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All of the pet in the adoption rooms are spayed or neutered before going home and there is a note on their information card letting customers know if it is already done or if the animal needs to have it done before going home

Customer: What does this note here mean, I don’t get it.

Me: (looking at card) That means this cat is already spayed and ready to go home with you as soon as you finish the paperwork

Customer: No, I mean what does Spay-did mean?

Me: That means she is fixed so she can’t have any kittens

Customer: oh, does that mean like she don’t get her monthlys no more

Me: umm, sure…

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(I’m a cashier at store that has everything. This guest comes up to me and I prompt her like all stores now a days do to sign up for our card.)

Me: “Hello, do you have a [store card] with us?”
Guest: “No. What is that?”
Me: “It’s a card that saves you 5% on everything in the store every time, it’s a debit card-”

(The guest starts talking over me at this point.)

Guest: “I don’t need a credit card.”
Me: “Ma’am it’s a debit card, not a credit card. It comes out of your bank account as if using your debit card right there except 5% off.”
Guest: “I really don’t need one of those..I would get in so much trouble because I would go way over and not be able to pay.”
Me: “But it’s a debit card you can’t go over if you don’t have the money-”
Guest: “I would still get in so much trouble no thank you!”

(The guest and her friend turn to leave and the guest starts going on about how she doesn’t need a credit card. That she would max it out clearly not listening to a word I said to begin with.)

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(I worked as an expediter at a famous chain restaurant. Guests can request fries to be salt-free if they have an allergy.)

Server: Hey I need you guys to make this pound of fries no-salt. She says she has allergies.

Me: Can you find out what her allergy is?

(Server leaves then returns smirking)

Server: She says the doctor disgnosed her with SEASONAL allergies. So no seasoning on any of her food.

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(I work for a power company as a meter reader. My job involves going house to house and taking a reading from each electricity meter so the customer gets an accurate power bill. At one particular house, the customer is outside watering her flowers and gives me a wave as I walk around the side of her house where her meter is. Her gas meter is just below that, and I can smell a suspicious odour that seemed to be coming from the gas meter.)

Me: Excuse me, miss? I think I can smell gas coming from your gas meter. You might have a gas leak.

Customer: (smelling gas) Oh, I can smell it too. Yeah, what should I do?

Me: You need to call your gas company right away so they can send someone over to fix it.

Customer: Cool. I’ll get on it later.

(The customer goes back to watering her flowers. The smell of gas becomes so strong I start to feel sick. I also notice she has parked her car only metres from where the leak is. After finishing reading her electricity meter I get her attention again.)

Me: Hey, just letting you know, that gas leak seems to be pretty bad. You better call someone straight away.

Customer: Yep, I’ll get on it later.

Me: (concerned) Okay, but just so you know, your car is parked right next to it, so if you start it, it could ignite and possibly blow up your house. Get on it immediately!

Customer: Yes, yes, I know. I’ll get on it later! (Finishes watering garden) Geez, I need a smoke now…

(The customer pulls out a packet of cigarettes from her pocket. I’ve never run so fast in my life.)

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(My friend was telling me this story on the bus. It’s right before a major day at our school program where we have to do a lot of talking and he has strep throat. So while he’s buying a waterbottle, he’s trying to find his debit card)

Friend: I can’t find my card, what the fffff…

(He notices a mother and her three year old child as he starts the first syllable, and he tries to censor himself.)

Child: F*************k!

(The mother looks down in shock)

Mother: [Son]! You’re going to get your mouth washed out for this!

Friend: I am sorry ma’am, I won’t swear around children again.

Mother: It’s fine.. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

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