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I work at a family owned small town tanning salon. We use to be open tell 9pm but during the winter to save money we close at 8pm. Since it takes our system about 5 minutes to close down all the people I work with will close about 5 minutes early plus our manager doesn’t want costumers in there past close. It’s 7:57 now.

Two customers come up to the door.

Customer 1: she’s looking in through the door.

Me: I go to unlock and explain to them both my managers policy and our system. But I tell them that since they didn’t know that we changed the time that I’ll let them come tan.

So the march in and they take the longest beds and spray tan afterwords. So I’m there until almost 10 pm that night. Then the very next night I’m working again and these two girls come back at the same time. I tell them that I can not let them in because they now when we close and I explained to them the night before. Then they come again the next night at the same time and I tell them the same thing.

Customer two: why the f*** would you not change the sign on the door then.

Me: that’s the managers job and she hasn’t had time to do that plus this is not permanent.

Customer 2: well you need to tell your manager to fix it.

Me: (very nicely) tell her I will let the manager know.

That night I get a text from my manager and a picture of a post of what the two girls but on Facebook.

“Why would we go to (Sunkissed) when they have such shitty service we came 10 minutes before close and the bitch that was working there wouldn’t let us come in and tan don’t go tanning there they have such shitty customer service” I almost got fired because if them until I explained to my manager what happened. Then she chewed them out. And told them that they are not welcome at the store any longer.

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(Growing up, my name was uncommon enough that I endured a plethora of terrible nicknames and mispronunciations. After becoming an adult I moved halfway across the country where suddenly my name was no longer unique. This was a great relief because it meant people could actually pronounce my name without a significant amount of explanations. For whatever reason though, people still felt compelled to come up with their own nicknames which were nothing more than repeats of what I’d been hearing all my life.

When this story takes place I’ve had this job for about a year and I KNOW the boss can pronounce my name but he insists on using random nicknames despite the fact that I have repeatedly asked him to either call me by my first name or my nickname which is a very common boys’ name.)

Me: *walking briskly by the boss*

Boss: *calling out* “Hey, [ridiculous nickname]! When you get a chance could you work on [job #1]? Not right now. Just whenever you get a chance.”

(I have had a REALLY long day at this point and I do not have the patience to deal with anyone’s bull****. Also, cursing is widely accepted at work.)

Me: *spinning around to face him, giving him my best ‘screw you’ grin, and clapping my hands together* “Well, that’s just fan-f***ing-tabulous and I’ll be sure to get right on that whenever I find [ridiculous nickname] but, until then, I didn’t think we had anyone with that name around here! So, I’m going to go back over there,” *I point to my current station* “And finish what I was originally doing. Bye!”

(The words are out before I know it and I just so happen to time it right when ALL of my coworkers are within earshot. (We have a rather small department.) I have never, not once, ever displayed this sort of attitude at work but there’s nothing left for me to do except to just roll with it as I turn sharply around and walk off leaving my boss standing there, mouth agape in shock. One part of me is still seething with anger whereas another part of me is wondering if I’m going to get fired. A few minutes later my boss comes over.)

Boss: *quietly* “Hey, uh, [my first name], when you get a chance could you please take care of [job #1]? I’d really appreciate it.”

(Normally, I’d be nice and apologize but for whatever reason my brain decides it still has attitude left to show.)

Me: *acting as if this is first time I’ve ever heard this request and in a very sweet tone* “Oh, sure! I’m just about finished with this here and I’ll make sure to take care of it.” *smiles* “Thanks for letting me know.”

Boss: *looks at me warily then nods* “Thank you.”

(That was the last time my boss, or any of my coworkers, dared to call me by anything other than my first name. Looking back, I suppose I could have gone about that differently but it was the first time I actually stood up for myself and it felt pretty good!)

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Some of those parking-lot drivers get their pants in a twist at NON-drivers like me; one driver, seeing me emerge from the store, shadowed me like “Abbott & Costello Join Hawaii Five-O”.

When I crossed aisles by squeezing through, eventually Inspector Clumseau got pissed that I hadn’t reached my car and profanely asked where my f*cking car was.

When I informed him I was en route to the bus stop, he went full postal: “Why the g*ddamn F*CK are you leading me all over the g*damn parking lot?”

I replied, “Excuse me…exactly WHEN did I say ‘Hey, buddy… follow me and you can have my spot!’???”

So he tells me I should’ve gone by sidewalk..which would have taken me 500 feet in a different direction.
So I said, “Jeez, pal…you got me; I actually got up this morning and planned on aimlessly wandering the parking lot, hoping to piss off the first shitbox Nissan with a mismatched fender and Bondo patch job I could find!”

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(In my sophomore biology class, the teacher is notorious for being unfair and disliked by students. After reviewing one of our last tests of the year, the class has picked out enough mistakes to earn everyone bonus points. I sit in the last row of desks, the farthest from the teacher’s desk.)

Teacher: *exasperated, dripping with sarcasm* “Are there any other fatal flaws?”

Me: *believing I’m only loud enough for the guy next to me to hear* “This entire test, for a start.”

(The teacher, having heard me, stares at me with a dead expression while the people around me burst into laughter. I’m usually known for being the quiet, teacher’s pet type.)

Teacher: “This entire year I don’t hear a word from you, and you come to me with that?”

Me: “Can you really blame me? I didn’t even plan on you listening.”

(Luckily, we had a good laugh about the whole ordeal afterwards. The teacher wasn’t one of the worst after all!)

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*Where I work, if you use a credit card you have to sign for it regardless of the amount. I’ve finished ringing up a customer’s items and they run their card through. I stand looking at the monitor, waiting for it to show that the transaction is done. Nothing happens for about 45 seconds, so I look to the customer, who I realize is looking at me.*

Customer: Sign?

Me: Yes.

Customer: Okay. *signs for the card*