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(I’m a female that likes to wear boxers instead of panties. (they’re much more comfy).)

Dad: Don’t look; I’m changing and you’ll see my boxers.

Me: *scoff laughs as I pick up my drink* Okay.

Dad: They look exactly like yours. . . Only sexier.

(When I left his room to let him change I saw that he was wearing gray boxers. . . The same color as the ones I had on)

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(my friend and I are shopping for a shirt to finish her Cosplay – to note, we are both in our early 20s – The only ones that will work are in the children’s section, which we deem will be ok as my friend is tiny. We pick up an age 12 which she goes to try on, hoping it’ll fit. I am waiting outside)

Me: Do you have it on?

Her: ….yes

Me: Does it fit?

Her: *sounding disappointed* no

Me: Oh… Er, maybe they do more sizes online? They might do an age 13 or-

Her: *sounding sad* its too big.

Me: Oh. *there is a long pause* do you want me to get the age 11?

Her: *sounding sulky* NO. We’re getting the 12!

(I had to stop myself laughing).

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To get to the bus stop nearest my house, it is often enough to just say the area I am going to, as it is quite a small area. However, some drivers get confused when you do this, so I don’t mind being more specific sometimes. That said, I have had the following conversation with more drivers than I dare count.

Me: *Area* please

Driver: Whereabouts?

Me: *Street name* Close on *Street name* Lane please

Driver: *Street name* Close…….is that on *Street name* Lane?

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Shopping in jeans and hoodie with my long white hair, just after my 53rd birthday, a woman in her early 20s, pretty, well dressed comes up behind me.

She: I love your hair!

Me: Oh, um, thank you so much.

She: I wish mine was that color!

Me: It just turned out like that.

She smiles and leaves me smiling and grateful. I don’t take compliments well, but her genuine enthusiasm bowled me over.

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(I’m in one of my biology labs. This particular lab period was spent identifying fish we’d caught from some local streams, and by the end of it, my lab partner and I have scientific names coming out of our ears. As we’re cleaning up, he picks up the trash can and asks me…)

Lab Partner: “Hey, what’s the scientific name for a trash can?”

Me: “Uh, Trashicus canicus?”

(He nearly fell on the floor laughing.)