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(My grandma has gotten increasingly hard-of-hearing; on this occasion, she was trying to make lunch for me.)

Grandma: Would you like some cottage cheese?

Me: (I hate cottage cheese, except on cucumber sandwiches) No, unless you put it on a cucumber sandwich.

Grandma: You want a sandwich?

Me: I was just saying that I don’t like cottage cheese except on cucumber sandwiches, otherwise I don’t like it.

Grandma: So you want a cottage cheese sandwich?

Me: No, I don’t LIKE it. …Do we have cucumber?

Grandma: No…? What do you want for lunch?

Me: …howabout just a ham sandwich?

Grandma: We don’t have any ham.

Me: I just saw some this morning.

Grandma: Oh, okay… *she wanders off and a few minutes later calls me to come eat*

Me: *handing back the ENTIRE BOWL of cottage cheese she gave me* Thanks, I’ll just take the sandwich.

Grandma: Oh, you don’t like cottage cheese?

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(There is a corner store a short ways away from where I transfer between buses on my way home from work at midnight. They also sell hot dogs and a few other hot foods. Normally I don’t have time to go in, but tonight I am hungry and my first bus was early so I have a few minutes.)

Me: *at the register* “Hey, can I get one bacon wrapped hotdog and one regular one?”

Employee #1: “We’re out of regular dogs. We have the spicy ones still.”

Me: “Uh, no. I specifically checked because I figured you might be out so late. You’re not out.”

Employee #1: “No, we’re out.”

Me: “Fine, I’ll get a spicy one.”

(The cashier rings up a spicy hotdog and a bacon wrapped hotdog. I go back to the hot foods area to get it and sure enough, there’s still two regular hotdogs in the display case.)

Me: “Can I get a regular hotdog instead of the spicy one? I told her that I wanted a regular one but she said you were out.”

Employee #2: “Well she works hard, she probably didn’t know. And you still got what you wanted.”

Me: “Yeah, and I had to pay extra for the spicy dog that I didn’t want to begin with.”

(He hands me two hot dogs in their containers. I go to the condiment stand where I discovered that he’d given me a spicy dog anyway. Because of the employees arguing with me, I missed my bus by 30 seconds and had to wait for the next one which was 25 minutes later.)

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I’m a very shy girl and have always been so as you can probably guess i get bullied ALOT when i was in elementary school a group of popular girls would always use my shy submissive nature to be mean towards me

*I’m swinging all by myself*

Girl 1: “MOVE IT FREAK!”

Girl 2: “Yeah move it, nobody wants to see you around anyway why don’t you just go hide away with one of your dumb books!”

(These comments go on for a while and I’m almost to tears and frankly getting quite tired of it)

Me: “me I’m not going to move maybe if you’d asked instead of demanded i would have!”

(An on looking teacher walks over to see what the problem is)

Teacher *looking at me*:”what’s the problem?”

Girls 1&2 : “she’s bullying us and refuses to move after taking it!”

(This is when a boy i didn’t know interrupts)

Boy: “maybe she would if you weren’t such bitches!”

(The girls look shocked and turn towards teacher)

Teacher: “he makes a good point.”

I had no problem for the rest of the week.

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(I’m also a customer in this story. I;m currently shopping and pass a woman with his 8- or so year old son, I’m a 21 tear old woman.)

Boy: “Hello!”

Me: “Hi!”

Boy: “Do you have sons?”

Me: “…Uh, no…”

Boy: “Do you have grandsons?”

Me: “No…… I;m a little too young for that….”

Boy: “Oh. I wanted to ask if they like *some random thing*”

Me: “Well…. Maybe if I have some soon I’ll ask them…”

(The mother apologized, but I walked away rather quickly.)

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(Me and some other girls aged twelve to thirteen are waiting outside a classroom to get HPV inoculations. I’m a big Divergent fan, and in Divergent there are lots of different “serums” that when in injected induce hallucinations, relax you, make you tell the truth and etc. I’m standing by the wall waiting…)

Me:(muttering to myself) “I’m just going to pretend I’m in Divergent.”

(One of my friends is staring at me.)

Me: “I’m in Divergent, I’m in Divergent…”

My Friend: “Did you just say you’re not a virgin?!”

Me: “WHAT?! No!”

(We had a big laugh over that – my friend says hilarious things!)