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I am a puzzeled and angry spectator customer in this story.

Was at the supermarket getting some items last night. The entire time I was there (About 10 min), you could hear this kid screaming “I want this, I want that, That is mine, Give that to me etc” He was about 5 or 6 years old, and most of the time his sightly older brother was hitting him and taking opened items off him and putting them up on shelves out of his reach. The little brat’s mother was ignoring him for the entire time. She was pregnant, pushing a pram and had a 3 or 4 year old in the trolley crying as well. Other than the total lack of care for the items her little brat was destroying in the store, I was amazed that the staff were doing nothing. It must be sad that they are so used to kids not being controled that they do not see it anymore.

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The costume shop which I managed had a policy of charging 1/4 the total price of all rented costumes returned late, for each day late. This is spelled out in bold, easy to read letters on the contract everyone signs. A woman comes in to return a skirt she had rented. I notice it’s a day late, and that her address on the contract indicates she’s from one of parts of the state known for being where the rich people live. We make small talk while I go over her pieces, and she seems friendly.

Me: Alright ma’am, if you’ll please sign right here for your return. It looks like your costume is being returned a day late, so I’m afraid I’ll have to charge you…. (I pause for dramatic affect) a whole $1.50.

Suddenly the customer went ice cold, and she began muttering under her breath. She angrily snapped her card at me to pay, then huffed down the stairs. Later that night I learned that she complained to my manager that I gave her horrible customer service. All because I charged her $1.50 late fee, as per the contract she signed. (My manager just laughed)

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Me: Thank you for calling (well known body and candle shop) this is (my name), can I help you?
Customer: yea, are your nutra bullets still on sale?
Me: excuse me?
Customer: are your nutra bullets still on sale?!
Me: ma’am this is (candle shop).
Customer: oh, well in that case can you put two Balsam candles on the side for me?
Me: *sigh* ok, what’s your name?
*I’ll just do your shopping for you.*

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(A customer was looking for a pair of waterproof boots, we have tons of boots, very few waterproof. I decided to show her a pair of sheepskin Ugg boots.)
Me: This Ugg boot is waterproof.
Customer: I don’t know how to feel about Ugg.
Me: Why is that?
Customer: You know, because of what they do to the seals.
Me: Well this pair right here is made from sheepskin.

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I had a couple argue with me for a good ten minutes today at work because the yellow highlighters were not yellow enough… Then after I got them to let go of the fact that most highlighters nowadays are no longer “yellow”, but “florescent yellow”, they then argued that two different yellow highlighters, of the same brand, would be two wildly different colors because the plastic pen bodies were slightly different shades of “yellow”. Even after guaranteeing and swearing on my mother’s life that they were exactly the same, I actually had to open both packs and show them that they were in fact, surprise surprise, the same color. This was all after they had started our interaction in a way, that outside of work, would have gotten anyone punched in the face and given a lesson on not being a bigoted asshat. They engaged me in the mini hell tornado by asking me where the “non-queer” highlighters were and when I asked for clarification, thinking I must have heard them wrong, they told me that they wanted just old fashioned yellow and not all those “fruity” colors. I almost told them to go the hell back to whatever Bible Belt state they came from and that they could buy there highlighters at the darn Staples there, but I managed to be painfully pleasant and walk them through the most painful $30 sale of my life. Next time someone asks about highlighters I’m faking my own death right there on the sales floor.

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