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New Zealand | Unfiltered | July 23, 2017

(My Teacher is handing out sheets. I am waiting for mine. Nobody has anything out as we’re waiting for the sheets.)

Teacher: *walking past* “If you don’t do work, [My Name], then I will have to refer you to another class.”

Me: “Um… Okay.”

(The Teacher moves on, but she returns to my desk.)

Teacher: “Get your book out! Go!”

Me: “What? Okay!’

(The Teacher at this point practically spins in a circle.)

Teacher: “This is your last warning!”

Me: “I am getting my book out!”

(I place my book on my desk and open it.)

Teacher: “Okay. That’s it. I’ve had enough. Get out of my class.”

(I have parent-teacher interviews after school. This will be fun…)

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San Diego, CA | Unfiltered | July 22, 2017

During my junior year, I go on a trip to San Diego with one of the clubs from my school (which is in the Chicago area). After our flight lands and we arrive at our hotel, we decide to get lunch at a restaurant in Old Town, then spend the afternoon sightseeing in the area.

The hotel offers a shuttle for guests, but will need to make four trips due to the size of our group. I am in the second group, and we are dropped off at the intersection that the first group is waiting at. There are some stands a few feet from the intersection that have interesting crafts for sale, so I decide to browse while we wait for groups 3 and 4 to get there.

I finish making a purchase – which takes me less time than a single round trip to the hotel, let alone two – only to turn around and discover that everyone is gone. Turns out the teachers found out that the shuttle could drop off directly at the restaurant, so groups 3 and 4 went there while 1 and 2 walked over, not realizing I wasn’t with them.

Thankfully, there are kiosks with maps nearby and I remember the name of the restaurant, so I quickly find my way there. As I am walking up to the front door, one of my teachers is walking out with her cell phone in hand and, seeing me, says “I was just about to call you!” – only I don’t have a cell phone, which I tell her. “Then what’s this number?” I check her phone and, sure enough, it is my number – my *home* number.

And that’s how I narrowly avoided giving my parents a heart attack from 2000 miles away.

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Chicago, IL, USA | Unfiltered | July 22, 2017

I was out playing Pokemon Go and I was passing​ the Subway in question to get to the nearby pokestop. As I passed it I heard a girl just explode on some other woman. I don’t know what the other woman said but it made this girl go off (I know who the girl is and don’t talk to her anymore but I will refer to her as crazy girl)


Woman: Miss you are being disrespectful


I walked away as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to deal with her after the scene she made because I was laughing uncontrollably

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WA, USA | Unfiltered | July 21, 2017

In my middle school there were a few substitute teachers that every student had a couple times in our 2 years at the school. There was one teacher that was notorious and classes with him always took a weird turn, such as one science class where we spent a majority of the hour listening to him telling us how his smoking habit when he was younger nearly killed him. The most memorable story from class with him came when he was covering our middle school band class when he started the class by telling us “There is no democracy in the orchestra!” My friends from band class still use this phrase to this day.

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Europe | Unfiltered | July 21, 2017

(My parents are backpacking around Europe. They’re in a train compartment with another couple, but are too tired to put their bags in the overhead luggage. Despite both my parents being of Caucasian appearance and having their native flags stitched onto their bags, the other couple assumes they don’t speak English and starts talking about them).

Person 1: “they should put their bags on the rack, it’s very rude of them not to.”

Person 2: “yes, it is rude. I’ll try asking them.”

(Person 2 starts gesturing and speaking loudly and slowly to my parents.)

Person 2: “can you put bag on rack?”

Dad: “we speak English.”

(The people they were sharing the compartment with went pale and didn’t speak for the rest of the trip).

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