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Back when I was in kindergarten I had difficulty pronouncing certain sounds and had to see a speech therapist whose office was located inside the same building. I was always lead to the lessons by a teacher or the therapist and once kindergarten finished I (nor my parents) weren’t told if I had to continue going to see one.

When I started 1st grade our class got moved from the school to a room in the same kindergarten we attended before due to space issues. I’ve never went to a speech therapist for that entire year and I assumed that it was the end of it.
Near the end of the school year, after school a woman came to our class with only my teacher and me still in it. I’ve never seen this woman before. She asked my teacher to sit with me alone at the next room and once the teacher left us alone the woman just glared at me before starting to shout.

Woman: Why didn’t you ever go to your speech therapy classes! You haven’t attended them for a whole year!
I just stared in shock and confusion. No one ever told me during the entire year that I had any class I was missing or I was supposed to attend.

The woman basically yelled at me for a few minutes more before leaving in a huff, leaving seven year old me almost crying. That was the first and last time I saw that woman and I never heard from her since.

When I recently told this story to my mother (twelve years after it happened) she asked me why I haven’t told her what happened as she herself never heard from anyone about this, though, to be honest, I was a complete doormat back then.

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(I came home from college the previous day with a bad cold. My eyes are swollen and I’ve been sneezing most of the night. This exchange happens the next morning)

Mum: “Aww (my name), you don’t look good. How are you feeling?”

Me: *sneezes violently*

Mum: “Can I get you anything?”

Me: *sneezes violently*

Mum: “I’ll just… Be downstairs then…”

Me: *sneezes violently*

Mum: “You’re welcome!”

(This conversation repeated itself several times that day.)

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Recently I went to 1,5 year of being unemployed, despite my beautiful Master grade on university level. Due to recession (and therefore, many people seeking a job), employers could simply make very narrow selections. In the end, I was almost always rejected due to lack of experience. At one point, I decided to change my strategy and apply for internships. Turned out most companies really needed students (especially under 26 years) for those, but during the time I got two interviews anyway. Looking back, it seems clear to me that in those two cases these were just small companies who couldn’t make profit and needed employees but couldn’t afford to pay them. In both cases, the job interview went like this:

Interviewer: “So, how do you think you’ll do you job here?”

Me: “…..”

I never understood the question in the first place. How should I know when I don’t know the company and the work flow? But even worse, it’s quite obvious that a graduate applying for an internship is looking for experience. So, how should an inexperienced person know how to do his job without any instructions except for a vague vacancy text? Same goes for applying students, I figure.

In my opinion, if someone applying for an internship knows how to do the job already, something’s wrong. Either he/she already has enough experience, making it very unlikely they would need an internship, or he/she is just a great talker, which could imply he/she is intelligent and creative, but on the other hand it could also mean that the person in case is immodest or perhaps even someone who talks himself/herself out of everything, suggesting unreliability. Since then, I wonder why the smooth talkers are preferred over the more modest people… At least I got a freelance job as a lecturer by now.

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(One of my friends recently went to a movie theatre. He and another friend are known in our group of friends for liking rap music.

Jokingly, I am about to ask him if he watched the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’, which is about rappers, when:)

Me: *Misspeaking* “So what did you watch, Straight Outta Condom?”

Friends: *Laughing*

Me: “Freudian slip!”

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(I am a cashier at a well-known second-hand store, and I have never seen these customers before. They approach my register with concerned expressions on their faces.)

Me: Hi, how are you tonight?

Customer 1 (with heavy accent): Miss, where’s that book?

Me: Umm, which book, ma’am?

Customer: The bichon book. I want a bichon dog.

Me: I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it.

Customer: So you don’t know where my book is?

Me: No, I don’t.

Customer 2 (shows me a book of BBQ recipes): Miss, would you buy this book?

Me: Umm, I don’t barbecue anything, but if I did, I guess it would be a good book…

Customer 2: you don’t barbecue, Miss?

Me: No, I don’t.

(All the while, I am wrapping their breakable in newspaper)

Customer 1 (moving an item aside): Miss, I don’t want this one.

Me (moving the same item): Okay, no problem.

Customer 1: Miss, I don’t want this one!

Me (getting frustrated but staying courteous): I know, that is why I moved it aside.

Customer 2: Miss, have you seen her book?

Me (a bit agitated): No, I haven’t.

Customer 1: sorry to bother you, Miss.

Me: You’re not bothering me; I just haven’t seen your book!

(A coworker who has been out on the floor walks by)

Me: Hey ****, have you seen their book?

Coworker: which book?

Me: The bichon book.

(He had not seen it, and they proceed to stay at my register for another 15 minutes, asking a half dozen more times if I have seen their book.)

(Finally, after they leave, I throw my hands up and sigh. My manager looks at me and says I look frazzled and should take a break.

On my way to the back for my break, I found their book on the floor. The next day, there is a photocopy of the book cover in the memo binder with a memo saying that the same customers called the next morning, looking for “the Bichon book.”

They still come in every so often, and are always a pain, asking the same question over and over.)