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(I work in the bakery of a large retail store. Most retailers have their cookie cakes in the cold cake case, but we have ours about 15 feet from our cake case on a shelf where you can’t see them if you are headed just for the cake case. I get this question a lot…)

Customer: Excuse me, where are your cookie cakes?

Me: (smiling) Right behind you sir.

Customer: (sheepishly) I knew that…

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My mom, aunt, and I are with my five year old daughter at a well known fast food restaurant that also sells the toys that come with the kid’s meals separately if you ask to purchase one. We see the new toys are from a tv show my daughter likes so I ask the cashier such ones they have, intending to buy all of the different kinds (sometimes they have just one of the series and sometimes they have more and I usually buy as many different ones as I can). The cashier finds two different toys and shows them to me.

Me: okay…so I want both toys. So we want to get a kid’s meal with four piece nuggets, and ranch dressing (note tab this restaurant gives you cups to fill yourself so no need to order the drink separately since the kid’s meal comes with the kid’s size drink). Then I want buy the other toy. We also want two large drinks, two six piece nuggets, and a fish sandwich.

The cashier starts to ring everything up.

Cashier: apples or yogurt for the kid’s meal?

Me: apples. And I also want to get that second toy.

Cashier: so that was the kid’s meal, a six piece nugget…

Me: it was TWO six piece nuggets and the four piece kid’s meal.

He adds another nugget to the order. He keeps ringing things up and I see him UPSIZE a drink to a large and then ring up a large. In other words, he was upsizing my daughter’s drink and giving me ONE large…he was basically giving me two larges with NO kid’s size instead of the three total drinks I asked for. He also confused my two six piece nugget order as one nugget order and one kid’s meal nugget.

Me: no… Don’t upsize the kid’s meal drink. I need TWO large drinks in addition to the sink that comes with the kid’s meal.

He finally gets the food order right and I remind him about the extra toy again. I pay. He gives me the kid’s drink and THREE large cups. I hand him back a large, but he does t take it until I remind him I only orders two large drinks. When the order comes, there is no extra toy on the tray. I tell the woman who handed the tray to me and she tells me I didn’t pay for an extra toy. Sure enough, the receipt doesn’t have the toy on there. I didn’t notice because a toy was listed but it was under the kid’s meal…I just glanced at it and saw a toy listed so I didn’t realize he hadn’t added it. They just had me pay for another one with the closest cashier. Turns out it was the first cashier’s first day. I get that, but some of those mistakes didn’t seem like first day issues (upsizing a kid’s drink when someone specifically ordered two additional drinks? Thinking one of the nugget orders was the kid’s meal order even though it was a four piece and the additional nuggets were six piece…?).

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(I’m eight and watching a movie and eating dinner with my mom, and there’s a scene with a guy eating and licking his fingers. My mom scoffs.)

Mom: “Did you see that gross, poor manners! If I ever see you lick your fingers while eating, I’ll tan your hide.”

Me: “Mom, you lick your fingers all the time while eating.”

Mom: *very seriously* “No I don’t, yuck. If I did, my parents would tan my hide!” *licks fingers*

Me: “Obviously that didn’t help…”

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(My mom currently teaches 5th grade math and science. I am in grad school but sometimes come in to help her. On this particular day, a school-provided math tutor comes in during a fraction lesson.)

Mom: On Friday, Martin and his friends had pizza. On Saturday, Martin notices there is 1 and 1/8 pizzas left. He eats 3/4 of the pizza. How much is left? *to the class* How do you solve the problem?

(No one answers.)

Mom: Miss [My Name], how would you solve the problem?

(I freeze up slightly since it’s been a while since I’ve done fractions, math isn’t my strong suit anyway and I don’t really understand the problem. I decide to stall.)

Me: Well, first I’d figure out what 1/4 of the amount is and then multiply that by 3.

Mom: That’s good but I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for. *to the tutor* What do you say, Mr. [Last Name]?

Tutor: I’d say exactly what Miss [My Name] said…unless it’s subtraction?

(My mom agrees to just move on with the lesson, especially since it was almost time for lunch. On the way there, she tells both me and the tutor it was meant to be subtraction and that problems like it will probably be on the kids’ finals.)

Tutor: Don’t bother with it. Let them guess and teach problems they can actually understand.

(He walked off then but that’s not the end of it. That evening, as my mom and I are preparing to leave, I mention the event and she laughs.)

Mom: You and Mr. [Last Name] looked like your heads were about to explode!

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(In our company, all employees are allowed to pick up the phone when it rings. In practice, everyone leaves it up to me, as I’m usually the only woman on the floor. Callers from India usually call for outsourcing jobs, which we don’t do, and they usually ask for our employer, who’s – again – usually out for business meetings).

Me: Good morning, [Company], this is [My name].

Caller: Hellooo, this is [Indian sounding name], can I speak to the one in charge please?
(Note that the caller has a thick Indian accent and sounds like she is screaming)

Me: First, could you tell me your company name?

Caller: I am calling for your employer! Can I speak to him please?

Me: Sorry, you still haven’t told me your company name yet.

Caller: It’s *total gibberish* . We’d like to ask you for outsourcing software development.

Me: Yeah, I see. Can he call you back? What’s your number?

Caller mentions an extremely long number to me, which I jot down only half.

Me: Okay! Well if our employer is interested he’ll call you back!

Caller: …Ok.

* After I hung up, I checked the numbers and found out there was no way of making a phone number out of them. Needless to say we never called back!