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This was a few years ago when I worked in a pizza restaurant. It was two minutes until my shift was over, my last before a much needed vacation

Me: Hi, (name of restaurant), this is (my name) how may I help you?

Customer: Yea, hi do guys have any spaghetti?

Me: No ma’am but we do have penne pasta with red sauce or alfredo

Customer: Do you have beef?

Me: We have beef hot hoagies

Customer: I’ll just get a ham hoagie

Me: Would you like a whole or a half?

Customer: Half

(I ring up her order)

Me: Would you like this for pick-up or delivery?

Customer: Delivery.

Me: Okay just so you know our delivery minimum is $10 and you’re current total is only $3.84, would you like to make your hoagie a whole or add chips and a soda?

Customer: (getting angry) No! all I want is the half sandwich!

Me: I’m very sorry ma’am, would you like to pick it up instead?

Customer: No, I will just get a half pasta also

Me: Okay

(rings it up)

Customer: no I want chips and a soda do you have ginger ale?

Me: I’m sorry, we only have cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite

Customer: (sighing) fine I will take sprite

Me: Okay (I ring it up and repeat the order) Your total is $12.50

Customer: Okay I only have a $100 bill

Me: I am sorry Ma’am but we don’t allow our drivers to carry more than a small amount of cash, do you have another form of payment?

Customer: NO I only have the $100 why can’t you just bring me change!?

Me: Our policy states that our drivers only carry so much cash for safety reasons, I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but I can’t change the rules.

Customer: Well fine! Your food sucks anyways!


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(My father has passed away suddenly and my method of dealing with it is to keep moving. At the same time school has just started and I am sitting with my group for a semester long project. I am not thinking clearly at this point and am trying to complete multiple task when the funeral home emails me the proof of the obituary in french [due to living in a french province we are doing the obituary in both french and English].)

Me: Who speaks french here? (I am not able to read French well and can’t verify if the obituary is grammatically correct for french)

teammate #1: I can.

Me: Can you tell me if this is grammatically correct.

(Forgetting that only one teammate is the only one in the group who knows about my father and teammate #1 isn’t him. I had him the obituary with no warning what I am asking him to correct. While he does this I move on to the next thing I had to do.)

Teammate #1: Yeah it is good. Also my condolences.

Me:*Having heard this so many times I just register this as normal.* Thanks

(The next day)

Me:*realizing what I did to teammate the previous day, I say to my self* S*** I forgot he didn’t know. I should apologize.

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(After working at my location for over 3 years, I have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition. I try not to have any problems at work, but this particular night, management has not been able to control employees and due to how busy it was, I was unable to catch up on the things I need to do. I am finally triggered into a full panic attack after a customer makes fun of the way I talk. I text my best friend and my mom, who says she’ll come get me.)

Mom: *stands at the counter*

Manager: “Oh, Mrs. [Last Name], what can I get for you?”

Mom: *points to the back, where I am*

Me: *comes up from the back, shaking, visibly pale and having been crying*

Manager: “Oh my go- [My Name], go home. Go home. Don’t worry about anything over here. GO HOME.” *turns on headset* “[Coworker 1], go cover the hole!”

(I go home and calm down. The next day, the general manager is the manager on duty. I go to talk to her about what happened the previous day to see if everything is alright. When I get there, the general manager is yelling at Coworker 2.)

General Manager: “You should know better than to just up and leave early! You left us short-handed!”

Coworker 2: *sees me* “But she-” *points at me* “Left early yesterday!”

General Manager: *shakes her head* “[Coworker 2], [My Name] has a reputation of doing her work, unlike you. You need to grow up and stop blaming her for what you did. You left without a manager telling you that you could go.”

Coworker 2: *leaves*

Me: “Um, sorry about last night.”

General Manager: “Don’t worry about it. [Coworker 3] was coming in about an hour after you left, so he came in an hour early to cover you. We were fine until [Coworker 2] heard and decided to leave.”

(The entire shift, Coworker 2 glared at me while other coworkers told me how they handled with their own anxiety attacks.)

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(My best friend and I have had a conversation earlier in the year with it ending in the statement that I am a figment of her imagination. It resulted in my current nickname, but we never explained how it happened. Currently my mother decided that we were going to take my two youngest cousins and my best friend to a candy company where I work because none of them have been there. Afterwards, we go to my house to have lunch when this argument breaks out between the five year old and her three year old sister about who I (Courtney) belong to.)

3 year old: My coco.

5 year old: Nu uh, that’s my Courtney.

3 year old: No, MY coco!

5: Nu uh! I made her up!

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(I am in a German 1 class. It’s the week after Christmas break, and my German teacher is dealing out huge amounts of work. [Friend #1] decides to complain.)

Friend #1: “[Teacher], why are you giving us so much homework?”

Teacher: “Because, [Friend], you need to get back on track.”

Friend #1: “This is ridiculous!”

Teacher: *mildly sarcastic* “Then why don’t you just jump out of the window?!”

(The entire classroom went DEAD silent. The teacher then went on like nothing happened)

Friend #2: “Wow. Hey [Friend #1], how does it feel to get roasted by [Teacher]?”