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To get to the bus stop nearest my house, it is often enough to just say the area I am going to, as it is quite a small area. However, some drivers get confused when you do this, so I don’t mind being more specific sometimes. That said, I have had the following conversation with more drivers than I dare count.

Me: *Area* please

Driver: Whereabouts?

Me: *Street name* Close on *Street name* Lane please

Driver: *Street name* Close…….is that on *Street name* Lane?

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(I worked at a small museum set up in a large log cabin. I gave a lot of tours of the place, but most people didn’t seem to care or were too busy holding their kids back from touching all the artifacts. One day a large group comes in and I begin to give the tour. On our way to the next room one of the guests speaks to me.)

Guest: So, you work here during the summers?

Me: Yes, I’m just saving up some money for school.

Guest: What are you planning on taking?

Me: Journalism, but I also want to be a fiction writer.

Guest: *laughs* That’s funny, I’m a writer actually. I just published my book recently.

Me: Really?

(I continue to give the tour and the group is extremely engaged. They spend three times the amount of time in the museum that most groups do, and I make wonderful conversation with the author and his group. As the group goes to leave, the author goes out to his car and comes back.)

Guest: I’m not sure if you’re allowed tips, but here’s something for your amazing tour. *hands $5 bill*

Me: Thank you so much!

Guest: And also, here’s a copy of my book. Let me know what you think!

Me: Th-thank you so much!

(The book wasn’t that great, but I still appreciate the kindness and conversations we had.)

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*An regular walks in and i move in front of the register right away because he gives us problems if we’re not waiting for him at the register*

Me: Hello, How can i help you?

Regular: *snaps fingers at me*

Me louder: How can i help you?

Regular: *snaps fingers at me again*

Me: What can i get you?

Regular: *claps hands at me*

Me: Yes sir? Can i get you something?

Regular: *Claps hand then snaps fingers*

Me: *snaps fingers back at him*

Regular: *snaps fingers in front of my face*

Me: Seriously? What do you need?

Regular: *Slams hands on counter* You young people always ignoring me!

Me: Yes because thats whats happening here.

Regular: *snaps at me again* HELLO! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!

Me: No, No i’m not. I’m standing at the register, asking what you want and ignoring you.

Regular: *grabs my arm violently* LISTEN HERE LITTLE GIRL! I WANT GAS!


Regular: I see your lips moving but nothing is coming out of them!

Me: *removes his hands from me* Give me your money or get out.

Regular: *throws money at me and snaps his fingers at me again, Before storming out.*

*He comes in a week later and throws his money at me again, and flips me off…. its a weekly tradition now. Sadly we can’t ban him because he’s spends so much money here…..*

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(I am the submitter of [this https://notalwaysfriendly.com/tickled-pink-by-the-interaction/39368] story. That webcomic creator still streams regularly. His wife is almost always nearby, and she usually acts as a deadpan voice of reason to keep his zany antics in check. One of the “rules” of their marriage is that they’re allowed to take any measures to make sure the other person gets a bigger portion, or the last portion, of a desirable item — such as junk food. One night…)

Wife: *brings something to [Creator]*

Creator: *feigning outrage* “Ugh, HONEY!”

Wife: “Yes?”

Creator: “I asked for a Reese’s peanut butter cup!”

Wife: “Yeah?”

Creator: “And you’ve given me…”

Wife: *matter-of-fact* “Seven.”

Viewers: *uncontrollable laughter*

([Creator] continued “raging” for at least a minute about this, but after much playful arguing, [Wife] finally convinced him to accept the peanut butter cups. In all honesty, most of us come to the stream for their sense of humour, and the adorableness of their relationship, more than the drawing.)

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(I moved from the US to Canada to be with my boyfriend. He and I are visiting his parents, who I absolutely adore. They enjoy picking on me about my American-ness, which I tend to encourage.)

Me, to boyfriend’s mom: “Hey, you have two Americans in the house… your toilet is the American Standard brand!”

(BF’s mom, who I have never heard say a naughty word or speak badly about anyone before, gets a wicked grin on her face.)

BF’s mum: “Of COURSE it’s an American, it’s full of s**t!”

(she followed that up with the sweetest smile. It took me about five minutes to stop laughing.)

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