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(I’m picking up a prescription from a walk in clinic after visiting the doctor. I am currently on a waitlist for a family doctor but I needed my birth control renewed so I go to the walk in. I dislike this clinic as the doctor previously laughed at me and brushed me off about a very serious condition, but I’m left with little choice. There is 1 other person waiting for a prescription. After about 30 minutes they’re called to get theirs.)

Other Customer: I’m sorry but this isn’t correct.

Employee: I’m terribly sorry, I’m fairly new. Let me grab the boss to make these changed.

(About 15 minutes pass before a woman comes storming out of the back)

Boss: You KNOW I’m in a conference call (she makes the necessary changes). DON’T bother me again!

(The first customer leaves. By this point another customer is waiting as well. Another 30 minutes pass. At this point I make a point to stand where I know they can see me, in case they’ve forgotten about me. I’m beginning to get very anxious as I’m on my lunch break from work and need to get back soon. Finally they call me up.)

Employee: That’ll be $**.** (I have new work benefits and I know some benefits require you pay a dispensing fee and as the amount is small I don’t think anything of it and pay with my debit. They hand me the bag and I can instantly tell it’s not my birth control I check the slip and it’s another person’s medication.)

Me: Excuse me, this is the wrong medication.

Employee: That’s the only medication waiting. That’s yours.

Me: No, I’ve been waiting nearly an hour for ____ birth control. (By this point I’m irritated as my birth control comes in prepacked boxes and doesn’t require much effort on their part. Also, I’m concerned that they just handed out another persons medication to someone without double checking it.)

Employee: Oh. You’re right that’s (The other customer waiting). Just give it over to him.

Me: But you charged me for it. I didn’t realized I wasn’t paying for my own. I need that refunded.

Employee (deer in the headlights look): I’m not sure how to do that yet.

Me: I need to be back at work in 5 minutes, please get this cleared up. I’ve been waiting a long time for my prescription.

Employee: I’ll see what I can do. (He ducked into a back room and came out looking sheepish. However I had to wait ANOTHER 20 minutes for the boss to come out and perform the refund, with no apology from anyone. Then ANOTHER 20 minutes for his to “pack” up my prescription. Luckily I got a family doctor not long after but I couldn’t believe the incompetence.)

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[My family has this thing where the 4 middle boys have to give my step-dad a post-it note with their name on it after they brush their teeth and before they go to bed, otherwise they have to go to be early the next night. I am sitting on the new couch this night, and one of my little brother drops a plastic knife next to my step-dad.]

Step-dad: You didn’t give it to me, it doesn’t count.

Mom: Don’t be that way.

Me: Wait, why did he give him a knife?

[My mom and step-dad look at each other.]

Mom: Well, the post-its kept falling off because of the dampness.

Me: Seriously?

Mom: Yeah. Knives are cool!

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(Same beginners’ American Sign Language class as the “I’m not marrying you” incident. The teacher is Deaf, so naturally it’s an immersive course and we are encouraged to sign rather than speak as much as possible. This leads to some hilarious mistakes.

One student in the class has a traditionally feminine name, presents traditionally masculine, and has a body type that could be taken for either. I am a cisgender woman but pride myself on being an LGBTQ+ activist. Note: Knowing ASL grammar isn’t necessary to get the joke, so I’ll just be using English.)

Teacher: *demonstrating commands to the class* “All you men, stand up.”

Gender-ambiguous Student: *stands up along with the other men*

(During the break, I approach the student in question to confirm pronouns, etc.)

Me: *signs* “You identify as a man?”

Student: *signs* “Yes, I’m a man.”

Me: *gives him a thumbs up and a smile*

(After the break, the asking warm-up activity is asking each other yes-or-no questions and answering. I start worrying that someone’s going to misgender the student and thus I’m not really paying attention to what I’m signing.)

Another Student: *signs to me* “Are you a man?”

Me: *signs* “Yes, I’m a man.” *realizes mistake* “Wait. No. I’m a woman.”

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My older brother and I often pretend to kill each other in various ways. We’re both sitting on the couch next to (Sister), who is trying to get some work done on the computer. Our parents are on the other couch, watching us.

Me: “Poke.”

Brother: “Stab.”

Me: “Stabby stab!”

Brother: “I just wanna hold you under water until the bubbles stop.”

Mom: “Hey no!”

Brother: “What? It’d be like baptism. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”

Me: (muttered) “I’ll put a hole in Your ghost!”

Brother: “How? I’d be ectoplasm!”

Me: “I’ll kill you, then kill your ghost.”

Sister looks up from computer, having only caught this distressing line.

Sister: “WHAT?!”

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*our store doesn’t have plastic bags, but we offer reusable bags for two dollars*

Me: We’re trying to be a green store so we have reusable bags for two dollars.

Customer: No thanks.

Me: *gives total, processes payment, hands over receipt*

Customer: Do you have any bags for this? *holds up single item bought*

Me: ….