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Unfiltered | November 7, 2016

In frenchs high schools , we have often tests where several class are together . This tests are called “devoirs commune” ( communal tests) in my high school .

lapsus from our form teacher, : “j’ai appris ce matin la date de votre premier devoir communiste”. ( I learned this morning the date of your first communist test)

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Unfiltered | November 7, 2016

I am getting off the bus at a college shuttle which runs approx once every 30 minutes.

Passenger #1: “Thanks.”

Bus driver: “You’re welcome.”

Passenger #2: “Thank you.”

Bus driver: “You’re welcome.”

Passenger #3: “Thanks.”

Bus driver: “You’re welcome.”

Passenger #4: “Thank you very much.”

Bus driver: “You’re welcome.”

Passenger #5: “Thanks, and have a great day.”

Bus driver: “You too!”

[It’s nice to know not all college students are evil.]

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Unfiltered | November 7, 2016

I received scam phone call where the scammers were somehow able to make the incoming call look like it was coming from the local police station. The scammers, knowing both my name and city of residence, made several threats over the phone, saying that I was going to be arrested for tax evasion if I did not provide them with my credit card information. They even called me back and yelled at me when I hung up on them. Luckily I was able to tell that it was not legitimate and didn’t give them any of my information. Obviously I’m rather shaken up after this occurs, so I call the (real) police to report the incident.

Dispatcher: “Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of those. We’re looking into it.” -click-

I could understand that maybe they were getting tired of fielding those calls, but they could have at least pretended to care given that it was a bit more sophisticated than your average “you’ve won cruise to Hawaii” scam.

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Unfiltered | November 7, 2016

(There is a couple in my school who consider themselves the best couple ever).

Friend: “They should get over themselves.”

Me: “I know. It’s not like they’re Ross and Rachel.”

Friend: “Is that another couple here?”

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Unfiltered | November 6, 2016

My mom smokes, and she often asks me to go to the store for her to get her cigarettes. This happens almost every time at different stores

Me: Can I get a pack of Virginia Slim Ultra Lights?

Cashier: (usually doesn’t know which ones are the ultra light)

Me: (Points on the back wall) It’s the dark blue pack

Cashier: (Points to the gold) These?

Me: No, the dark blue

Cashier: (points to the green) These?

Me: No, the dark blue

Cashier: (Points to another color not even close to blue) These?

Basically they will go to every color except the ones I said. It’s not a big deal to me, I just find it amusing hardly any of the cashiers know their colors