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I used to work at a special needs school with a group of teenagers. They had mainly emotional problems, but some of them had intellectual ones as well. Student #2 was 18 years old, but had the emotional intelligence of maybe an 8 year old. Student #1 had normal intellect. It was my 25th birthday.

Student #1: So how old are you turning, like 40??? (laughs)

Me: *Sarcastically* No, student #1, I’m actually turning 50!!

Student #2: REALLY?? Wow (my name) you look really good for 50!! Like only like 40 or so!

Me and Student #2 die laughing, along with some other teachers. Probably its good that that happened when I was 25 instead of 35!

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We were out at the beach with friends. We went to a friends house to cook, the girls still wanted to go to bars and clubs so some are getting showered and dressed.

Girl 1 walks into the kitchen only in a towel, she is a bit drunk

Girl 2: “what are you doing, you should be wearing cloths! all the guys are in here”

Girl 1: “What why, I am more covered up than my bikini!” she drinks some beer and turns to go, the towel slips a bit

Girl 2: “‘girl 1’ cover up and get dressed”

Guy 1: “yup that happens”

Girl 3 staring as girl 1 walked back down the hall: “yea that did…”

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(During a Christmas lunch with a few aunts, uncles and cousins, the subject of boys is brought up regarding my 9-year-old cousin…)

Me: “So your mum tells me you’re chasing boys now!”

Cousin: *shakes her head fervently*

Her Mum: “She chases all the boys!”

Cousin: “Well, I chase boys…and then I pinch them!”

(…I wonder if I’ve been a bad influence, as I was exactly like her at that age!)

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(I’m returning to the office with one of the foremen after a prospection on a construction site. The foreman’s cellphone rings.)

Caller: “Hello, This is [equipment rental company]. I’ve been given this number from your office regarding the rental of the diesel generator. What address do we have to bring the equipment?”

Foreman: “How should I know? Why are you even calling me? You need to talk to [company owner]!”

(The address was, of course, the place we were returning from, after having discussed at length the technical details of the intervention, including the placement of the diesel generator…)

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I get the strangest phone calls during third shift at the gas station. Case in point:

Teen girl: Hi… do you guys deliver condoms?

Me: Uh… no. We sell them, but we don’t deliver.

Teen girl: How much are they?

Me: We have a three pack for $4.26.

Teen girl: Um… that’s a bit high. Can’t you knock it down a notch for me?

Me: No, not really. All we have is the three pack.

Teen girl: I only need one, though. Do you have any personal condoms I can have?

Me: Uh… no. Sorry.

Teen girl: Well, I don’t use condoms. Bye. *click*