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(It is reading class and I am telling a classmate about how I had a crayfish awhile ago and how it scene died)

Me: I remember how in third grade, I got a crayfish and then it died. I was so devastated.

(Another classmate has a vaguely similar name to the word, “devastated” and the classmate mistakes the word for the other classmate)

Classmate: (Classmate 2’s name) ate your crayfish?!

Me: NO! Devastated!

Classmate: OH!

Me: Hey, (Classmate 2’s name), I did not know you ate my crayfish!

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I’m visiting my best friends church on a Sunday evening.

Leader: Please turn in your hymnal to (page). Bringing In The Sheaves.

Congregation: *starts the first verse and continues to the chorus* Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves…

Friend: *leans over and whispers* I always thought it said bringing in the SHEEP.

Me: *unsuccessful attempt at holding in giggles*

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A mother walks in with her 8-10 year-old son whom is wearing a superhero-like mask over his eyes. The mother asks for some pizza and is looking at the pastries while her son stares at the cookies.

Mother: (to son) Which do you want to bring?

Son: (jabbing finger into cookie display case) That one, that one, that one, that.

Mother: Which?

Son: (jabbing harder and bellowing at his mother now) THAT ONE, THAT ONE, THAT ONE, AND THAT ONE!

Mother: (fed up) Ok, I’m not getting you anything.

Son: (freaking out and still jabbing the glass with his finger) NO! I WANT THAT ONE, THAT, THAT, AND THAT!

Mother: Which ones?

Son: (just as loud and rude) THAT ONE, THAT ONE, THAT ONE, AND THAT ONE!

As the mother is repeatedly asking her son which cookies he wants, I have been watching him through the glass behind the display case and already have his cookies. My eyes are completely bugging out of my head. This is by far one of the rudest children I’ve seen in a while. I meet the mother at the counter and her son has gone to the door where there are chimes to let us know when people come into the store. He is messing with the and making a lot of noise.

Me: (to her son) Honey –

Mother: Yeah, YOU tell him.

Me: Please, don’t do that.

Son: Why?

Me: Because it’s loud and annoying.

Son: Oh. (He stops and goes over to a baguette in a basket) Hey, mom look! (And he grabs the exposed part of the baguette)

Me: Ok, I can’t sell that now because he touched it.

(The mother and son are starting to leave.)

Me: Ma’am, I can’t sell this because he touched it.

Mother: (to son) You touched it! Now I have to buy it!

Son: So if we touch stuff that means we get it for free?

Mom: NO!

Me: I can’t sell it to anybody else because you touched it.

Son: Oh.

Mother: You’d better eat this since I had to buy it!

(If I had done ANY of that when I was his age, my Nanna would never have taken me anywhere again. I would have been RUSHED out of the store and called by my middle name until I felt the fear of God. Parents aren’t willing to correct their own children, but of course they’ll let a total stranger do it!)

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I work in a large retail chain in the electronics department. All the new release movies (DVD and Blu-Ray) are stocked on the front endcaps in the middle of the entertainment section, so that they’re blatantly visible upon entering the department. While older movies are scattered around by genre or price and can be tough to find, the new releases are literally right in front of the department and clearly marked on the shelf as such

I’m at the kiosk and the phone rings, it’s a customer asking a question about a tablet trade in, which we don’t handle (that’s done through another department). While I’m explaining this, an older woman already with a scowl on her face walks up. I give her the universal 1 minute finger, mute the phone, and tell her I’ll be with her in a second.

The gentleman on the phone then proceeds to ask several questions about newer tablets, including if other stores in the chain have them in stock, etc. It’s becoming a rather long phone call, but since this is info I do have, and he called first, I’m not simply going to hang up on him.

The woman walks back over at me and glares. “That’s longer than a second!”

I mute the phone, apologize, explain I wasn’t expecting this to be a long phone call and I’ll be with her in just one moment.

As I stand up, I see another customer at the kiosk and begin reaching for my radio to call for backup as I still cant get off the phone.

Woman glares harder. “Are you alone over here?!? Is there someone else who can help me, I’ve been waiting!”

Now already HOLDING the radio, I tell her “give me just a moment” (she glares again) as I call for assistance.

Another employee comes over, who she IGNORES OUTRIGHT to continue to stare daggers at me. My coworker then helps another customer. I finally get off the phone.

Me: “Sorry, I apologize for that, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I’m looking for (newly released movie)” Glare.

Me: On DVD or Blu-Ray?”

Customer muttering “Not Blu-Ray!”

I’m not sure I heard her correctly,so I doublecheck “So you want the DVD then?


I walk about 10 steps past where she’s been staring daggers at me, get the disc off the very top front of the shelf, turn around and hand it to her with a smile.

“Here you go, have a nice day.”

She looked set to explode.

Had she just looked around for five seconds instead of fuming at me for helping the person who called before she even entered the building, she’d have been out 10 minutes ago.

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(I’m at a store known for it’s red circular logo. The employees wear khakis and red shirts. I’m wearing black jeans and a blue shirt with a quote from a very popular British TV show about a time-and-space traveler and his blue box. I’m in the toy aisle looking at Legos and texting a friend at the same time. An older gentleman and his wife come up with their cart and he clears his throat. I should also mention that I’d just moved to the state a couple months previous and hadn’t been in this particular location before.)

Gentleman: Excuse me, miss. Where’s the soap?

Me: I’m sorry, what?

Gentleman: You know, the laundry soap. What aisle is it on?

Me: I don’t know? I’m new in town…

Gentleman: Well, don’t you work here? You should know where the laundry soap is.

Me: *looks down at clothes* I, um. I don’t work here.

Gentleman: Oh, you don’t?

Me: No.

Gentleman: Well, you were on your device there. *points at my cell phone* I thought you worked here.

Me: Um…no. This is my cell phone…

Gentleman: Oh. Okay. *walks off*