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(I am bagging the groceries while my mom pays. I see a man having a hard time opening a bag. I take a bag off and hand it to him.)

Man: “Thank you.”

Me: “I sometimes have trouble opening bags too.”

(I bag some more stuff and see the man having trouble opening another bag. I take off a few more bags and hand it to the man.)

Man: “I think I got a bad batch of bags.”

Me: “Maybe.”

(I hand him another bag and finish bagging. My mom and I left the store.)

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(We are required to ask all customers if they are members of our museum to make sure they receive their discount in the Shops.)

Me: Are you a member?

Customer: Ugh! No! I’m from Manhattan!

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(My girlfriend and I live in subsidized housing for people with disabilities. Most of us live with mental health concerns, though one man on the ground floor has a muscle condition. He is able to walk a few steps if he can brace himself, but mostly gets around in a wheelchair or scooter. We recently visited him for a pizza night, and the next day my girlfriend visited a different neighbour for coffee. She returns shaking her head.)

GF: “That [neighbour #2]…”

Me: “Oh?”

GF: “So, I was telling her how we were at [neighbour #1]’s place, and she said ‘Oh, my mom told me to never talk to those people because they’re crippled’!”

Me: *eyebrows shoot up* “WHAT?”

GF: “Yeah, I told her that, ‘y’know, she really shouldn’t call them that’, and she said ‘But they’re crippled! Crippled!’ She said it like three times!”

Me: “Woah.”

GF: “Yeah. So I told her, ‘you know, [neighbour #2], you’re disabled too,’ and she just goes ‘But it’s different, they’re just crippled!”

Me: “Yeah? Well, she’s just batsh** insane!”

(We had to laugh at her mentality. Talk about living in a glass house…)

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It’s 1996, it’s my birthday and my brother is playing on his Super Nintendo. Our cousins (6 and 4) want to play too. My brother finally decides our oldest cousin can play Street Fighter against him, while I take the youngest downstairs. Fast forward half an hour…

Oldest Cousin: Mommy, mommy, I killed [brother]. I killed him dead!


Youngest Cousin: Where is he? I want to see him!

She wouldn’t believe he wasn’t actually dead until she saw him alive and well…

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(I have had a string of bad luck over the last year, Fell in March 2015 and managed to rip apart my shoulder. (torn off bicep heads and rotator cuff) got that fixed in october then last week found out i somehow dislocated a bone in my foot and had to have surgery on it the next day. With my shoulder the dr was up front about telling me it would take 6 – 8 weeks to heal not so on my foot)

Me (gowned up and ready and waiting for surgery when the Doctor comes to see me) : How long will it be for this to heal?

Doctor: Since you are a smoker and have diabetes…(ponders for a moment) A long long time

Me ( glaring at him and shaking my head as he walks away to one of the nurses) : He’s an a**

Nurse: Yep!