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Illinois | Unfiltered | January 4, 2016

(I have a friend who is from India, who often makes jokes about his ethnicity and emphasizes that others are allowed to as well, as far as he is concerned. My white friends and I usually don’t take advantage of this, but…)

(I hand the Indian friend a box of his favorite candies, which are caramel-based and extremely sticky.)

Me: “Your teeth are about to have to wage a war with these [candies], and you can’t rely on your fiery Indian blood to help you, because these things are as brown as you are.”

Me: *bites lip*

Other friends: *holds breath*

Indian friend: *cracks up*

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(My mom works at a bus yard. Both brothers and I are homeschooled, so sometimes my mom had to take us to work. One time, one of my mom’s friends toke my baby brother off her hands for a day.)

-My little brother runs up to my mom, hugging her-

Mom: Hi buddy! What do you have there?

Baby Brother: A piggy! -holds out a small stuffed pig-

(soon enough, some of my mom’s coworkers come though the small hallway, and my baby brother runs up to one of them)

Baby Brother:Look at my pig!

Coworker:That’s very nice little guy -as he tried to get past him, my baby brother got in his way again-

Baby Brother:You can pet him if you want!

coworker:No thank you buddy-again he tries to get past and my brother got in his way a third time-

Baby Brother:-who all of a sudden gets a very serious face- Pet my pig.

-My mom’s coworker, who seemed startled at the 4 foot tall eight year old, pat the pig on the head-

Baby Brother: I said pet him.

Mom:[little brother’s name], he does not need to pet your pig!

-Me and my other brother are cracking up in the corner-

Coworker:No, it’s ok.-pets it on the head-

(this continued for the next half hour, every time my baby brother saw someone he did the same thing. We still tease him for it, he now has a “family” of pigs.)

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This happened in the 1980’s, at which time phone numbers were only available through phone books or through directory assistance (411). By this time, 411 calls were no longer completely free. Instead, one got maybe five free 411 calls per month, and could request two phone number on each call. After that, you were charged for each 411 call.

I was trying to arrange certain outdoor activities, and was therefore seeking the phone numbers of various facilities, such as state parks, YMCA camps, etc. When one looks at a street map (as this was well before the likes of Google Maps) one can’t necessarily tell what town such a facility is located in. The typical 411 call went something like so:

Operator: “Directory Assistance. For what town please?

Me: “I need the phone number of [facility name] which is near [nearest town name].”

Operator: “Sir, I will need the name of the town that is in.”

Me: “I don’t know the town, but the closest town on the map to it is [nearest town name].”

Operator “Sir, I cannot look up the phone number without the name of the town.”

Me: “Don’t be silly. Directories in this state are by county, not town. [Nearest town name] is in [county name] County, and that’s all you need to look it up.”

Operator: “Sir, I need the exact name of the town it’s in!”

Me: “Fine. Give me the phone number of [facility name] which is IN [nearest town name].”

Operator: “That number is [phone number of facility].” [HANGS UP without letting me ask another phone number!]

After a few such calls, all pretty much with the same conversation, I got pissed because I was going to have to PAY for 411 calls when I should have got two numbers on each call. So I contacted the Board of Public Utilities with FULL details of what had transpired on these calls. It turns out my state has a very effective BPU. Within a few days I got a phone call from a phone company manager, that went something like this:

Manager: “Hello, Mr. [my name]?

Me: “Yes?”

Manager: “I’m calling about your recent complaint to the BPU. I’ve investigated your claims and found you to be COMPLETELY correct. The same thing happened to me several times when I called Directory Assistance and tried getting such phone numbers. I will reverse any 411 charges to your account and [the phone company] will be retraining our directory assistance operators so this doesn’t happen again!”

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( I am speaking to the head principal about tomorrow when this happens.)

Me: “So I’m happy that we can get out early-”

Principal: *goes over to a group of kids petting a student, pets him too, and comes back and acts like nothing happened*

Me: * shocked*

(This isn’t the weirdest thing he has done so far.)

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I work at the cash register at a popular retail store in the mall. An older lady comes up and is ready to check out. I ring out her items and tell her the total.

Me: Alright, so your total comes to $61.

(The customer frowns, shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, no, that can’t be right. You rang something out wrong.

Me: I don’t think I did. Here are 7 of the $5 lotions for $35, the $22 shirt, and your free body mist. With $4, that comes to $61.

(The customer is still shaking her head)

Customer: No, you’re definitely over-charging me. The computer’s wrong, it should be fifty-something, not $61. You didn’t make the mist free.

(At this point in time, I walk around to the screen she sees and point to each item, going through her purchase step by step.)

Me: See? 7 of the $5 lotions is $35. This mist right here says $0.00, and that’s the free one. Add that to the $22 shirt, plus $4 tax, and that’s $61.

(She’s beginning to get angry, and is still shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, that’s still wrong! You’re charging me too much for something! Are you sure you made the mist free?

Me: Yes, I know I made the mist free.

Customer: Well then why are you still charging me to much?

Me: Okay, so 35 plus 22 is 57. Add 3, and you get 60. Add 1 more and you get 61. Your total is $61.

Customer: Oh. I forgot to carry the one. Math is hard for me.

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