oh, well I understand your frustration, but just today I helped a cust– (*tries to explain how we are able to check in back, or call another store to look up an object, and how we help a lot of people)

Customer: Well it’s worthless to ask me.

Me: haha, well I understand. Will that be all for you today?


Me: ma’am, I understand, however some customers have last minute interests in gift cards or some of our assorted candies, and we like to ask in order to provide the best customer service.

Customer: WELL THATS JUST STUPID. *mumbling under breath* sometimes I wish I had a hat that says “don’t ask me stupid shit”

Me: WELL, your total comes to $27.13, thank you for coming in and have a great rest of your night Customer:*leaves, mumbling under her breath about stupid questions*