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(I’m in a class who is known because of a student who gives a lot of trouble. The following happens in class during a storm)

*thunder rumbles*

Student who gives trouble: WHAT IS THAT!?

Me: Maybe it’s your I.Q.

Friend:*dies of laughter*

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(Note: this takes place while in homeroom before class actually starts with a few classmates)

Me to classmate #1: “so you don’t know who Will Ferrell is?

Classmate #2: “Name any funny movie and I garuntee Will Ferrell is in it.”

*we all turn to classmate #1*

Classmate #1: “Elf”

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Several years ago we were exchanging gifts on Christmas eve with my Grandma, my Uncle and his family, and my family. I was about 12 years old at the time. Things got interesting when my 6 year old cousin gave Grandma a gift- gold sparkly underwear.

Grandma: Wooohoo! sparkly underpants!

a few hours later we kids were playing with our new toys when Grandma burst out of the bedroom wearing a shirt…and the gold sparkly underwear. no pants. She ran around the entire house.!

Grandma: woohoo!!! Gold sparkly Underpants!!!!

my 10 year old cousin: What WAS THAT??

Me: I don’t want to know….

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(I’ve been on the bone marrow donors list for three years, and I’m pretty proud of it. Unfortunately, I get health problems. When I come back from the hospital, I send an email to the bone marrow agency, explaining exactly what happened to me and asking them if I can still be on the list. A few days later, I get a letter.)

Letter: “Dear [my name],

We are sorry to learn about what happened to you. Unfortunately, given your medical history we cannot keep you on the donor list. We thank you profusely for having been a “life watcher” for so long.”

(I feel very disappointed as being on the list was important to me. However, I try to remain optimistic and I tell my friends about becoming donors, hoping they can save a life one day. Some time later, I get another letter from the bone marrow agency.)

Letter: “Dear [my name],

There are many people in the world waiting to receive a bone marrow transplantation. Why don’t you become a donor?”

(The letter explains many things I ALREADY know, saying the transplant is harmless to the donor and anybody can save a life. I feel like crying as I REALLY wish I could get rid to my medical history and become a potential donor again. To the person who sent me that letter, I really admire the way the bone marrow agency help people and save lives but you really did hurt me on that day.)

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(Our call center works with mainly fast food restaurants, most of them known nationally. We only handle certain kinds of store software, redirecting stores who call in with the wrong kind.)

Co-Worker: I apologize, but you’ve called the wrong help desk. For that software you need to call 1-***-***-TACO.

(She’s silent for a moment, listening, and an incredulous looks comes over her face.)

Co-Worker: You spell taco T-A-C-O.