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(Our drive-thru is timed; customers are not allowed to be at a window any longer than 45 seconds. It a customer is waiting on a particular item, we usually send them to the carpark and then personally bring it out when it’s ready. This particular day, an area manager is in, so we’re working hard to make sure our drive-thru is spot on. I just put down a bag of [frozen product] into the deep fryer when I hear a customer order one on the headset. Before I can tell the cashier there is a wait, he is already at my window.)

Me: “Hi, sorry but there’s going to be a wait on your meal. Can I just get you to wait in the carpark? I can bring it out when it’s ready.”

Customer: “How long is it going to take?”

Me: “Only a minute or two.”

Customer: “Can’t I just wait here?”

Me: “Sorry, but our drive-thru is timed. I’m not allowed to leave a car here for too long.”

Customer: “Last time I came here I had to wait for ages!”

Me: “I can assure you, it’s not going to be a couple of minutes.”

(This goes back and forth a few more times, and then he decides to drive on. I pack the next car’s orders, then his, and bring it out to the carpark. I didn’t see him anywhere and figured he just left, even though he was out there for maybe 3 minutes tops. On my way back him I notice him; parked at the exit of the drive-thru, blocking the two cars behind him. I walk over and hand over his meal.)

Me: “Didn’t I ask you to wait in the carpark? There are cars behind you wanting to leave.”

Customer: “So? It’s your fault I had to wait. You should have told me earlier when I was ordering.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you were already at my window before I could tell the cashier.”

Customer: “Not my problem.”

(He then drove off, leaving me open-mouthed. I’m used to arrogant cutomers, but blocking a drive-thru on purpose? I don’t even know.)

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I am a counter person we have a small but great menu

Customer: hi do you have peel and eat shrimp?

Me: no we dont, sorry.  However we offer fried shrimp and some other popular options.

Customer: so you don’t have peel and eat shrimp?

Me: no, sorry.

Customer are you sure?

Me: yes i’ve been here for a while.

(The customer hems and haws then decides on a drastically altered version of our most popular item)

Customer: oh and i am local, can i get the discount?  I work at the psychic place around the corner !

Me:  ok, wait you work where?  Un nevermind….(price with discout)**  facepalm**

I suppose she can not see the future if its a resturant.

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Me:  How can I help you today.

Customer: I want 40% off these items.

Me: Ma’am its only off certain items. see the sign says that .
I will go ahead and honor it but next time please look at the sign.

Customer behind here shook her head then said yes you should.

Sad thing is I am the one who got reprimanded and for being rude to the customer and hurting her feelings.

It amazes me the things people say.

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I work in a Tech Support Call centre for a big brand phone supplier, this kind of thing is a common occurrence.

Me: He there thanks for calling [Tech Support Company] can I take your name please?

Customer: Yeah I have this problem with my phone [breaks into long story]

Me: Okay I think I understand, before we continue can I take your name?

Customer: Oh! And it also does this thing [storytime]

Me: Okay I have that all down. Now before continuing, I’ll need to take your-

Customer: Oh and also [story]

Me: Okay, we’ll need to set up a repair for that, but we can’t continue unless I have your name.

Customer: Oh! Why didn’t you say so? Gosh you should have said something!

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I work in the ICT Applications Support team so we generally help out ‘users’ within the rest of the company. I was trying to take a look at a problem with an application a user had on his computer, so I went to his desk and asked him to log in (since he had locked the computer to come and find me)
User: *types in password, looks at the screen and then clicks the cancel button* Oh! I must have gotten my password wrong
Before I could say anything he was already typing in his password again and did the exact same thing! He pressed cancel.
Me: Erm..I’m sorry to interject but you’re pressing cancel, try pressing the enter key.
User: I’m not stupid! How dare you!
He then continued to make the same mistake 5 more times before finally doing what I suggested and pressing the enter key

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