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(I am part of the marching band at our school and we are attending our annual football game against a rival school in our district. My friends and I all play trombone. The bleachers have spaces between the seats and the underside is only to be accessed when there is a custodian around. We are horsing around.)

Me: Imagine if someone’s slide fell down there? They would be f*****!

Friend #1: Tch. Only d******** would think to leave their slide unlocked and let it fall!

Friend #2: Hey, [Friend #1’s name] your slide is unlocked…

Friend #1: *slide falls off into the bleacher underside* Well f***.

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The power of silent prayers…

I am a male tech working with a female tech as well as a female admin officer. The problem didn’t came with computers. They were arguing one day and decided to ask me who is right. I remained quiet. The discussion between them continued without them realising I haven’t picked a side. But on numerous times I am asked to pick a side (from the one then the other), the whole time silently praying for a miracle (If I pick a side, I might have trouble from the other. If I speak my mind, both turns against me – same if I say both is correct). And then my other colleague walked in (a male tech) and the conversation moves out of the room.

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(My older brother often teases me for acting “gay”. He is also a pickup artist, something my family disagree with and are currently talking about.)

Brother: Pickup artistry is the only way to get attractive women, though.

Me: Maybe for short relationships, but for longer relationships you won’t get an emotional bond that way.

Father: You should get to know the person first. Attraction to them can develop in time if you start off platonically.

Me: Women you meet at random won’t be as deep.


Me: Metaphorically, not literally.


-A few hours later-

Mother, to me: You shouldn’t slouch, it will give you a bad back.

Father: You’ll become a bent old man.


Father: Literally, not metaphorically.

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My college is a small, there is one dinning room where most people eat. There are small tables by the sides that sit two people and larger in the middle that sit about 10 people. Most people eat lunch in groups while the small tables tend to be used by people who like to eat alone. I actually like eating alone since I get to sit by the window, listen to music, and am somewhat insecure about what I eat.

During the October of my sophomore year. This girl suddenly comes up and asks if she could eat with me. I say yes so as not to be rude, I am thinking its some freshmen who thinks I am also a freshmen and didnt realize I had my headphones in. She is very animated but I find our conversation awkward. I finally ask why she decided to sit with me. To which she responds, ” Oh I try to sit with all the lonely freshmen.” There was slight pause than before I responded, “I’m not a freshmen and I like eating alone.” Luckily I had finished my food and could excuse myself.

I understand her mistaking me for a freshman, happens all the time since I’m short, but it still bothers me that I am so sad kid with no friends just because I actually like eating alone.

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(At some point early in my sophomore year, I heard a phrase and had no idea what it was. None of my friends that I asked did either, so I put it out of my mind. Fast forward to my junior year, I’m sitting with my friends at lunch and somehow that phrase comes up again.)

Me: I still don’t know what the hell that even means.

Friend: You don’t?

Me: Nope. What is it?

Friend: One of the English teachers quit last year and that’s her p*rnstar name.

(No idea if that’s true or not, but we changed topics real quick and never brought it up again.)