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(My class is on a field trip which is right before a 3 day weekend, so already we’re off to a good start. Anyways, we arrive at a campus to learn about hands-on learning. We just get off the bus, when this happened…)

*Instructor* And over here is where we’ll…

*Random girl* I’LL KILL YOU!!!

*Instructor* Um…

(At this point everyone just burst into laughter, and by then the instructor just stopped talking and shuffled us inside, but not before we saw this…)

*Security Guard* Ok how about you come with me?

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My dad and I were sitting at in the living room just hanging out. Note that my dad gets rather emotional when watching movies and television. Also, I am only 19 and my dad is 46.

(Dad wipes his eyes after watching a cutesy commercial about a man fishing with his granddaughter)

Dad: [Me], I’ve decided that I want grandkids by the time I’m 50.

Me: Dad you can–

Mom: Oh [heck] no! I spend all day watching kids at work I am not having anymore running around the house any time soon.

(At this point my 15 year old brother, who has heard the conversation walks in.)

Brother: Hey dad, if you want grandkids I can give you one right now.

Me: [Brother] we don’t need a shotgun wedding in this family.

Brother: Who said we would get married?

(I have now elected to never produce offspring.)

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My mom sent me out to get her a can of espresso from the convenience store and gave me a card I assumed was a debit card, and she told me to run it as so. I get to the store, grab her espresso and myself a Gatorade, and go up to buy it.

Me: Hello, m’am! Just these please!

Cashier: [Glares and scans items as quickly as possible.] That’ll be x.xx.

I was a bit taken back by her attitude, but I assume shes had a bad day and shrug it off and go to run my card when she stops me.

Cashier: [Snaps] IS IT DEBIT OR CREDIT?

Me: D-debit, please…

Cashier: Then PRESS DEBIT!

I’m shaking a bit now as her yelling has drawn the stores eyes to me, causing my anxiety to flare up pretty badly, and she continues shooting me daggers as I shakily scan my card. It gets declined.

Cashier: [Snidely] Maybe you should’ve checked your balance before you came! NEXT!

Me: Wait! I did! I swear I did, please let me re-scan it—

Cashier: I said NEXT!

At this point the man behind me glances at the card I’m holding and speaks up.

Man: Excuse me, dear, but I think that’s an ebt card. Try running it as that. I’ll wait, don’t worry!

He gives me an assuring and patient smile as the cashier’s smug smile quickly drops and shes back to glaring at me.

Cashier: Well, SCAN IT then!

I scan it as ebt, and wouldn’t you know it, it gets accepted. The cashier mutters something under her breath and shoves my items back across the counter at me.

Me: Thank you, m’am. You have a wonderful day! [Turning to customer behind me] Thank you, also, for your patience!

Man: It’s no problem. I don’t understand why that cashier was being so rude about it. It’s not like there’s anyone else in her line…

I don’t know who pissed in that cashier’s cheerios, but that man’s patience made my day quite a bit. The cashier was still glaring at me as I left, as though I was the bane of her entire existence. When I went back there the next week, I found she had been fired. Gee, I wonder why…

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(My roommates and I are all in the common area, doing our own thing. The roommate I am talking to and I are both tomboys.)

Roommate: “This is really weird, but have any of you ever thought about being a stripper?”

Me: “Yeah, but after a few seconds I remembered I’m unattractive so I went back to my homework.”

Roommate: “Actually, the whole androgynous thing is in right now. With the short hair and everything like we have. No offense, I’m not trying to insult you by calling you that, but, like, you know.”

Me: “…I wear men’s clothes half the time. This is the look I’m going for. Don’t worry.”

(In all honesty, I’m not going for androgynous so much as butch, but I had a laugh out of her stumbling. Don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade, folks.)

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My friends and I had just attended church and exited the building to bitter cold. Two of us headed to one car and my friend and I started walking to our car in a different parking lot.

Suddenly, an SUV pulled over and a person offered us a ride to our car. We got in and the driver handed us cards that said it was the second anniversary of her mother’s death and in her memory, she was driving strangers around to get them out of the cold.

I was grateful that the mother raised such a thoughtful person.