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(We are learning about converting binary to hexadecimal. One student is not paying attention)

Teacher: “So if we convert this to hex what is it?”

Me: “ED”

Teacher: “Right! (Classmate), do you have ED?”

Class: *bursts out laughing*

Teacher: “Wait, what?”

(Someone had to come up and explain to her what it stood for. She turned red and ran out of the room)

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(I work in a cafe where you can get 1/2 a sandwich served with a soup or salad.)

Customer: I want a ham & Swiss cheese sandwich on whole grain with mustard.

Me: Alright ma’am, would you like a whole one or half with a soup or salad?

Customer: I dunno, let me go ask my mom.

(The customer was in her mid-40s but I assumed she was getting food for her mother. Usually this is fine, but there is a line forming, seeing how it’s almost lunch.)

Her: Half with a soup.

Me: Okay, & on that sandwich, do you want lettuce, tomato, & –
Her *interrupting me*: No! *starts poking the air between us & raising her voice* I said I wanted a ham & Swiss sandwich with mustard and lettuce on whole grain.

Me: Okay… Anything to drink?

Her: 2 drinks.

(After getting her to pay an whatnot, I’m putting away the cash in my drawer.)

Her: Where do I get the drinks?

Me *pointing*: Down the hall.

Her: You know, you could be a bit nicer! This is my first time here and it is Christmas.

(I didn’t say anything, but I wanted to point out to her that it is the Christmas season, but there were still two day left until Christmas, so it wasn’t Christmas.)

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(My friend and I are both on Tumblr. I notice he reblogged something about being white, and as I’m acting on the Jewish side of Tumblr, I respond half jokingly that he’s not white. I later explain what I mean)

Me: Well, you see, antisemitism can still be seen all across the world, especially in Europe in the past few months. (Note, this was much earlier this year, shortly after a number of antisemitic acts in France and other places in Europe.)

My friend: So, wait. Do you mean I’m oppressed?

(I nod.)

My friend: (pumps fist in the air) YES!

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I needed the number for the HR department at a place I used to work. Not knowing the number, I looked online and still could not find it. Instead, I called the place where I used to work and a lady answered.

Lady: “Hello! This is [Company]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hello! My name is [Name] and I used to work here. I need the number for Human Resources. Would you happen to have that?”

Lady: “Okay. It’s [#].”

Me: “Thank you so much! Have a good day!”

Lady: “Thanks.” *hangs up*

Me: *dials number, number is “not in service”, I call back*

Lady: “Hello! This is [Company]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hello. I just called here looking for the number for HR and the number you gave me is not in service.”


*hangs up*

Me: “…?”

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Note: My in-laws are always excited to see my daughter, their first grandchild. I’m on the phone with my mother-in-law, talking about an upcoming family vacation.

Me: So, do you know what time you guys are leaving?”

Mother-in-law: “Sometime in the morning. The only way it’ll be early is if someone reminds everyone that the sooner we leave, the sooner we can see [my daughter’s name]!”

Later, telling the story to my sister:

Me: “What are [my husband’s name] and I, chopped liver?”

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