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Unfiltered | March 24, 2016

(This happened when I was two years old. I have never liked to have my hair up and so this happened. . . )

Mom: Hold still, *my name*!

Me: *runs from my chair to go outside*

Mom: *five year old sister* will you get her?

Older sister: Sure! *grabs me and pulls me back to my chair where she precedes to sit on my lap* (They did get my hair put up in a pony. . . But my sister almost had to go to the hospital because I beat her so badly.)

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Unfiltered | March 24, 2016

I’m at a sushi restaurant I haven’t been to before. I’m really in the mood for salmon, preferably with Salmon roe (eggs), as it’s one of my favorite combos.

Waiter: Have you decided what you want?

Me: Yeah, do you have any Salmon roe?

Waiter: Yeah!

Me: Oh, I wasn’t seeing it on the menu.

Waiter: Right there *points vaguely to a section of the menu*

Me: *looking but still not seeing it* Salmon roe? I’m not seeing it.

Waiter: All rolls are listed there.

Me: *understanding the confusion* No, roe, not roll. Salmon roe. Like fish eggs.

Waiter: We have egg, it’s called tomago. Not fishy.

Me: No, Salmon eggs. The actual eggs of a salmon. I see tobiko, but do you have Salmon eggs too?

Waiter: Oh! No, I’m sorry we don’t.

(At least we all got a chuckle out of it I guess)

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Unfiltered | March 24, 2016

(I work with my friend, who is from Kenya and hates how tv portrays Africa as being full of starving children. On the way to work, she mentioned that she was hungry, and I offered to give her one of the granola bars I keep at work for situations like this. After our morning meeting, she comes to my desk.)

Friend: *takes the granola bar* Thank you for feeding this starving African child, for just a dollar a day.

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Unfiltered | March 23, 2016

(i’m a tutor for other students in my grade, i was helping a boy with a class)

Me: OK, what do you need to do (boy’s name)

boy: I don’t know.

Me: do you have your book.

Boy: I don’t know, what does it look like?

(long story short, he could not find it, and i wasted half a hour)

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Unfiltered | March 23, 2016

(A customer walks up to my register with eight small and light items in her arms)

Me: Paper or plastic, ma’am?

Customer: I have my backpack.

(I ring her up and she pays and goes to pack her groceries in her backpack. Another three other customers come up and I ring and bag them up as she puts her items in her bag)

Customer: I need these [groceries] in a paper bag.

Me: That costs twelve cents.

Customer: And I need it quadrupled.

Me: … All your items will fit in one paper bag. They come doubled.

(She proceeds to bag everything by herself and then puts the paper bag in her backpack)

Customer: This is too heavy. I want to return this… And this… And this…

(She proceeds to pull five of the eight items out of her bag)

Me: um…

(At this point my manager notices that this customer has been here a while and comes over to help. Instead of giving her cash for the things she wants to return, he decides to void the entire transaction)

Customer: Wait, what did you do?

Manager: I made it so everything you purchased has been voided.

Customer: But what did I buy?

Manager: Nothing.

Customer: …

Manager: What did you want to purchase?

Customer: I don’t know! What did I buy? This is too confusing!

(She leaves, muttering curses)