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(When I was in 4th grade I used to play a mental game against tests and quizzes. If I could finish them before a certain time, I “won”.)

Me: *finishes test*

Me: *accidentally out loud* “I win.”

(For the next month I kept hearing:)

Classmates: “Hey [My name], did you win?”

(I’m now 24 and I’m sure I’m the only one who remembers anything about it, but I still mentally flinch every time I remember it.)

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My mother and I are at a family friend’s house across the street from ours- small southern town, early 90s. The friend, whom is a lovely woman in her 50s, laments about the frequency of Jehovah’s Witness visits recently, despite her telling them she is already a devout Christian. The doorbell rings, and looking out the window, my mother can see it is another Witness.

Mother, opening friend’s door: WE WORSHIP THE DEVIL HERE!
*slams door*

*Friend and I stare at her in shock*

(No Witnesses ever came to her door again after that!)

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Sunday family dinner with my in-laws

(we’re at our usual Sunday dinner with my in-laws and my father-in-law is doing his usual gripe/grouch thing about nothing in particular. My mother-in-law is a short, round, sweet, nice lady that never says boo to a mouse, but this day she is slightly annoyed at her husband’s griping)

M-I-L: “Not everything is about your penis!”

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(I’m training a new volunteer, explaining everything she needs to know about the clothing tents.)

Me: “Try to keep everything presentable, image is crucial. The clothes are all old, but look much nicer if they are folded instead of lying in heaps.”

Volunteer: “Are you sure that’s necessary? In clothing stores, I never fold anything, that’s what the people working there are getting paid for!”

Me: “You are aware that in this scenario both of us are the salespeople cleaning up after a person like you?”

Volunteer: “That’s no fun at all! You need to have more fun things to do for volunteers!”

(She played a potted plant for the rest of the afternoon, while I worked two tents at the same time.)

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[Some people seem to think just because they know our Store Manager, they can bully the staff into doing whatever they want. One lady in-particular is notorious for demanding free fries.]

Me: Here’s you order ma’am. Have a good day!

Customer: Excuse you! What the hell is this?

[She pulls her box of fries from her bag and throws them all me.]

Customer: That box was half empty! Give me a FULL box of fries. With how much these fries cost I should get a decent amount!

Me: Ma’am That box was full. All the boxes you see over on the rack are full. That is exactly what you paid for. If you don’t want them I can refund them for you.

Customer: No, give me a FULL box of fries or I’ll call [Store manager] on you!

Me: That’s fine ma’am. I’ll just call [Store owner] and tell him you’re bullying us into giving away free food so he can increase the prices again. That way you will be paying for what you get.

[She did call the Store Manager and said I was being physically and verbally abusive but the security video proved my innocence. Our store owner no longer takes her calls.]

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