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(I’m in the check-out line and the woman in front of me is holding up the line *Note* Before this incident when I was waiting for my friend in the changing room she came out and looked at me and another woman waiting in line and was making rude remarks about the people working at the store)

Woman: I want the pants on the mannequin!

Cashier: I’m sorry we can’t give them to you

Woman: Yes you can! You can physically take the pants off the mannequin. You just don’t want me to have them!

Cashier: That’s not the problem ma’am. We can’t take the clothes off the mannequins for 2 weeks. We can reserve them for you…

Woman: No! I want them now! I will purchase them right now!

Cashier: We can’t give them to you.

Woman: I want to speak to a district manager now!

Cashier: We have a customer support line you can call.

Woman: No no no. I want to speak to a real person

Cashier: I’m sorry he’s not here right now

Woman: Fine. Call another store then and see if they have them. And what’s his name? *points to cashier who is checking me out* Other Cashier: My name is ***

Woman: Is his name really ***

Cashier: Yes

(At this point the woman that is helping her calls another store and the woman takes out a checkbook as if she were going to buy the pants. I collect my items and leave.)

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I am in the home improvement store wearing t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, obviously I don’t work there. I am looking in the lumber section when a large man approaches me.

customer: hey man, me and the missus were getting busy last night and got too excited, if y’all know what i mean.

me: uhh…

customer: yea man we got carried away and broke the bed slats. what would y’all replace it with?

me: uhh probably a 1×4, (looks him over) maybe a 1×6 would be better, by the way you know i dont work here right?

customer: yea but your mexican right, so I figured y’all know what your doing

me: okay…

customer (in cool-aid man voice): ohh yeah! daddy is getting some tonight!

customer leaves and an employee who watched the whole exchange doubles over laughing

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I work as a Lifeguard and was cleaning the cubicles ready for the evening length swim. I had taken all mats out, put cleaner on the floor and had the wet vac out ready. We put a sign out telling customers that we are cleaning and could they please use the other cubicles.

A customer gets out of the pool with her two children and starts to go into one of the cubicles I am cleaning.

Me: Hi, sorry, but I am cleaning these so if you don’t mind could you go to the other cubicles.

Child of customer: But we can get changed in here right?

Me: Um, no. I am cleaning these. You need to go down to the other cubicles.

Mother, looking at me with evils: What! The ones that drip!

Me: Yeah, sorry, but these have cleaning chemicals on the floor and I wouldn’t want your children walking in them.

Mother: just looked at me as if she hated me so I said meekly ‘I have cleaned the one at the end so go in there’.

She went in there and then proceeded to call her husband to tell him what had happened. He came storming in ready to have a go. I think he got there and realised that she was a going a bit overboard. The outcome was that I couldn’t finish cleaning the cubicles so everybody who came in for the evening session had to use the drippy cubicles because of her.

PS Her husband always looks slightly embarrassed when he comes in now.

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My daughter works in a Joke Shop and there are a few teenagers working there. The shop is in a small coastal town that caters to the tourists but the locals all know each other.

A local man comes in, selects some purchases and puts them on the counter. Quin rings them through:

Customer: Stop!

Quin: Sorry?

Customer: Stop!

Quin and the Manager don’t know why so they stop.

Customer: I want some contact lenses but I will speak to an actual human being!

They chuck him out.

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I’m visiting my best friends church on a Sunday evening.

Leader: Please turn in your hymnal to (page). Bringing In The Sheaves.

Congregation: *starts the first verse and continues to the chorus* Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves…

Friend: *leans over and whispers* I always thought it said bringing in the SHEEP.

Me: *unsuccessful attempt at holding in giggles*