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(On Black Friday, my boyfriend and I wait in until late afternoon to go to a craft store to pick up a supply I needed for a Christmas present. When we leave, my boyfriend decides we should go into the big box electronics store next door.)

Boyfriend: Ooh look at all the 4K HDTVs on sale! *grins* I want one! No, I NEED one!

Me: I thought we were just looking?

Boyfriend: Yeah but if I buy a new TV I can use it as the monitor for my PC and you can have my monitor then we can give your parents your monitor since theirs is going out.

Me: Okay then find one you like. I know nothing of TVs. This is your territory as a tech geek.

(We wander around for a bit, comparing the TVs and the discounts offered on each. The entire time we’re looking, no employees approach us to ask if we need help. My boyfriend shrugs it off but I have the feeling that we’re being ignored as looky-loos because of the way we’re dressed. Eventually, my boyfriend stops in front of a 50 inch 4K TV that’s on sale.)

Boyfriend: *stares at the price tag on the TV’s box* Is that [Brand] TV really on sale for [slightly less than $400]?!

Me: *checking the brand on the tag against the brand on the box* Yep, sure is. So with taxes it will be a little over $400. Is that a good price?

Boyfriend: *excitedly* Yes! Holy s***!

(As my boyfriend exclaimed this, an employee who was walking past decides to comment.)

Employee: *snidely* Well, we ain’t Walmart!

Boyfriend: *stares after the employee* Did he just–?!

Me: Yeah, he did.

Boyfriend: *in disgust* I think I don’t want a TV from here anymore.

(We left and haven’t been back, nor will we ever go back. To the rude employee, if you’re reading this: I was wearing baggy clothes because comfort comes before style for this pregnant woman and my boyfriend didn’t realize his shirt had a stain until we were already in town. He works in IT and makes great money so you and your coworkers lost your company a $400+ sale because you were all so judgemental.)

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(I have a brother who’s nearly five years old and a little bit chubby.)

Me: “Let’s go for a jog!”

Brother: “Why?”

Me: (joking) “So we don’t get fat.”

Brother: “Like mom?”

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(I have just performed in my school’s Holiday concert, where me and a few select others sang ‘Santa Baby’, which was a big hit with the audience. I am at the reception after the concert, which is in the cafeteria. An old man is helping out, and is standing behind the table where I am getting food.)

Old man: Hey, good job tonight!

(I don’t know him, so I just assume its something he’s saying to everyone.)

Me: Thank you! (Becomes busy with the massive amounts of sweets in front of me.)

Old man: Santa baby, right?

Me: Yeah.

Old man: (Smiles)


Me: (Piles my plate with cookies then leaves.)

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(it’s 9 days before Christmas, I am working the service desk (alone) in a large retail Supercenter, I have a line of customers waiting when the phone rings, I excuse myself from the customer I am currently helping and answer the phone.)

Me: “(store name), Service desk, how may I help you?”

Older-sounding lady: Yes, I have a receipt here, and I hope you have an adding machine.”

Me: I have a calculator, what seems to be the problem?

Customer: I’m going to read you off the items and then the prices, then the voids.

Me: Maybe it would be better if you brought the receipt in, and I’ll see what I can do to help you?

Customer: Oh I can’t bring it in tonight, I just keep my receipts a few days and go over them, I just can’t find my adding machine.

Me: So there isn’t anything wrong that you know of? You just need a calculator?

Customer: Yes, that’s right.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I have a line of five customers and it is getting longer as we speak, I’m not going to be able to do that right now.

Customer: Well, could you call me back?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I’m not going to be able to do that, I have been busy all night and don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Customer: (disappointed, but fairly reasonable sounding) oh, I guess I will have to find another way then…have a good night.

Me: You too ma’am

(hang up, and headdesk)

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I am driving somewhere with one of my friends (a native Newarkian) in the passenger seat. We are stopped at a red light when a panhandler comes up to the car. The windows are down because it’s quite warm and my AC isn’t working all that well.

Panhandler: Kin I git uh dollah (can I get a dollar)?

Me: Béarla? Ní thuigim. Gaeilge, le do thoil? (pronunciation: BARE-la? Ni higgim-ta. Gale-guh, lay duh hull?)

Panhandler: Huh?

Me: Gaeilge?

I smile at him uncomprehendingly, and the panhandler wanders off. The light turns green, and we leave.

Friend (looking at me like I’m crazy): What did you just say to him? What language was that?

Me: It was Irish. My grandfather taught me a few words and useful phrases. I told him I didn’t speak English and asked if he could please speak Irish.

Friend: Since when do you speak Irish?

Me: I don’t. I just know a few useful phrases.

Friend: *laughing* I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.