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(We have a substitute in class that is native Chinese. She is trying to find out the ancestries of some of the Asian kids in the class.)

Teacher: “Hmm.. [student], can you speak Chinese?”

Student: “No… I’m not Chinese.”

Teacher: ‘Buy you’re last name is ‘Chang’!”

Student: “…That doesn’t mean I’m Chinese.”

Teacher: “But your last name is Chinese!”

Student: “…”


Teacher: “So, student, is your father or mother Chinese?”

Student: “I got my last name from my dad… but I’m not Chinese.”

Teacher: “But it’s ‘Chang’!”

Student: “When my dad moved here, he changed his last name to a different spelling of [Korean last name].”

Teacher: “…so?”

Student: “I’m Korean, not Chinese.”

Teacher: “But you’re last name is ‘Chang’!”

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This takes place at Fort Meade, the military base. I am in line to buy some groceries when it is my turn to pay. You must either be wearing a uniform or show your military ID and, as I am wearing street clothes, I realize I need my ID, which I have forgotten. To retrieve it would take nearly an hour, as the bus schedule is infrequent and I have no car. I am very hungry and anxious to get dinner started.

Cashier: ID please?

Me: I don’t have it with me.

Cashier: No ID, no food.

Me: I have money. Can’t you make an exception?

Cashier: I could lose my job.

Defeated, I put my things next to the bagging area and walk outside to cry. I can’t help but question why in the world you need military ID just to purchase some granola bars. A lady I have never met sees me upset and asks what is the matter.

Me: I have money, but the cashier won’t let me buy anything because I don’t have my ID.

Lady: I’ll buy your groceries for you.

Me: No, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.

Lady: I insist.

I guide her around the store as I recollect what I wanted to purchase. As promised, she paid. I profusely thanked her and went to catch the next bus, extremely grateful for a stranger’s assistance.

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(I had just gotten on shift at Gamestop, and have already had to field a call from my District Manager asking questions about stuff my store manager had already answered. I’m currently by myself at the store. An older woman comes in with what looks like a 10 year old grandson)

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

Customer: Yes I called about a week ago about replacing my Xbox from you, I was told it came in already

Me: Alright, hang on a second and I’ll go grab it from the back (I go to the back and grab the system and bring it back to the counter)

Me: Ok, I got your xbox, total will be $154.00

Customer: No its not, my son brought in his xbox and you people took it, that is a replacement!

Me: alright, do you have a trade card, or the receipt or the xbox with you?

(The customer starts getting more agitated and louder)

Customer: No, you people took the xbox and you didn’t give him anything! Now give me that xbox!

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t hand it to you without you trading the other xbox in or paying for it. And we wouldn’t take your xbox without giving him something in return (the customer starts getting louder and louder, pointing at me)

Customer: Listen I need to speak to one of the managers right now, because I want that xbox and I’m not going to pay for it!

Me: Ma’am I am the only manager on duty

Customer: Well then you need to find a better one!

(After that I lost all interest in the customer. It was my second to last day there, so I pretended to write down the customers information and told her I would call back when I get this information sorted. Needless to say I didn’t call her back)

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(Back in high school, I was shy with low self esteem. One of the parts of my body I did not like was my butt which is uncharacteristically large for my ethnicity. I come home after school one day to drop off some stuff before heading out again for some extra curricular activities when my mother introduces me to one of her friends I’ve never met.)

FRIEND: Oh, so you’re [my name]. Nice to meet you.

ME: Nice to meet you, too.

FRIEND: You know, you have a very large butt.

ME: … yeah…

FRIEND: What’s wrong? It’s a good thing.

ME: … okay… but I don’t really like having a big butt.

FRIEND: It’s a good thing! It’s a complement! YOU HAVE A BIG BUTT! YOU HAVE A BIG BUTT!

ME: *practically runs out of my house, holding back tears*

FRIEND: *follows me to my door and shouts out into my street for all my neighbours to hear* YOU HAVE A BIG BUTT! YOU HAVE A BIG BUTT!

(Thankfully, my mother never invited her to our house again.)

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Me: “Hello?”

Scammer: “Hello, I am calling from the computer network office. Your computer has been receiving multiple error messages, due to downloading viruses from the internet that are harmful to your computer. ”

Me: “Oh no! How’d that happen?!”

Scammer: “Your computer has downloaded viruses from the internet. If you are near your computer, I can help you block and purge the viruses.”

Me: “What do I need to do?”

Scammer: “Ma’am, I need you to go to your computer, and hit [key sequence].”

Me: “Okay!”

Scammer: “Okay ma’am, please tell me what you see on your computer screen.”

Me: “All my files.”

Scammer: “… No ma’am, I need you to push [key sequence] and tell me what appears on your screen.”

Me: “Okay!”

Scammer: “Ma’am, what do you see on your computer screen?”

Me: “My files.”

Scammer: “Ma’am, what files are these?”

Me: “P*rn.”

Scammer: “…”

Me: “My husband and I are amateur p*rnography filmmakers. We post our homemade videos online. They usually star us and our friends.”

Scammer: *hangs up*

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