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(I work at a sub shop in New Hampshire right next to the Massachusetts border, so we get a lot of people from neighboring Massachusetts towns who want to shop and eat afterwards.)

Me: *ringing up food* Okay sir, your total is $5.45.

Customer: What?! But I thought it was a five-dollar footlong!

Me: Yes, it is. The forty-five cents is New Hampshire food tax.

Customer: I thought this was tax-free New Hampshire!

Me: Everything is except for prepared food, which has a 9% tax.

(He grumbles, muttering about how stupid the government is and drops fifty cents on the counter.)

Me: Five cents is your change. Thank you sir!

Customer: I’m calling the White House; 9% tax is ridiculous, and this state shouldn’t advertise that it’s ‘tax-free.’ I’m going to sue the whole God-damned state!

(He walks out the door.)

Customer 2: … Does this happen a lot?

Me: Unfortunately.

Customer 2: That sucks. I’m just getting a drink, hun.

(He gets a drink and throws $5 into the tip jar.)

Customer 2: For having to deal with THAT all day!

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Friend: I’m great at diplomacy; FIGHT ME!

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(At my radio station, my work space is in the production studio. There’s a quirk on the phone where, after one ring, it’ll automatically pick-up and go to speaker phone. I’m working one day, when the phone rings. Before I can acknowledge the person on the speaker phone, our receptionist brings a client into the studio.)

Receptionist: Yes, this is [client]. He’s here today to voice some new spots.

Me: Excellent! Just come on in and have a seat behind the microphone. Do you have a copy of the script with you?

Client: Uh, I actually thought I’d be working with [co-worker] today, so I e-mailed the script to him before I came here.

Me: No worries. Something tells me that’s him on the speaker phone, to tell me I can get the script from him.

Co-Worker: (from the speaker phone) YES IT IS! AND YES, THAT’S RIGHT!

Client: Holy s**t, you guys are on top of things!

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(My mother is talking on the phone with my sister about the Natural Pantry in Anchorage. I’m sitting in the same room, on my laptop chatting with a friend.)

Mom: Yes, at the Natural Panty

Me: *Bursts out laughing!*

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(I have come across a highlighter top in class)

Me: (to girl next to me) Here. Put this in your hair!

Girl: What is it?

Me: (clips it in her hair) It’s a highlighter top. Wear it.

Girl: Okay.

(Time goes on, and eventually I see it on my computer)

Me: Why did you take it off?

Girl: (Teacher) kept giving me looks.

Me: Fine. (sees other girl) I wanted to thank you, so here is this.

Girl 2: What is it?

Me: It’s a highlighter top. Put it in your hair.

Girl 2: (takes highlighter top, then turns and effortlessly throws it into a trash can)

Me: …