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Unfiltered | March 16, 2016

(I’m going on a camping trip with a wilderness/survival group, and we’re traveling off trail to find a camping spot. Note: my backpack weighs half as much as I do, and I am a very small, weak child.)

Instructor: “let’s try this way.”

(I’m following everyone else when my knee snaps backward and I crumple to the ground slowly. I have never sworn around these people.)

Me: “f***.”

Friend: “did you just say f***? You’re the most innocent person I know!”

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Unfiltered | March 15, 2016

The power has gone out at our store, we have signs up and it’s dark inside. All the customers that came in during that hour had no idea the power was out. My favorite was the one that wanted to buy bulk treats that have to be weighed. He’s told that with the power being out we have no way to know the weight so we can’t sell them to him. His reply – really why can’t you just weigh them?

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Unfiltered | March 15, 2016

(We are doing a presentation and need a board to do part of it. Our teacher is calling on everyone and asking what color they want.)

Teacher:” [Student]”

Student : Water!!!

Rest of the class: *laughing*

Student: I.. uh… I meant blue…

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Unfiltered | March 15, 2016

(My friend was getting her books for the next class when suddenly two big jocks came by.)

Jock 1:”Hey girl,how about that number?”

Friend: “No,sorry.”

(Jock 2 shoves her and attacks her.)

Jock 2:”What did you say?”

(Suddenly,somebody from one grade higher than them steps up.)

Guy:”Excuse me,you two should leave.”

Jock 1:”What are you gonna do about it pu-

(The guy stares at him directly in his eyes. The jocks run away.)

Friend:(To the Guy)”Thank you!”

Guy:”No problem. I hate jerks.”

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Unfiltered | March 15, 2016

(one time I was working as a intern for a non profit company and I was getting use to the boss who I would be working for, working in marketing I thought the very 1st day would have been easier but then I realized that the boss had unrealistic time expectations, also I was only in the building once so I had no idea where anything was)

Me: Hello I reporting for my 1st day of work

Boss: Hello (my name) I need you to change the schedule around to fit my other employee’s with a better time slots. Wash my car. Make these phone calls to make sure these appointment’s are still on time. I want you to restock the entire closet with what ever the office needs. Then I need you to sort, file and mail over 300 letters to these people on this list. (Ect ect with other various tasks.)

(They also said this with in one breath and in 15 seconds so I was writing down everything so I wouldn’t forget. With in 5 seconds after they stopped talking, they looked up from their computer at me and they said)

Boss: *looks around in amazement* did you get all of that done so fast?

Me: I’m still writing this stuff down and you just told me that would have been amazing if I could do all that with in 15 seconds.

(afterwards they went back to their computer like I just nodded yes and told me to do more stuff for them. Worst internship ever)