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I work as a security guard at a major shopping centre a lot of times customers will come and ask us for directions to various stores in the mall. This is one interaction I had with a customer.

I was on an exterior patrol of the shopping centre and I was just outside one of the main mall entrances a customer approached me carrying an empty cooler bag for food. He told me that he was a delivery driver for a major food delivery service where customers order food using an app and it’s delivered to their home and he says “Can you help me find a store” and he shows me a map he says “I’m looking for the store eastbound” I see on the map that it tells him to travel eastbound on a local road I say “that is not a store the map says for you to travel eastbound” this does not seem to register at first so this goes back and fourth for a while. During this time his customer calls him three times and he does not answer the phone. Eventually he says “I know what store it could be” and he says the name of a major sporting goods store that is in the mall he continues to say that’s what it was last time. I decided to just let him go to the sporting goods store to try to pick up his order.

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I’m a young girl and was about to fly to my bf. When I checked into the plane a surfer dude sat beside me…
surfer dude : hey I’m (name) and you ?
Me: hey (name) I am (my name)
SD: well you know my gf is home and I wanted to ask if you mind holding hands with me I hate the take off
Me: uh um yea fine when it helps you
After we took off I left his hand and ordered a drink. He moved on and ordered me one too. Now I had two cokes in front of me. After a while he started to drink from my bottle like if we were pals. He even ate my food with me…
SD: you want to watch a movie ?
Me: nah I’ll listen to music
SD: but you could cuddle my shoulder while enjoying the movie
Me: you have a gf ! And I have a bf so no but thank you
SD: yea but she’s mean. She don’t cuddles and she sleeps with that other guy from work…
Me: oh I am sorry . I’m sure you’ll find someone else
SD: i just did rn
He gave me a neglace and said that it’ll always be the sign for our friendship. He did a couple of more tries to flirt with me while the flight. I felt bad for him
When we left the plane he said..
SD: ok girl luv ya. Don’t forget me. You were the nicest person I’ve met so far
Me: K you’re pretty nice too see ya
… it was a weird flight

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(I just got hired for a new hotel, and my mother and I go to see it. It looks very nice, and I’m impressed…and then I see the train tracks beside it.)

Me: “Who would build their nice hotel next to train tracks?!”

Mom: *says nothing, looking shocked*

Me: “I’ll bet the train is going to go by, blowing its whistle, and disturbing all the guests!”

Mom: “Don’t be so negative, the train conductor probably will not, to be nice.”

Me: “Yeah right!”

(Just then, the train went by with an earsplitting honk.)

Mom: “Ok, maybe I’m wrong. But you need to keep this job!”

(I did and worked there for a year, and we got lots of complaints about the train blowing its horn overnight. I found out that the hotel took 5 million dollars to build. Who would build it next to a noisy train, though? We were 5 miles from a theme park, but still!)

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I wa 14 at the time,helping out with my mom and my grandma my grandma wasn’t there.(She was at a sleep study) We we’re standing in line to pay for our gas when this all went down. Let me lay down the people. Newer Cashier is NC.Older Cashier is OC. Customer is just C.

NC:May I help you sir?
C:(Holding a beer he hadn’t paid for) I just need a bag
NC:(Reaches for bag)
(Customer mumbles but pays)
NC:I’m so sorry!!!
OC:You’re new. He’s been doing trying to pull that for years!! He claims he has paid but he hasn’t and will walk out with it!!
My Mom: Excuse me ma’am?
My mom: I just wanted to say thank you for doing that!! We need more people like you!!
(OC smiles and we gave them $40 as a thank you. Wherever you are OC,theyre should be more people like you!! Someone willing to stop something and put them back in their place!!)

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(I had been training one of the new trainees at work for a night because instead of the managers training people they hand off trainees to experienced staff, he had been doing alright so I said he could look after the counter while I quickly change the bins. A customer comes in and starts making this trainees job ridiculously difficult)

Trainee: “What can I get you today?”
Customers: “An ultimate box”
Trainee: “What drink would you like”
Customer:”I don’t want a drink I want chicken and chips”
Trainee: *Looks to me confused* (he hadnt ordered chicken and chips) “So a 3 piece box?”
Customers: “No an Ultimate box”
(This continued for a little while as I finished up with the bins then I came over and offered to help the trainee finish the order up. The trainee continued to negotiate with the man to find out what he actually wanted and it wasn’t working so he asked if I could finish the order)
Customer: “Now we are getting somewhere”
Me: “Did you want chicken and chips sir?”
Customer: “Yes”
Me: “How many pieces?”
Customer: “2”
Me:”Alright that will be *whatever a 2 piece and chips costs*
Customers: “Atleast someone knows how to do their job”

(I quickly packed the order so this guy could leave and then my trainee started apologizing and I just stopped him)
Trainee: “I am so sorry I just didn’t know what he wanted…”
Me: “Don’t stress he was just being an ass**** cause you are a trainee you handle the situation perfectly with the knowledgeyou have.”

(Moral of this story, dont treat Trainees or employees in general of a small town fast food joint poorly infront of other staff, cause everyone will despise you whenever you enter the building.)