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we are at a bar for a meet and great with the new students, I see a friend who we haven’t been around since he moved research labs so we are catching up. he drops a foreign word into a sentence, I laugh and a new student looks confused.

Me: haha you picked up some favorite words from *middle eastern sounding name*, it roughly translates to bullshit, but what language is he teaching you to curse in?

new student: *to me* ohh your so racist

friend: *in german* how so? in what way? tell me!

new student: *stands there blinking* what?

friend: our old coworker is an older Muslim man, who grew up in Israel, but went to catholic school, then spend years working in Italy, and then moved to TX… he speaks like six freaken languages

me: you might have to include Russian now

friend: Ahh all the Russians, out of all these languages, how is wondering wondering which one is the go too cussing racist?

Me: so I wanna say yiddish, but not sure it sounds more like romani?

new student: *getting flustered* how was I supposed to know!

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I’m invited to have breakfast with my dad and his girlfriend. She made special flavored butter for us. I’m leery about trying new foods but I put a little bit of the butter on a pancake.

Dad: Oh come on (my name) you’ve got to use more butter than that.

Me: You lost the right to tell me how much butter I should use on my breakfast when you stopped making major life decisions for me.

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I work on a college campus and commute daily to work via motorcycle. There is a large construction project, complete with cranes, big earth-movers, and all sorts of heavy equipment, going on near the parking lot I use.

As I’m riding in one morning, I come around a curve in the street on my way to the parking lot and see a group of preschool-age kids and teachers from the on-campus preschool, all standing on the sidewalk across the street from the construction area, watching all the goings-on at the site with rapt fascination.

One never knows what kids might do while they’re distracted, so I slow way down so that I can brake and stop safely if one of them tries to step out into the street. As I’m approaching slowly, one little boy spots me coming, lets go of his teacher’s hand, and starts waving at me for all he’s worth. I laugh to myself and wave back at him, which encourages him to start waving even more madly at me. I wave back bigger at him, swinging my whole arm — and then ALL the kids are waving at me for all they’re worth. So I wave right back at them all as I roll by.

(Nothing else happened; I just parked my bike and went to work. But it was a glorious and wonderful moment where, just for a moment, I was even better “Kid Entertainment” than heavy equipment! Those kids completely made my day; I hope I made theirs as well.)

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(I am in my year nine English class, reading an article on Springhole.net about logical fallacies, specifically distractions. My teacher is struggling with something and isn’t listening to me when I try to help. I raise my voice slightly to get her attention.)

Teacher: Don’t use that tone of voice with me!

(She then does exactly what I was telling her to do and the problem is solved. I just look at my friend and point to the first paragraph of the page I’m reading, titled ‘I don’t like your tone!’. Go figure.)

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(After boarding a flight on a well-known budget airline with my wife of four days I tell one of the cabin crew we are going on honeymoon:)

Cabin Crew: “And you are flying with us?????”