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(My aunt loves to complain about anything when we go out/order something to eat. Me and my other cousins find it to be rude and insulting, especially since we know people in the business.)

Aunt: *ordering from restaurant* “Hi, I would like [order] and 24 breadsticks.”

(The restaurant tells her that each person only gets two breadsticks free, and that she will pay for twelve of them.)

Aunt: “That’s ridiculous; I’ve never had to pay for any at the restaurant.”

(The restaurant explains the difference from being at restaurant and ordering out.)


(The restaurant puts management on the phone, and tells them they cannot do anything about it, but will gladly allow her to contact corporate.)

Aunt: “I WILL CONTACT CORPORATE AND MAKE SURE THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I AM A LOYAL CUSTOMER AND…” *rants continuously until she gets the info and the food later on*

(She complains on how “rude” they were, and that she is going to write a letter. At this point, I just tell her to eat and not worry about it. Moral of the story: Just accept what people give you, instead of giving them utter bulls**t)

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(I work at an Information desk at a college. At this desk we are in charge of selling parking passes to students at the beginning of each term. We have a rule that if you register one car, you get a sticker, but with two or more, you can get a hangtag so that you can switch between cars. A super high-maintenance little snob walk in demanding a hangtag for her $80,000 car and how a sticker would ruin it:)

Student: “It’s not fair that I can’t choose what pass I get when I pay thousands to this d*** school and you take all my money.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, I have a little tip for you—”

Student: *cuts me off* “I don’t want your tip. I don’t have to deal with you two kids who are probably just sitting down at your computers probably watching p*rn! Yep! You’re a bunch of 18 year olds who are just sitting there doing nothing and being crap at customer service.”

(All over a sticker? That p*rn bit does it for me. I stand tall and look at her and say:)

Me: “Ma’am, I am 24 years old, I own my own property, work two jobs, own my own business AND I’m a single mom! You are at a college, we follow rules that are set, and we told you, that if you have TWO cars to register, then we can give you a hangtag. If not, you get a sticker. Before you interrupted me, I was going to give you some basic info about how to make it so that the sticker won’t ‘ruin your car’ like you believe it will. But, since you don’t want to hear, you can take it up with Parking Services, and they will tell you the exact same thing I am.”

(She looked at me, sputtered out, “I’m a mom too!” blushes and sped walked out the doors. Haven’t seen her since.)

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(This is at a zoo with a dinosaur exhibit on. They are robotic dinosaurs, so they can move their heads. As I’m waiting for my cousins to come out of the exhibit, I hear this exchange.)

Girl: “How’d you like it?”

Boy: “I thought there would be real dinosaurs; I was disappointed.”


Girl: “They’ve been extinct for, like, a million years!”

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(I work at a specialty chocolate shop located in an upscale mall. Since our town is also popular tourist destination, we mostly get either snooty, condescending customers or tourists who are just looking around. This happened late one night when my coworker and I had just locked the security gate after close. It’s important to note that we face a narrow hallway, so we can’t see anyone until they walk directly in front of our store.)

Me: *counting out the register* Huh. Not a lotta sales today. It was pretty slow, considering it’s Saturday. Sucks I didn’t make my sales goal, but I guess I’m just glad we didn’t have any of the usual difficult cust-

(Literally as the words leave my mouth, we hear loud footsteps running towards us. We both look up, expecting a security guard or valet to run past, since the mall is closed and virtually dead. Basically, we expected anything other than what happened next. A rather large woman THROWS herself at the gate, pounding on the glass and screaming.)

Woman: S***, you can’t be closed! Come on, open up! I want candy! Please give me candy!

Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am, but we just shut down the registers. It’s 9:15, we’ve actually been closed for a quarter of an hour now. Please come back tomorrow, we open at 10!

(The woman then PUNCHED the glass, startling my coworker and causing her to back away. The lady continued to yank at the gate, and tried to bust the lock open by hitting it with her purse, all while yelling “Let me in, I want candy!”. My coworker and I ran into the back room to hide, refusing to come out until she was gone. We both hear her continuing to pound and scream for another minute or two before finally giving up and leaving.)

Coworker: Hey, [my name]?

Me: Yeah?

Coworker: Next time you start to say something stupid like that, I’m going to hit you.

Me: …Good idea.

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(I’m a 21 year old female working as the Assistant Manager at a well known video game retail store, it’s in the middle of a particularly normal evening when I get a phone call)

Me: “Thank you for calling (Store Name), my name is (Name) How can I help you tonight?”

Guy: “Hey, uh…I don’t mean to seem rude…but uh, is there a MAN I can speak to..?”

Me: “I’m sorry…?”

Guy: “Yeah, is there a guy I can speak to, I mean…you probably don’t know about video games…you’re a girl..”

Me: “Uh, sir, I’m the manager at this location, I have almost every gaming system ever created, and I’ve been here for 5 years, I feel pretty confident I can help you.”

Guy: “Oh…uh…okay then, let’s see if you can ACTUALLY help me better than a guy- my (gaming system) won’t come back on after I unplugged it from going back on vacation.”

Me: “Did you plug it back in..?”

Guy: “Uh no…”

Me: “But if you’d like, you can speak to one of my MALE associates, pretty sure he’d tell you the same thing, but what do I know? I’m a girl”


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