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(I’m picking up a package for my mum at a post office that has notoriously difficult employees. They’re known for being incredibly stubborn if the name on the parcel isn’t the person who picks it up, among other things. It’s also much earlier than I would usually be awake as a final semester university student running on 4 hours of sleep, so I’m not in the best mood. I join the line as this happens.)

Young Woman: *to me* Do you mind if I jump ahead to ask [Clerk 1] a quick question?

Me: *knowing they will still make it complicated, but not in the mood to argue* Sure, go ahead.

(Clerk 1 is quietly serving another customer, but stares at the young woman in a way that implies that she can quickly help her as well.)

Young Woman: Hi, do you have any trolleys that-

Clerk 1: *loudly to her customer* That will be [price]. Have a good day. *to Young Woman* Yes?

Young Woman: Do you have any trolleys I can use to bring some large boxes in?

(Clerk 1 begins asking her a series of unnecessary questions without answering her. Thankfully, another clerk [Clerk 2] comes out.)

Clerk 2: Yes? How are you today?

Me: *cheerily* I’m good, how are you?

Clerk 2: *Ignoring me* How can I help you?

Me: I’m here to pick up this package. *hands over delivery slip*

Clerk 2: Can I see ID?

Me: Oh yeah, of course.

(Clerk 2 loudly sucks on her teeth while I’m getting my ID from my backpack. When I hand it to her, she stares at it for a long time after getting the parcel. Important note: I live at the same address as my mum, but we have different last names.)

Clerk 2: Who is this? *glaring at me and pointing at the parcel*

Me: It’s my mother’s.

Clerk 2: I need to compare the address. *stares at my ID even longer*.

(Suddenly, Clerk 1 asks her about trolleys as the Young Woman is leaving to get her packages. Both clerks start screaming literally right next to my head after the woman, yelling at her that she needs ID for reasons beyond my comprehension. Finally, Clerk 2 turns back to me.)

Clerk 2: Ok, sign here. Next time, have your mother sign the slip.

(I managed to get out with the parcel, reletively unscathed and saw the young woman piling up her boxes on a trolley as I left. The real killer is that I had applied for my adult passport with these same clerks (which they also made unnecessarily difficult), meaning they’ve seen my birth certificate, and I have lived locally to them my entire life. We don’t know how they’re still there.)

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(It’s my first day on the job. I’m bagging and observing a coworker manning the cash register. It’s December, so the lines are long. My coworker rings up an elderly Asian woman’s cart full of items. The woman can barely speak English.)

Customer: “I not done yet. I need [list of additional items].”

Coworker: “That’s okay, ma’am.”

Customer: “You can get for me?”

Coworker: “Um…” (glances at long line) “…No?”

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This happened to me ten years ago or so. I was staying at a large (several hundred rooms) four-star hotel in central Berlin, co-organising a congress for 800+ people. Our crew, including technicians, artists and the like, could have very well been sixty-something people. We almost took over the entire hotel for four days, because we rented all of the conference rooms, and our boss requested that we got breakfast served earlier than usual (5.30) so that we could get to work early preparing everything. Needless to say, we were known. I was twenty-five at the time.

Anyway, I’m my boss’s second-in-command, a translator and interpreter in a foreign country working for a crew that did not know the local language. Through this, I got to know almost all of the hotel staff and I was very much known, too, because whenever something needed doing or taking care of, I was the one to contact anybody else in the hotel, and vice-versa – whenever anyone from the hotel would want anything from us, they came to me.

Anyway, this is the last day, three or four a. m., the congress is almost over and the people were just dancing in the main congress hall. I saw my boss asleep at the sound mixing table, so I figured I’m permitted to hit the sack myself. I took the long elevator ride and walk up to my room, only to find that my key card is not working. I find my way down to the reception. Mind You, it’s been a very long few days.

Me [very tired]: Hello. My card seems to not be working any more. Could You recode it for me?

Clerk [definitely older than my father]: Certainly. What is Your room number?

