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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

In the last few weeks my family has been getting a number of phone calls from an old lady asking for someone called George. We keep telling she has the wrong number but she keeps calling back sounding increasingly desperate. One day after school, she calls again.

Me: Hello?

Old Lady: Hello, is George there?

Me: There’s no one called George here- you called us twice yesterday, check the number you are calling

Old Lady: But this is the right number I know it!

Me: Well I’m sorry there is no George

Old Lady: Is this (reads off Number)?

Me: Yes

Old Lady: Then this is George’s house! Can you put him on please, has he been thinking about me?

Me: I’m really sorry but you have the wrong number- there is no called George here and there hasn;t been for at least 10 years! You really must stop calling us

I put the phone down, moments later it rings again. I roll my eyes in disbelief

Me: Hello?


she slams the phone down, my brother emerges laughing.

Brother: Was that the crazy George lady again?

Me; Yeah it was- whoever this guy is I hope he’s a million miles away!

Oddly after that day, she stopped calling us!

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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(I am 12 and in seventh grade. At the third class of the day, right before lunch, I hear this gem.)

Classmate 1: Hey, did you hear [rumor]?

Classmate 2: Oh, yeah! Do you think [rumor] is true?

Classmate 1: Definitely. Where did you hear it?

Classmate 2: In [class] on [day.]

Classmate 3: Wait, did you just say [ not rumor]?

Classmates 1 and 2: *Stare dumbfoundedly*

Classmate 3: What?

Classmate 1: No . . .

Classmate 2: We said [rumor].

Classmate 3: Oh, really? Well, I think you said [not rumor] but you just don’t want me to know.

Classmate 2: *Turns back to [classmate 1] ignoring [classmate 3]

(The kicker? Someone overheard [not rumor] and spread it all over the school, but both of them turned out to be wrong!)

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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(Kid orders small hot coffee. It comes out to be $1.72. He gives me a 20 and I hand him change.)

Kid: “You know what? I’m gonna get an iced coffee instead. Does it cost any more?”

Me: Yeah, it’s an extra 65 cents. (Small iced coffee costs $2.37)

Kid: Yeah, I’m gonna get that and could you like put whipped cream on that? And could you put a little bit of caramel?

Me: Mhm.

(Kid gives me 65 cents. I tell him I have to void the transaction for the small hot coffee first, then ring him up for the small iced coffee, so the register isn’t over 65 cents. He nods. I ring up the small iced coffee.)

Kid: You’re supposed to give me $20 back.

Me: ….no. I thought you were going to pay the 65 cent difference.

Kid: “Yeah but I paid with $20. You need to give me that back.

Me: Well, you only owe 65 cents, since I took out the $1.72 from the 20 you gave me.

Kid: No, no, no, you’re doing that wrong. You make absolutely no sense. I CLEARLY paid with a 20, which is what you give back to me.

( I try explaining to him how it was going to work out, but he wouldn’t listen, and just said he didn’t want any drink, and kept saying how I made no sense and that he wants to see a manager.) (The manager wasn’t in, so I take a 20 out of the register, and take his $18.28 in change and put it back in the register, so he would shut up and get his way)

Kid: Now let’s try this again. (Wants his drink after all, and starts talking to me like I’m mentally challenged) I’m going to give you a twenty dollar bill, and then, I’m going to give you 37 cents.

Me: Okay, cool dude.

(Kid ends up giving an extra quarter in change, I give it back and tell him I have 37 cents now.) (I’m giving him $18 in change)

Kid: Now you give me $18 bac-”

Me: I know…. Sorry I’m not good at explaining things.

Kid: No, you were explaining yourself perfectly.

Me: (thinking) ??

(I explain once more what I was trying to do.)

Kid: “Oh okay. I’m sorry for all this.” (Ends up giving me a tip)

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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(One day, my Mom was in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s, behind a car. When my Mom got up to the window, she realized that her purchase had already been paid for by the people ahead of her! So, a couple days later, my Mom did the same thing for the people behind her! The World does have good people, after all!)

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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(I am also a customer in this story. I just moved, and because of who I am as a person, managed to forget a few essentials, aside from having to do the standard “my new kitchen is totally empty” grocery trip. My boyfriend agreed to run errands with me, as he needed groceries too, and we’d already been out for a couple hours already by the time we arrived at [large retail chain]. Not surprisingly, we both desperately needed to use the restroom, and opted not to wait until we got home, despite how nasty they usually are at this store. After trying every stall in the ladies room, I discovered that the only one that was both unoccupied, and clean, was the handicapped stall, meaning my feet weren’t visible from the stall door. I hear someone enter the restroom.

Lady: (opening and closing stall doors) Ew… Gross… Ugh… (exaggerated sigh)

She gets to my stall, and when the door doesn’t open, yanks it, rather violently, as hard as she can, which when the door shakes, moves the already half broken (though still functional) lock just enough that she can throw the door open.

Me: (halfway through trying to say that the stall is occupied) HEY! What the f**k?? (frantically covering myself)
Lady: (glares at me for a few seconds before slamming the door and muttering to herself) stupid f**king kid, shoulda locked the door, who the f**k does that? Stupid b*tch.

(I have now sworn off public restrooms for a while)