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I work at the cash register at a popular retail store in the mall. An older lady comes up and is ready to check out. I ring out her items and tell her the total.

Me: Alright, so your total comes to $61.

(The customer frowns, shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, no, that can’t be right. You rang something out wrong.

Me: I don’t think I did. Here are 7 of the $5 lotions for $35, the $22 shirt, and your free body mist. With $4, that comes to $61.

(The customer is still shaking her head)

Customer: No, you’re definitely over-charging me. The computer’s wrong, it should be fifty-something, not $61. You didn’t make the mist free.

(At this point in time, I walk around to the screen she sees and point to each item, going through her purchase step by step.)

Me: See? 7 of the $5 lotions is $35. This mist right here says $0.00, and that’s the free one. Add that to the $22 shirt, plus $4 tax, and that’s $61.

(She’s beginning to get angry, and is still shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, that’s still wrong! You’re charging me too much for something! Are you sure you made the mist free?

Me: Yes, I know I made the mist free.

Customer: Well then why are you still charging me to much?

Me: Okay, so 35 plus 22 is 57. Add 3, and you get 60. Add 1 more and you get 61. Your total is $61.

Customer: Oh. I forgot to carry the one. Math is hard for me.

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I Hispanic and have a faint lisp that sometimes causes my words to slur. One night, I was ordering dinner at a local fast food place. As I was giving my order, my lisp-slur appeared and I apologized

Me: “Ugh! Sorry; I don’t speak English.”

Cashier: “Sorry? Do you only speak Spanish?”

Me: “Actually, my first language is English,and I am learning Spanish. I have a lisp that sometimes causes my words to not come out right.”

A mischievous look entered his eyes and a half grin on his face.

Cashier: “Thorry? What did you thay?”

At first, I was so shocked that I did not know what to say. I was not offended and ended up laughing.

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(Note I am female to male transgender and havent had any surgeries or started testosteron.) My best friend and I were walking into popular grocery store when an older lady stops me.

Lady: Excuse me sir?

Me: (Keeps walking not realizing she’s talking to me)

Lady: Sir!?

Me: (Looks back at her and turn around while my best friend is still on my back)

Lady: Could you help me get this walker out of my trunk? You must be strong if you can carry that young lady

Me: (has a huge smile on my face) “sure!” (walks to her trunk. My best friend no longer on my back)

(we continue to have small talk, she asks my name all while i take the walker out)

Lady: (after i get it out) God bless you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!

Me and my best friend: Merry Christmas!

(this made my whole day better. Usually people misgender me)

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(I’m seven years old and my sister is five. We’re fighting while precariously balanced on a playground slide.)

Me: I hate you!

Sister: Well I hate you too! You’re stupid!

(She pushes me, and I almost fall off the slide. I suddenly become conscious of our position.)

Me: We should get off the slide.

Sister: Sure!

(We jump off and are about to start fighting again when we both start laughing about what just happened. That’s how the fight ended.)

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(I was a manager at a game store a few years back. In this case I was opening by myself as it was a small store and during the week, so we weren’t busy. It’s 8:30 in the morning as I’m counting down the registers. A man carrying a mid-sized box walked up to the front of the store, and following him are his two kids, about 4 or 5 years old. He walked up to the store and yanks on the handle, but the front door is locked.)

Man: “What the f***!”

(He yanks on the door a few times and starts beating his fist on the glass)

Customer: “HEY!? Open the f****** Store! I got s*** to sell!”

(I go up to the door)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but we aren’t open yet, we will be open at 9 if you want to come back then?”

Customer: “F*** that! Just open the damn door, I gotta sell my s***.”

Me; “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to open the store early, and the registers are not even on yet, so I wouldn’t be able to ring you up. Please, come back at 9 when we are open.”

Customer: “What the f***? C’mon! just open up already!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, we will open at 9. Please excuse me as I still have to get the store ready.”

(I leave him at the front and return to doing the opening procedure. The whole time I am doing this he is standing right outside cussing loudly and occasionally knocking on the door with his fist. He’s not being violent, just impatient. The whole time his kids are just quietly standing next to him.

Finally 9 o’clock comes and I go and open the door.)

Customer: “About d*** time! Here, I wanna trade these in and get cash.”

Me: “Ok, just to let you know, if you get cash it’ll be 10% less than store credit.”

Customer: “Yeah, thats fine, just hurry up.”

(i pull open the box and sort through his stuff. The 30 some odd games are all old, as is the system, and it’s all in terrible condition, especially the controllers. The whole time he’s pacing back and forth in front of the counter. I add it all to the register and it gives me back a total amount. )

Me: “Ok, sir. It looks like a lot of your games are old, so they aren’t worth much, and the system and about half of the games will need to be sent out for repair. Minus the 10% for cash-back, and you’re looking at a total of $12.”

Customer: “You’ve got to be f****** kidding me?! Do you have any idea how much I paid for all this s***?! You have to give me more than that!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but a lot of these games just aren’t worth anything since there have been several newer versions since these came out, and your system just isn’t working correctly, you’d get closer to $15 if you went with store credit.”

Customer: “d***, can’t you just give me more for them? I really need the cash.”

Me: “Sorry, I have no control over the prices, this is what corporate gives me, and I can’t change them.”

Customer: “S***!”

(He turns away from the counter, and cusses again. Suddenly he quickly turns towards the counter again, grabs the defective controller and throws it at my head! I ducked, and it missed me, but hit the display on the back counter knocking down dozens of game cases. I’m crouched down behind the counter and he just grabs his daughter’s hand and walks out the front door. He tries to slam the door behind him, but he accidentally closes it on his son, who falls down and starts to cry. the Customer opens the door again and grabs his son)

Customer: “Get the f*** up already! We’re leaving!”

(He walks away and I never see him again, and he left behind his system and games too! The Store Manager just threw them away.)

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