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(I’m at my older friends house chatting about random things when the subject of babies comes up. My friends son is 28 living interstate & her daughter is 9 at the time. She turns to her daughter)

Friend: “Baby, when you’re old enough you gotta find a nice man & give me grand kids because it doesn’t look like your brother is going to”

(Her daughter thinks about this then looks at her mum)

FD: “But mum I can have kids if i have a girlfriend too”

Friend: “What? Well hell yeah you can, just give me grand kids damn it”

FD: “I promise i will mum”

(I couldn’t help but laugh. She is a super smart kid & has surprised everyone at times with her views on things)

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(We are in a psychology lesson and out teacher is a bit later than normal. My friends believe in the myth that you can leave if the teacher is fifteen minutes late.)

Girl 1: (Looks at clock) “Nine minutes until, we can leave.”

(At this moment the teacher walks in.)

Girls 1 & 2: “Nooooo…”

(Out teacher looks at them for a moment and then silently walks back out. He walks back in and about three people cheer quietly and sarcastically.)

Teacher: “Better.”

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I work on the sales line for a small-scale puzzle company. I’m pretty lucky that we rarely get complaints. When we do, it’s usually either for missing pieces or the wrong puzzle inside the box. Not on this occasion though…

Me: Hello [brand name] jigsaw puzzles, how can I help?

Customer: The puzzle you sent me is a dud! I want a replacement!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Could you let me know what the fault is?

Customer: It’s just cut all wrong. I took out all the green bits and they didn’t all fit together.

Me: Well, you’d really need to actually do the puzzle to decide if it’s faulty. There might be green in a couple of different areas.

Customer: I can’t do the puzzle, it’s a dud.

Me: Okay, just to let you know, our puzzles are cut on a press, so it would be virtually impossible to create a puzzle where the pieces didn’t lock together. Maybe if you persevered…

Customer: look, it’s a dud okay. I’m telling you it’s a dud.

Me: Um… okay well if you bring it back to us, we’ll look into the fault and arrange a replacement.

Customer: Can’t you just do it now on the computer?

Me: I’m afraid we do need to investigate the fault first. Especially in this case, the puzzle may not actually be faulty so you’d have the same trouble with the replacement.

Customer: I’m not giving you this puzzle back! You’ll just give me the same one again. You’re trying to swindle me!

Me: I can assure you, we won’t. We just want to look at the issue. If you can’t bring it in personally you can use our freepost address to send it back.

Customer: you’re trying to swindle me! I want a refund!

Me: Okay, but we’d still need the puzzle returned to us before we could issue a refund.

Customer: Can’t you just do it now, on the computer?

Me: Not without the puzzle, I can’t.

Customer: You’re trying to swindle me!

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(This happens during my first month working at the theater. I was being trained on selling tickets by a much older coworker. Although he looked kinda grumpy, he proved to be a good teacher for me and even told some good jokes to entertain customers. Everything went fine for awhile.)

(Then a hispanic family came up. They couldn’t speak english very well, but were determined to try. Because I’m fluent in Spanish, I was able to understand them and prompt them as needed. Everything went well, until one of the boys left his 3-D glasses on the counter.)

Me: *Calling out in Spanish* Hey! You forgot your glasses!

(The boy runs up, smiling and giggling and grabs them, thanking me in Spanish. His parents smile and call out more gratitude in Spanish. The whole family then heads for the theater. I wave as they go.)

Me: *Calling out in Spanish* Have a good day! Enjoy your movie!

Coworker: *Grumbling next to me* They should speak their own language at home. Out here, we speak English.

Me: *Turning, utterly shocked, but trying to stay positive* Well, I speak fluent Spanish, so I don’t mind helping–

Coworker: *Rolling his eyes and extremely sarcastically* Well so do I, but out here, we speak ENGLISH.

Me: Are you being serious-

(More customers come up and the conversation stops. After work I report him to two managers, but, as far as I can tell, nothing was done about it. I still work at the theater, as does he. He is always friendly and makes conversation with me when he sees me. I’m nice back, but with a first impression like I had, its hard to think of him as a good guy.)

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(BACKGROUND: Double hamburger is $1.00, double cheeseburger is closer to $2.00)

CUSTOMER: Yeah, I’d like a double cheeseburger

ME: (rings it up) Anything else today?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, I’d like the cheeseburger to be without cheese.

ME: (switches it to double hamburger, almost half the price.) Anything else?

CUSTOMER: No, I don’t want the double hamburger, I want the double cheese.

ME: (switches it back)

CUSTOMER: but without cheese

ME: Sir, the double cheeseburger is more expensive than the double hamburger, so if you don’t want cheese, it is cheaper to get the double hamburger.

CUSTOMER: I want the double cheeseburger

ME: Without cheese?


ME: okay…


MANAGER: Why didn’t you ring that guy up double hamburger. It’s cheaper.

ME: That’s what he wanted.