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NJ, USA | Unfiltered | February 23, 2016

(I’m in an advanced Algebra 1 class in 8th grade, and while the class is smart, they’re also pretty immature and goofy. To try and keep things under control, the teacher (who’s a cool guy) has started a system where a first warning is your name on the board, one check next to your name is a second warning, and a second check is a detention. One particular day… )

Student 1 *after an increasingly off-topic attempt at derailing class*: “Well, can I be Hulk then?”

Teacher *smiling benevolently*: “Sure.” *writes ‘Hulk’ on the board*

(A while later, another student named Will gets into trouble.)

Teacher: *writes ‘Will’ on the board under ‘Hulk’*

(A couple minutes later, Student #3 does something particularly dumb and attracts the notice of the teacher.)

Student #3: “Sorry, I was being a bonehead, huh?”

Teacher: “Yup.” *writes ‘Bone’ on the board under ‘Will’*

(Student #4 then gets written up as ‘Dork’, much to his own amusement.)

*Teacher writes ‘Dork’ on the board under ‘Bone’*

(By this point the class is snickering because if you read out all four names, it reads ‘Hulk Will Bone Dork’.)

Teacher: “Why are you guys laughing?”

(Nobody explains, so he turns around and looks at the board, then realization hits…)

Teacher: *Erases all the names silently*

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Clarksville, TN | Unfiltered | February 23, 2016

(Woman comes in all the time, bitter old lady who thinks she is god or something)

Customer: *walks up and sets a space heater on the counter and a few other items* How much is this? *pointing right at the price tag on the heater*

Me: $16,00 Ma’am

Customer: Too much, you give me it cheaper

Me: Ma’am I am not allowed to discount things like this just because you don’t agree with the price

Customer: *shoves the heater at me and storms out, yelling, *”You all stupid stupid f***s!!!”

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Minneapolis, MN | Unfiltered | February 22, 2016

I went on a trip to Japan: Minneapolis – Denver – Los Angeles – Beijing – Tokyo. 32 hours of travel. No problem on the way there, trip went wonderfully, good times had by all.

The way back developed a hiccup. Air China got me to LA, but the smallish airline I used within the US had a plane problem, so I got transferred over to a larger airline that got me back to Minnesota through Dallas. Not surprisingly, my checked luggage was not on the plane when I arrived.

I went to the Big Airline’s help desk.

Me: Hi! I was transferred to your plane from [Small Airline] in LA. My luggage wasn’t transferred, which isn’t a surprise, but I’m hoping you know where it is.

Big Airline: Well, we never got it from [Small Airline], so they still have it.

Me: Okay, thanks.

I go to the [Small Airline] desk and explain the situation.

Small Airline: Well, [Big Airline] has it.

Me: Are you sure? They said they didn’t.

Small Airline: They should.

Me: Well, can’t you check your system and see where the tracking has my bag?

Small Airline: Oh, we don’t track checked luggage.

Me: I paid $25 to check the luggage, and you don’t track it?

Small Airline: That’s correct. Our people in LA should have given it to [Larger Airline], so that’s what they probably did.

Me: But you can’t confirm it.’

Small Airline: It’s what they should have done.

I go back to [Big Airline].

Me: Would you be able to track it in your system?

Big Airline: Of course. We would have it in here with a note saying ‘transferred to us from [Small Airline]. Chances are the bag will come in on the [Small Airline]’s evening flight from Denver. The airport delivers late luggage all the time, so you should probably get it in the morning.

I left my information with both desks, just in case. Sure enough, it arrived in Minneapolis that evening on [Small Airline]’s flight from Denver.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia | Unfiltered | February 22, 2016

(My sister is studying to become a doctor at university. She’s very excited about it and often comes home from uni wanting to test our blood pressure, or listen to our hearts with a stethoscope or whatever she’s been learning. This week is abdominal exams. Note: My boyfriend is naturally extremely thin.)

Sister: “I will perform abdominal exams on you all! Particular [my boyfriend]; because on skinny people, you can feel their kidneys.”

(She said this as creepily as it sounds and we all stare at her. Her excuse: )

Sister: “Well, you can’t feel them on normal people!”

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CA | Unfiltered | February 22, 2016

(We are getting dressed for a school concert. I always wear a large black hoodie)

Me: “Take this time you have now to appreciate my arms, as you will never be seeing them again.”