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There is a local Hardware store that is notorious for associates being hard to find.  They wear a uniform with the same colors as our school colors.  It was a chilly day, so I was wearing my brand new school windbreaker while shopping with my Dad when this happened:

Guy 1: Hey kid, I need you to help me find the lawn bags.

I had just seen them on the other aisle, and not thinking anything about, showed him.

Guy 2: Do you know where the screws are?

Me: No, I don’t know where those are.

Guy 2: We can never find you people, then when we do, you aren’t helpful!

I thought it was weird, but shrugged, turned around (displaying my school name in big letters) and walked back to my Dad.

Guy 2: Oh geez kid, I’m sorry!  I thought you worked here.

It was funny, but I made sure to NEVER where my school colors in there again!

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so i am making a an address label for a customer and after i am finished this happens.

Me: Mam if you would like we can email you this file so you don’t have to wait for us to make it an we can print straight from it

Customer: No that’s to much trouble you guys can just remake it next time i come for labels

Me: Mam we don’t save files we make so we will have to remake it

Customer: Yeah its just too much trouble to email you the file over

Me: Alright then see you next time

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(My Dad and I are listening to the rock station, which is apparently close to the number of another, I believe more modern, music station. A lady calls into the station hoping to win something. I’m unaware as to what the contest is, at the time, but we continue to listen, anyway. She asks the DJ if they could play two Rihanna songs in a row. I’m confused as to why she’d want that, considering how it’s a rock station. She’s unaware of her mistake, but the DJ clearly is. So, he gets her all excited, asking:)

DJ: “Are you sitting? Are you excited? Are you ready?”

(After he’s worked up her excitement, he reveals that she’s called the wrong music station.)

Caller: *exasperated* “Are you kidding me?! Oh my god… I didn’t even realize it! I thought this was [other music station], but I didn’t realize that it was the wrong station number!”

(She then goes on, exasperating how she didn’t realize the mistake. After the call is finished, my dad states:)

Dad: “Well, that was a maaajor blonde moment…”

Me: “Yeah, I was confused as to what she was talking about…”

Dad: “So was I.”

I agree… It was a MAJOR blonde moment! If she listened to more modern music, did she not question all the Rock songs that were playing?

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(I work in a huge big box retailer. I’m working in the express lane, and I’m already in a pretty bad mood, but I’m trying not to let it affect customer experiences. I am trans-female, checking out a female customer.)

Customer: “Men like you always have better hair.”

Me: “Excuse me?” *I lean in close to make sure I didn’t hear wrong*

Customer: “I said men like you always have better hair than women!”

Me: “I AM a woman…”

Customer: “Well, dear, with a face like that, I couldn’t tell.”

(I needed my break after that.)

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(A group of friends and I just placed an order for collection from a pizza place round the corner. They have a special collection offer for £5 per pizza, and the site is also running an additional 20% off offer if you spend over £30. Consequently I add a few items to get it over that. I receive a phone call a few minutes after placing the order.)

Worker – We have to reject your order. The offer you’ve used isn’t valid.

Me – (forgetting about the 20% off) No, it’s okay, we’re coming to pick them up.

Worker – No, that offer isn’t valid for collection.

Me – Your collection offer isn’t valid for collection.

(This goes on for several minutes.)

Worker – No, maam. The offer isn’t valid. It clearly states it’s only valid for delivery.

Me – (finally finding the bit about the other offer) Oh. Ohhhh. Oh. Sorry! Can we just bring the extra cash when we come pick it up.

Worker – (possibly slightly exasperated) Sure.

(I’m not normally that blonde, honest!)