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So it’s my first day back to ______ after vacation. I get a call whist helping a customer in the aisle. The caller wanted me to answer a question….right there on the spot. I didn’t know the answer. He escalated the call making statements like “MY FAMILY’S SAFETY COULD BE AT RISK”. He told me his GCFI was beeping and he was freaking out. He wanted me to use my computer right now to look up what he should do. I told him I wasn’t familiar with the issue and didn’t have a computer RIGHT NOW. I asked him if he had internet access. He replied that he wanted the manufacturer’s phone number right now. I asked if I could call him back. He hung up on me, then called my manager to complain to him about me. Later I looked up his issue on google and found the answer within 30 seconds, but he was long gone. Turned out he just needed to press reset. I agree that HIS FAMILY’s SAFETY is TOTALLY at risk.

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We ask every customer for emails so we can send them our tabs and coupons. Most customers either just say no thanks or give their email.

Cashier email please?

Customer no I will not give you my email. It’s an invasion of privacy! I want to speak to your manager.

Manager I’m sorry you don’t have to give it if you don’t want to. I will tell the store manager your concerns.

Customer yes you do that and here is my name and phone number so she can call me.

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(At my private school, freshmen take AP US Government and Politics as part of the “regular” course plan. On this particular day, the deans and headmaster were visiting various teachers. We were in the middle of an exam.)

Dr.: *Walks around, starts singing in a crescendo* I’m triggered!

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(I have a very fluffy cat that is also overweight. He pretty much just eats and sleeps all day, and one of my friends is obsessed with him. A few days before Christmas said friend texts me.)
Friend:”Hey, I wanted to get your cat something for Christmas, any ideas?”

Me:”Well, he likes cheese, bit that’s about it.”

Friend:”What about a toy, he doesn’t like toys?”

Me:”Nope, he wants cheese.”

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This happened when I was about six years old and on a trip to the park with my Nan and Aunt. We has just stopped by the pond to throw some bread to the geese and ducks.

Aunt: *Pointing* Look at the ducks!

Me: *Sighing* They’re not DUCKS, they’re MALLARDS

To this day whenever we see a ‘duck’ she will say ‘look at the mallard!’