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Ark City, KS, USA | Unfiltered | December 31, 2015

I’m working the till when and elderly man walks in. I take his order, and everything seems normal until I hand him his change.

Elderly Man: -grabs my arm, pulls me forward and smells my neck- “Mmm, you smell nice.”

Me (completely stunned): “Sir….p-please let go of me.”

Elderly Man: -lets go, takes his food, and leaves like nothing happened-

Manager: “What the hell was that?”

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Cleveland, OH, USA | Unfiltered | December 31, 2015

(Some back story: My roommate is AWFUL, and thanks to student loans I can’t leave. She is constantly making snide remarks about my weight, love life, lifestyle, etc… This Christmas I’m done being nice.)

Roommate: “Here” She tosses me some off name diet pills. “Merry Christmas Fat-ass!”

Me: “Thanks…”

Roommate: “Where’s mine?”

Me: “In the kitchen.”

She goes into the kitchen to see a 5 lb bag of manure with her name on it. Cue hateful name-calling and lots of cussing. # Worthit

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Texas | Unfiltered | December 30, 2015

(In my fifth grade history class we are discussing the civil war.)

Teacher: now, the emancipation proclamation freed the slaves-

Me: um, excuse me miss, but didn’t the thirteenth amendment free the slaves, the emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the rebelled regions in which it had no power.

Teacher: what? That preposterous the emancipation proclamation freed the slaves.

(Fast forward 15 minutes)

Teacher: (reading from the textbook) the thirteenth amendment meant freed the slaves.

Me: excuse me but could you repeat please.

Teacher: all right all right, you were correct I concede that to you.

(I ended up correcting her many times over the school year)

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Oklahoma, USA | Unfiltered | December 30, 2015

(I work in the copy department of a retail store. We can create a pretty wide range of projects, but some things we are just not well equipped for)

Customer: Miss, I wanna ask you about how you would put my pictures into a book.

Me: Umm… well what exactly do you mean by that?

Customer: You know! Make them like a book!

Me: … Like a photo album?

Customer: No! Like a book!

Me: So… you want us to put your photos on pages with text?

Customer: No! No text! I want them to be like a book!

Me: Do you…. want us to copy them and bind them into a book?

Customer: No! I don’t want them to look like copies, I want them to look like a book!

(after much back and forth and the use of one of our promo books as an example, I finally realize that what she wants is to have her photos professionally arranged and retouched into a personalized, printed photo album, with all of the photos enhanced to appear to be of professional publishing quality, ‘like a book’)

Me: How many photos do you want to do this with?

Her: I have over a hundred!

Me: Yeah… that would probably cost you in the hundreds of dollars range here, if not more.

Her: Well SOMEONE must be able to it!

Me: That’s true, but not here, not at the price you want.

(She then made me call over a manager because she refused to believe me, and my poor manager had to go over the whole thing a second time!)

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New York | Unfiltered | December 30, 2015

I am half Swiss and often go away to Switzerland over summer break. I have one friend who is very typically blonde and often has “blonde moments”. I am currently telling a group of friends about how sometimes in Switzerland we wake up and watch the moon shine over the lake from our hotel balcony. This was in middle school.

Me: “it’s really pretty how the moon just shines over the water with the mountains behind It-”

Blonde friend: “wait! Wait! There is a moon in Switzerland!?”

She was completely serious when she asked. Me and my other friends just turned and stared at her and havn’t let her live it down since.

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