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(I am six years old, and I have no concept of racism yet (I’m white), and I easily forget parts of things I’m told. I’m outside playing and looking mischeviously at a puddle with some moss in it when my mother sees me.)

Mom: Don’t touch that puddle!

Me: Aw… why?

Mom: There could be chiggers in the moss.

Me: What are those?

Mom: Little… things you can’t see, but they make you itchy.

Me: Oh, okay.

(Later, my best friend and her sister come over – they’re half African-American, half Hispanic, and being around the same age as me, they head straight for the puddle.)

Me: No! Wait! You can’t!

Best friend: Why not?

Me: *trying to remember* Uh… my mom said there were invisible itchy things in there called n******.

Best friend: Oh really? But if we can’t see them they could be here now!

Me: Let’s run!

(We run around screaming, which naturally attracts my mother’s attention.)

Mom: What are you all screaming about?

Me: Can’t talk now mom! I’m running away from the n******!

(My mother had a talk with me shortly thereafter. )

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(Before school starts everyone stands in the cafeteria until we are allowed to leave. I am standing next to my friend when I get lightly bumped into a nearby chair. Thinking nothing of it I ignore it.)

Random Girl: “Um excuse me? It’s very rude to shove people.”

Me: “Well my friend bumped into me and I didn’t I just barely bumped your chair.”

Random Girl: “Well that’s no f****** excuse. YOU should have been paying attention.”

Me: “There is no need to talk like that.”

Random Girl: “What the f*** did you just say to me?”
(Before I can respond one of my friends who just got there steps in and starts yelling at the girl)

Friend#1 “Hey shut the f*** up.”

Random Girl: “You think you can f****** talk to me that way? I’m a sophomore and my goals are way higher than yours. How old are you anyway b*****?”

(It continued in this fashion for five minutes until we left. None of my friends told any teachers. When 4th period comes it turns out that the random girl not only told the teacher after calling Friend #1 a coward but also lied and said I shoved her and we both cussed at her for no reason. The teacher talked to Friend #1 about staying out of those girls drama, and no one got in trouble.)

Friend #1 “[ teacher ] didn’t even let me tell my side of the story and acted like I didn’t know what I was doing.

Me : ” I know right?!? That girl sure got mad over a chair.”

(Us and the rest of our friends now refer to her as “Upset Chair Chick”)

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Customer: “My son loved his first music lesson. He’s been talking about it all week”

Me: Great! Shall we get you signed up and booked for the term?

Customer: “No. I don’t want to do that”

Me: “Is there something I can help you with?”

Customer: “I want to sign up but I want to pay as I go”

Me: “I’m very sorry but unfortunately we cannot hold a spot without some sort or commitment. Some of our teachers, including myself, have to travel quite a distance to be here for a lesson. You could do monthly payments?

That way you are only paying a little bit at a time.

Customer: *yelling and screaming* “This is ridiculous. My husband has two Junos!”

Me:…….? I’m sorry but that doesn’t change anything here. I can’t save a spot for you when we have other clients who might want that spot and are willing to commit.

Customer: *yelling, hands on hips, etc)* “well this is ridiculous. I want to pay my way. If you won’t do it your being unreasonable. I know everyone in (small town). I will make sure to tell everyone so no one comes here….. My husband has two Junos. He knows everything about music! You should listen to me”

Me: “Have a nice day”

Customer storms out.

(We haven’t seen her since and the business is doing great!)

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[I text a friend one morning:]

Me: “Good Morning!”

Friend: “I’ll take “Lies we tell ourselves” for 400, Alex.”

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[My roommate has requested that I call our ISP while they’re at work to get our address changed. This is something we’ve done before with no problem, even though the internet is in my roommate’s name.]

Representative: Thank you for calling [Company], what can I help you with?

Me: Hi, I’d like to change our address.

Rep: Hi, how are you today?

Me: I’m fine, how are you?

(Instead of answering, she just scoffs and moves on to the next question.)

Rep: Can I have the number, I mean the name, that is the number, on the account?

Me: I have the name. It’s [Roommate’s name]

Rep: Okay, but I need the name.

Me: It’s [Roommate’s name]

Rep: Spell it.

Me: [spells it]

Rep: I need the three- digit PIN number on the back of your bill.

[They’ve never requested this from us before, so I check the bill. There’s no PIN anywhere on it.]

Me: I don’t have the PIN.

Rep: I need that to validate your account. It’s on the back of your bill.

Me: Where on the bill? I don’t see it.

Rep: I can’t give you that information unless you verify your three-digit PIN number on the back of the bill.

Me: We didn’t get a PIN on our bill.

Rep: [shouting] It’s on the bill! [hangs up]

[We were unable to find a number. I had my roommate call in when they got off work to cancel our service.]