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Brother: I’m kind of excited for school to start in a few days, but I’m also kind of scared

Me: And why is that?

Brother: I didn’t do my homework.

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(This took place when I was in the first week of high school, and no one really new each other. I am a huge tomboy, and I have short-ish hair, so I am often mistaken for a boy.)

Teacher: *In Japanese* “Boys stand on the left side of the room and girls stand on the right”

*I walk over to the right side of the room*

Girl #1: Um…I think you’re on the wrong side

Me: What do you mean?

Girl #2: He said GIRLS on this side, boys on that side

(By now the whole class is listening and I’m starting to get embarrassed)

Me: Uh, yeah I know. I’m a girl

Girl #1 and #2: WHAT?

(My friends are laughing hysterically on the other side of the room, and The Teacher is trying not to laugh. A few people look shocked, but most are just laughing)

Girl #1: Well….I feel stupid. I am so sorry!

Me: Nah, it’s fine. *laughing*

(Girl #1 and I actually became close friends after that, and we still laugh at it!)

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(Most of my managers are very good at what they do, but this one is a bit of an airhead.)

Customer: Can you tell me where I can find solar powered garden lights?

Manager: Do you want the indoor ones or the outdoor ones?

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(I work at a doggy daycare. We used to have a grooming business in the same building but no longer have a groomer. This change is farely recent so we do basic grooming like baths and nail trims. Any dog that requires trimming or shaving we have to reccomend to another groomer. This is the third phone call I’ve gotten regarding grooming in the last 15 minutes.)

Me: (company name) this is (my name) how may I help you?

Caller: Hi I’d like to make an appointment for my dog to be groomed.

Me: Okay, what kind of dog do you have?

Caller: (small frilly dog that would require a lot of trimming)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but we no longer have a groomer that can trim a dog like that. We can only do basic grooming like baths and nail trims.

Caller: But she’s been there before…

Me: ….but we no longer have a groomer…

Caller: …..so I can’t make an appointment?

Me: No ma’am. I’m sorry.

Caller: ….okay. (click)

(She called back twenty minutes later to harrass my coworkers about her dog.)

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(My mother-in-law and I are sitting in her livingroom, she is on the computer across the room while I am sitting on the couch. I am getting over two different bugs and am exhausted and a bit loopy as a result.

My husband has, like, a bajillion siblings spanning my father-in-law’s two marriages. With the exception of the oldest, the kids from the first marriage don’t really get along with my mother-in-law or her kids. It is common knowledge that they are fairly snooty and difficult to shop for. Regardless, my mother-in-law tries to keep up appearances and is sure to always get them gifts for birthdays and Christmas.)

ME: (reaching over and grabbing a catalog from across the couch and begin to peruse the pages) Ooh! Gift baskets! Nothing says “I really care” like a gift basket!

MIL: Well, I did get (youngest step-daughter) a gift basket for Christmas…

ME: Like I said: nothing says “I REALLY care” like a gift basket

MIL: (defeated) Yeah, but it’s so hard to tell what they like…