Me: [number]

Clerk: Here You go. Can I get You anything?

I paused. At first I didn’t say anything, I didn’t move because I was so very tired. The clerk was very, very polite with me.

I noticed a shelf with memorabilia from Berlin. As is the usual case with hotels, they were all VERY pricey. I noticed a small teddy bear costing 32 Euros, which was a small fortune for me back then, but I wanted to bring home something nice.

Me: Yes. Could I see that little bear please?

Clerk [hands me the bear]: Here You are.

Me [looking at the bear, then slowly]: I will take it. Please sell it to me. I will pay cash.

Clerk [took the teddy bear from my hands, looked at it, looked at me, and I don’t know why, but he said]: I’m giving it to You as a gift.

Me [almost too tired to be surprised]: Really? Thank You very much, sir. Have a good night.

I walked off, very much stunned. The staff at this hotel were always very, very helpful. I felt the clerk took pity on me because I was so beat up, and he really didn’t have to make that gesture, but he did.

[note: You may leave it or you may delete it, but I want to add: the hotel was named Maritim, and I recommend it]

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My friend and I both have quite strong personalities. We just discovered we could change the colour of the facebook chat. We are both in two groupchats.

My friend changes the colour of the one to pink.

Me: b**** h*** that’s pink (friend 1)

Friend 1: yep lol

I change the colour to orange.

Me: too pink for me, let’s go with something neutral

Friend 1: ok sunshine

Friend 1 changes the colour to a very weak green

Friend 1: i like the green

Me: that looks like watered down puke to me

I change the colour to blue.

Me: maybe this?

Friend 1 changes the colour to a very watery brown

I change the colour to light purple.

Friend 1: purple ok

During this conversation I’m talking to another friend in a private chat. I show her screenshots of that chat.

Me: me and (friend 1) are having a colour war in officer chat XD

Friend 2: Lol

Friend 2: has the dreaded fuschia been mentioned? :P

Mel: you can change the colour of a group chat… (friend 1) changed it to pink… which I didn’t like so I changed it to orange… then she did to green… and I did to blue

Friend 2: lol *has images of the fairy godmothers from sleeping beauty changing Aurora’s dress*

Me: b**** h*** she changed it to poo coloured

Friend 2: ooo

Me: I changed it to purple :p

At the same time in the other chat I decide to change the colour to pink, as we don’t use that one that often.

Me: let’s keep pink for the looney chat

Friend 3: omg

Me: huhuhu

Friend 3: *posts sticker of a pig*

Me: did you just call me a pig? O.o

Friend 3: ehm nope

Friend 3: *posts sticker of dog with teary eyes*

Friend 3: it fits to the chat colour

Me: lol

Friend 3: *posts gif of pig*

Friend 1 then changes that chat’s colour to dark pink.

Friend 1:red that’s better

Me: that’s not red…

I change the colour to orange.

Friend 3: that is dark pink

Me: See, our puppy agrees

Me: This is better than that red

Me: ‘red’

Friend 1 then changes the chat to dark green

Friend 1: green, earth colour

Friend 3: *posts spongebob gif*

Me: this is better than the first green you put. That was just puke colour

Friend 1: lol

Friend 3: *posts picture of a dog in a pile of dung*

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(I am a celiac, so I can’t eat anything containing wheat, barley, or rye. This happened a few years ago when I was out for dinner with my boyfriend. The restaurant has gluten free buns for the burgers, so I’m looking at the burgers.)

Me: (to the waitress) Excuse me, I was wondering if the black bean burger is gluten free?

Waitress: I’m not sure, let me go ask the chef.

(She comes back with the all clear, so i order the burger. on our way home, i start feeling sick, and i realize that something I ate wasn’t safe. While I’m confined to the bathroom, my boyfriend calls the restaurant. After the call, he tells me that the cook said there was no wheat, but there are bread crumbs! How do you get to be a cook not knowing that bread crumbs have wheat? we never went back.)