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(I’m in a worldwide fast-food chain early in the morning. While I’ve never worked at this restaraunt in particular, I do work in the food industry, and I know how this chain makes coffee. I’m waiting in line and a customer is in front of me.)

Customer: I want a large coffee with cream and sugar and a muffin.

Cashier: Okay, your total is (total) and it’ll be three minutes for your coffee, we’re brewing a fresh pot!


(The poor cashier is probably only 15 or 16 years old and looks like they’re about to burst into tears. I’m a manager in my own restaraunt who has to deal with this sort of behavior all the time and I can’t stand it anymore.)

Me: (To the angry customer) Hey, man, relax! You’re getting a fresh pot of coffee.


Me: You can’t wait three minutes?

Customer: NO! (Storms out)

Me: (Turns toward the cashier) Don’t worry about customers like that. They’re jerks and you’ve done nothing wrong.

Cashier: Thank you!

(He gave me a coffee for free! I occasionally see him early in the morning and he’s always super awesome at customer service,)

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(So me best friend, her sister, her niece and I were having a girls night to celebrate winter brake. We ended up meeting at a nickel arcade and have accumulated 3000 some tickets all together. We split them up so we have around 900 each. My best friend and I have both gotten large inflatable sponge in bats and are deciding what to do with the rest when she stops and looks at me.)

Best Friend: We should combine the rest of our tickets to buy as many (candy) as we can.


Me: I love that idea!

(And that’s how we went home with 9 boxes of sugary candy each.)

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(I used to work in a call center for a very large insurance company. At this point in my career I was still a contract employee meaning that I was employed technically by another firm to work for the insurance company. Many of the agents from the insurance company didn’t have an issue with contractors. However…)

Me: Thank you for calling [Insurance Company] Help Desk, this is [My Name], how can I help you today?

Agent: Yeah I’m having a problem with the server in my office and I need some help fixing it along with the printer and some other stuff.

Me: Sure! I can definitely help you with that. Could I get your name so that I can get started by creating a ticket just in case I can’t resolve all the problems you’ve been having today?

Agent: Yeah it’s [Name] of [Agency Name known for being difficult].

Me: Alright, so I see that the issue with your server just requires a reboot of the computer itself. So why don’t we fix the printer stuff first and then we can reboot the server last that way your office can still function?

Agent: Yeah sure no problem.

Me: (I begin working on his printer issue and decide to make small talk) So you’ve been an agent with us for quite a while now. How do you like it?

Agent: Well yeah, except that corporate has been hiring all these contractors lately and they just don’t care about the business you know? They just don’t give the same level of customer service that a true agent of the company would. I mean all they do is fix the problem but then they leave something broken so we have to call again and again. (He continues ranting using words like incompetent, rude, obnoxious, while I’m fixing the printer and we finally get to the part where we need to restart the server)

Me: I can certainly understand your frustration with that. I need you to restart the server which is just simply holding the power button on the front until it turns off then wait about a minute then turn it back on again. While you’re doing that, I’d like to just interject and say that I sincerely hope that I’ve solved all your problems today.

Agent: Yes you’ve been great, things are functioning much better.

Me: Good, well, I want you to know that I am one of those contractors that you were complaining about earlier. I’m sorry you feel that way that we are as you said incompetent, rude, or obnoxious. I’ll be sure not to be that way ever again. Okay, you can go ahead and turn that server back on now.

Agent: [silent]

Me: Did that fix your issue sir?

Agent: Yes, yes it did. I’m sorry for what I said. If you’re even in [area where the agency is located] come find me and you’ll have yourself a job.

Me: Have a nice day sir thank you for calling [Insurance Company] Help Desk.

(I talked to him several more times over the course of working for that company and he was much more pleasant afterwards. Never again did he complain about the contractors and he would often ask for me by name!)

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(My parents are considering getting a new sofa, I walk into the room. The company that sells furniture is named after a woman.)

Mom: …So we could try getting (company’s name)’s sofa.

Me: Who’s (woman’s name)?

Mom: That’s the name of the company, you idiot!

Me: Oh. I was gonna ask who’s (woman’s name) and why we’re taking her sofa.

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Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return these two coats. The tag of one of them accidentally fell off while I tried it on, can I still return it?”

Me: “Yeah, sure, just let me check the article numbers….”

(the coats look unworn, though the one without the tag has a little stain on the sleeve. However, as I check the article number on the receipt and am about to enter the return into the system the customer suddenly seems to remember something)

Customer: “Oh, do you mind if I quickly check the pockets? Just in case I left something in there?”

(This comment makes me mildly suspicious – why would someone leave something in the pocket of a coat he just tried on for a moment? – and I am baffled as he pulls a chocolate bar out of the inside pocket)

Me: “Um. Did you already wear the coat by any chance? You know that you can only return unworn merchandise, right?”

Customer: “I only tried it on at home…”

Me: “And you left a little snack in there…?”

Customer: “Well, it was for a couple of hours…”

Me: “So, you tried the coat on at home for a couple of hours and put a chocolate bar into the pocket in case you might get hungry, is that right?”

Customer: “Well, I happened to go shopping while trying it on.”

Me: “….Yeah, sorry, I’m not taking that back…”

Customer: “It was worth a try…”