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(Context: Friend 1 is organising a party through Facebook messages. As the group of 5 people message each other, Friend 1 says the party will be on Friday 19th of March. Friend 2 says she’ll be arriving back in the state that day and is excited to go. A week or two later Friend 1 amends the date to a Friday 18th March because when she originally said the date she was looking at the wrong month. We move on and choose a hotel and everyone agrees and pays the host $75 to go. When the party comes around Friend 1 sends Friend 2 a text asking her where she’ll be, and she was still in another state. Friend 1 says that she can’t pay back the money and Friend 2 gets offended at this, and then Friend 1 offers to pay half since she though they were both at fault. Friend 2 wants her full money back and suggests everyone attends to pay her back. Nothing happens for a while until…)
(Over Facebook messenger, with friends 1,2 and 3)

Friend 2: hey guys I just lost my job so I need to to pay me back

Friend 1: Okay

Friend 3: Okay. Do you want me to transfer it to your account?

Friend 2: No I don’t know how to do that

Friend 3: Okay I’ll drop it off at your house

Friend 1: I can’t really get to your house

Friend 2: Okay (Friend 3), (Friend 1) my mother can come pick it up on (date) if that’s okay.

(Friend 2 adds Me and Friend 4 to the conversation)

Me: Sorry man I don’t have any money at the moment

(Friend 2 messages me privately)

Friend 2: I’m not asking for charity because I don’t have a job, I’m asking for money that is owed to me.

Me: I’m sorry I have no money? Like I’m in exactly the same boat. Plus it’s not even my fault

Friend 2: It may be $15 for you, but it’s $75 altogether for me.

Me: I still don’t have any money

Friend 2: I’m not blaming you at all. To be honest, it was (friend 2’s) birthday, (Friend 2) should have been the one to pay for everyone to attend and stay in the hotel. It’s just unfair for her to not give me all the money back because she made the mistake of putting down the wrong date

Me: Well then if you’re not blaming me then don’t ask me for money. I went to her birthday it’s not up to me to pay other people because there was a mistake. I have no money. I can’t pay you and to be honest, even if I did I probably wouldn’t

Friend 2: wow don’t worry about it

(The next day, her mother sends a group message to Friend 1, 3 and me. Her mother had gone to Friend 1’s house to collect the money and her brother has answered, before he could say anything the mother got angry and left. The message basically says not to worry about it but it was very poor of Friend 1 not to pay Friend 2 back and ruin her holiday ect. I reply, not realising this is a group message.)

Me: Uhm… This is (my name)

Friend 2’s Mother: Yes (my name)… the message was to (friend 1)…but wanted all involved to see…that’s all

Me: whatever I don’t care

(Sue me I thought the whole thing was stupid)

Her mother:No need to be rude little girl….you’re taking to an adult here…not very intelligent are you

Me: it doesn’t really involve me though

Her mother: Wow…not very smart are you…you were on that party weren’t you? Don’t message me anymore

Me: I was at the party. It’s not my fault another guest and the host had a miscommunication. This doesn’t involve me. Plus your daughter is the only one who got the date wrong, so maybe I’m smarter than her

Her mother: OMG….this was only FYI..and obviously you don’t have your facts right…the date was wrong but the day was right. Anyway why am I trying to explain….the message was fyi only…so don’t worry about it…go away now…thank you

(Classy. )

(For reference Friend 1,3, 4 and I are 18 and Friend 2 is 20.)

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I was a first-year teacher, and also a first-time father with a son entering his “terrible twos”. Between lesson planning, grading assignments, a new house, and helping deal with our son, I wasn’t getting much sleep, and wasn’t always getting all my work done. One Monday morning, I told the class that I hadn’t yet graded the tests I’d given them the previous Friday; I just didn’t have time.

One student started going off on me, saying that the students are always expected to get everything done, on time, but if a teacher doesn’t do what they’re supposed to do, it’s okay. And he didn’t stop. He kept going on and on about responsibility and obligations, and even though I knew he was right, he was being obnoxious about it and I just didn’t have it in me to deal with it at that point, so I lost it. I told him that we all have times when things aren’t going well, and if you don’t know what someone else is going through, then you should just SHUT THE F*** UP! I was shouting quite loudly by the end, then it was totally silent.

I stepped outside (my classroom was a portable in the parking lot) and stood for a while, enjoying the lightly falling snow, and contemplating my impending change of career. Or at the very least, the stern reprimand I would get following the inevitable phone calls to the program director.

After a few minutes, I stepped back inside and apologized to the class for my outburst and use of inappropriate language, and also to the student for yelling at him. He in turn apologized for going off on me. Then we proceeded with the lesson.

The phone calls never came. In fact, some other students told me later that he’s always been like that, and they’ve been waiting years for some teacher to put him in his place, and I was that teacher. As far as they were concerned, I was some kind of hero. Obviously I wasn’t, but it was strange to think that I gained some respect from my students by doing something completely wrong, inappropriate, and unprofessional.

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A pharmacy tech at the store where I work has to leave work early because she has gone into labor. She was scheduled to close up the pharmacy at the end of the evening. The coworker that is left there has never closed the pharmacy before, so she tries to explain what to do as best she could before she goes to the hospital. It is now time to close the pharmacy, but Her water hadn’t broken yet.

Coworker, to nurse: It’s time to close the pharmacy. Can I just leave and go do that? I’ll be right back, I promise.

Of course, the nurse said no.

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I’m shopping in the very early hours, the store is basically empty. There is only myself and a woman on the isle.

She is over 6 foot tall, clearly very well built and very broad, she towers over me. But very smartly dressed in very feminine summer colours..

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: (In a deep voice) Look I don’t want any hassle ok! I just want to get on with my shopping without being harassed.

Me: Oh, yeah I get that, but could you pass the crisps please?

Woman: (freezes for a moment) Oh yes of course, sorry. I just assumed. You know…

Me: Sorry no I don’t, anyway thank you miss.

(She didn’t say another word but beamed a smile, hopefully she can have a few more shopping trips like that in future.)

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I manage a large garden centre. We sell a lot of very heavy products; bags of compost, barbecues etc.

Late one afternoon, I was hefting a big box up the flight of stairs which lead to my office. I was about half the way up when I feel a tug on the back of my shirt.

With great difficulty, I propped the box down on a step and turn to see a little girl holding a dog toy. Note that there is a large sign at the bottom of the stairs which says “Staff only”.

She asks if I can tell her how much it is. I explained that (This is verbatim)

“I’m a little busy with this box right now but if you go through that door and turn right, you’ll see [Employee on till] in a purple shirt like mine and she’ll be glad to tell her how much it is”.

She says ok and walks back down the stairs while I hoist the box back up so I can get it up into my office.

Not 10 minutes pass until I hear great clomping footsteps on the steel steps and a violent rap on my door. As I open the door, I realise that it’s the girl’s mother. I’m not a short guy at 6’1″ but this lady towered over me. She must have been 6’5″ or 6’6″. What followed was the most ferocious verbal assault I’ve ever experienced. The general gist was that I shouldn’t be so rude and dismissive to her beautiful daughter and that if I~ ever speak to her like that again, she’ll be breaking my legs with a crowbar.

To this day, I struggle to imagine what the daughter must have said to her mother to cause such an outburst.