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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

(I was at a festival where all the kids prizes are donated and pretty much just old toys. My 4 yr old just won a set of plastic binoculars that was missing a piece so I looked through the box to find it.)

Me: there is a pikachu toy in here! (Shoving tickets in some poor teens face) Win mommy a pikachu!

(Daughter picks a duck and it’s for the wrong box.)

Me: aww, well that’s ok. Pick something Hun.

Teenage volunteer: you can have the toy.


(Walked off with my toy happier than ever with both teens and adults thinking I’m nuts. I’m 31.)

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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

My partner and I were at a music festival, and though it rained hard all weekend, we had a great time. Come Monday morning, the parking fields were a sodden quagmire. The clay soil was churned up from cars that got out the night before, and over two hundred cars were stuck. There were just three stewards and one tractor pulling cars out, one by one, and at that rate we’d still be there Tuesday night!

We were completely bogged down. With my partner driving, and me pushing, we just couldn’t move our car. I decided some action was needed, so I spoke to the couple a few yards away and suggested we join forces. With one driving and three pushing, I thought we’d have just enough power to inch the car forward.

They quickly cottoned on – we pushed them to the next semi-dry patch, then they pushed us, then we pushed them, and soon we were progressing nicely across the field. I shouted across to some other people, who also teamed up. Others noticed what we were doing and caught on. Soon the field was full of teams cooperating, pushing each other’s cars out yard by yard.

When we got the field edge the festival stewards took over, pushing cars the last few feet onto the track. It felt fantastic to feel the hard track beneath our wheels, our new best friends right behind us, starting a long line of cars all safely heading home.

I try to remember that if I overcome my natural embarrassment and start the ball rolling, I can help many more people than just myself.

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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

Our office phone number is one digit off from another practitioner in town, so once in a while we get someone who misdials. It can be amazing how long it takes them to catch on since we always answer with our practice’s name.

Me: Thank you for calling The Eye Center, this is ——, how can I help you?

Man: Yes, I need to make an appointment

Me: Ok, have you been here before?

Man: No.

Me: All right, I’ll just get a little information then, what is your name and date of birth?

Man: <Gives name and date of birth>

Me: Ok, and do you have any vision or medical insurance?

Man: –why do you need my vision insurance?

Me: Umm–to check if you have routine coverage?

Man: Why would the dermatologist need that?!

Me: Oh, well this is The Eye Center, so we’re a, um, optometrist…

Man: <laughs sheepishly> Oh, ha ha, sorry.

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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

I used to study at college in a very male dominated subject, there was only one girl in the class of 30. It was clear that she was not used to having all the attention, when it became the norm, she tried to get some of that attention back.

First it was by being loud and crude, then by trying to flirt and then by making up little lies.

Everyone got bored of her attention grabbing attempts, but they did not stop.

Girl: Oh my god some pervert came up to me today.

(Clearly no one listening)

Girl: (to no one) i was trying to park my car and he starting asking me all these questions.

(Again no one even looking up.)

Girl: I felt really threatened.

Lecturer: Oh, so what did he look like?

Girl: Oh err, tall. Dark hair. He was arabic.

Lecturer: Ok, so when did this happen again?

Girl: Oh well, it happened a while ago, last week.

Lecturer: What day last week?

Girl: Wednesday.

Me: (Without looking up) We weren’t here Wednesday.

Girl: Tuesday then!

Lecturer: Ok well that does sound serious. In the car park. I will look into it.

Girl: No its fine.

Lecturer: If someone is threatening you , that is very serious. We have CCTV across the site, We might need to call the police.

Girl: (Going white) No don’t do that, i wont make a complaint.

Lecturer: It’s not up to you, you are a minor in in my care whilst at this facility.

(She was quite for the rest of the lesson, we didn’t know what happened until a few weeks later. It turns out the CCTV did catch someone speaking to her. Clearly asking for directions to the reception, he was at her window no more than a few seconds. But as it was a serious accusation they had to interview him, her and witnesses. She later admitted making it all up and stop lying for attention.)

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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

(I work alongside the emergency services and we use the same radio system, although have a different dispatch desk to the emergency response staff. Our radios also automatically sign us on when we switch them on. This morning, our dispatcher clearly hadn’t had enough coffee:)

Me: “To control?”

Control: “Go ahead.”

Me: “Could you dispatch me to please?”

Control: “Certainly, and can you switch your radio on so we can book you on?”

Me: (Confused because I’m speaking to them *using* the radio) Um… It is on!