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I am picking up a gift for my husband and the cashier offers to put it in a gift box and a bag with tissue on top.

Cashier: “Here we go! Let me just get a few more pieces of tissue. I’m a little tissue-happy sometimes!”

Me: “Oh, I used to work at [Popular Lingerie Store]. I know *all* about being tissue-happy!”

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(The company deals with packing and shipping items from local auction house. I am new to working there and hadn’t been trained yet on what to say to the people who bought auction items when they call, but I do know that when an auction buyer calls, the first thing you do is get their name and find their information. I am closing with a coworker, and my coworker is with a customer when the phone rings.)

Me: Do you want me to finish with your customer so you can get the phone? [Assistant manager] hasn’t trained me in that yet.

Coworker: No, it’s fine. Just say “Thank you for calling [store], this is [name].” Get his name and see what he wants.

Me (answering the phone): Thank you for calling [store], this is [name]. What can I do for you?

Customer: Yeah, you can help me. My name is [name] and I ordered something from [auction house].

Me: Ok, hold on just one second while I find your papers.

Customer: What papers??

Me: The papers that the auction house provides us. They go with the item you bought from them.

(the phone connection went bad for a second, so I didn’t catch what the customer said.)

Me: I’m really sorry, but I didn’t catch that. Either your phone or our phone dropped out for a second there… can you please repeat what you just said?

Customer (yelling): YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME?!?

Me: No, no, the connection just went bad, so I didn’t catch what you said.

Customer: I can’t believe this! I spent all this money and to be disrespected like this! You’re incredibly unprofessional! Your whole business is unprofessional!

Me: I… I’m really sorry, sir. I’m gonna hand the phone to my coworker now.

(My coworker talks to the customer. She’s on the phone with him for less than a minute.)

Me: What did he want?

Coworker: He just wanted to confirm that his items were shipping out tomorrow.

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I used a company’s chat support service. The person I was talking to was an idiot.

Support: Thank you for contacting [Company]. What is your concern?

Me: Hi, I’m trying to upgrade to [Upgrade] from your online store, and it keeps giving me an error.

Support: Updates are needed for [Current Software] before upgrading to [Upgrade].

I had just wiped this device and knew that everything was completely up to date. In fact, it had just spent two days updating.

Me: [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: I’m talking about [Current Software].

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: You need to do the updates.

Me: Listen [Agent], my version of [Current Software] is 100% completely up to date.

Support: [Current Software] updates.

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is up to date.

He then tells me he wants to remote control my computer to see if he can resolve the problem. I go through the first few steps, before telling him:

Me: You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to fix it myself.

I closed the chat, and tried to reinstall [Upgrade]. When that failed, I went to [Current Software]’s updates and clicked “Check for Updates”. Sure enough, “28 updates available.”

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(I have dyscalculia. I think I’m doing a pretty good job dealing with money, though, until one day, I get a handful of cheap items and end up with forty dollars on my screen.)

Me: *flags down attendant* This doesn’t look right.

Attendant: …Well, I have a calculator. *pulls it out and adds it up again*

Me: …I have dyscalculia. Sorry about that.

Attendant: Don’t worry about it. Have a great day!

(At least he was nice about it!)

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One of my friends father’s passed away. After months of illness after having an accident at work. The Doctors treating the injury had decided he was just trying to get more compensation from the company, they informed the company who sent a letter through their lawyer stating that they considered him to be fit enough to return to work — two weeks after they had been informed of his passing.

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