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I’m sitting in a wheelchair waiting for my flight at Kristiansand airport. I am separated from one glass wall with the corridor going from the airstrip to the airport building. The other side of the corridor has another glass wall so i have a view of the aircrafts and the runway.

I see my flight land, and then the passengers coming out. Finally, I see the crew walking into the building. They walk past me, chatting happily with eacho other. Then they reach a door. They pull on it, but it’s locked. The locking mechanism is somewhat clearly visible on the side. You need to scan a card and enter a code to open it. One of the (female) cabin crew pulls on it first, but can’t get it to open. One of the (male) pilots, pulls on the door a little harder, probably believing it to be stuck. Finally with a bit of wriggling he manages to get the door open, without doing anything with the locking mechanism. They all go through the door and let it fall shut behind them.

They are now in a relatively small space,that has only 2 doors exiting from it, one to the corridor, the other to the terminal. The crew pull on the door to the terminal but realise quite quickly it’s locked and not going to open for them. They try the other door again but they can’t wriggle it open this time. They stand in the small space, looking quite sheepish. I try not to laugh too hard as I realise they can probably see me as well and i feel sorry for them.

They try to wave over a staff member in the terminal but fail. Finally one of the airport staff outside walks into the corridor and spots them. She opens the door for them. The pilot demonstrates to her how he had managed to open the first door, managing it again. Then, the staff member walks back past me with them to the correct door… which they walked past… and had been left open for them. They walk out laughing to themselves, all a little bit embarassed.

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(I work in an adult store as a second job. We are a higher class store that caters more high end stock and customers. We do have commission, but really don’t like to act like sales people. I am a Pagan, but generally don’t wear any showy jewelry as a personal preference. My husband bought me a beautiful pentacle pendant for our anniversary and I had been wearing it proudly for several days. The customers are monthly regulars and the wife is notorious for being rude.)

Me: Welcome back! What brings you in tonight?

Wife: (Looks at me) We don’t need help. Leave us alone.

(She turns away from me as the husband nods agreement. We are currently having sales, and Corp demands that we inform the customers.)

Me: Just so you know we are having sales ri-

Wife: (furiously) We don’t care!

(I just smile and walk away. We are supposed to stay within 10ft of the customers in case they have any questions. I stay further back as they wondered our toy section, until a different customer asks where a certain toy is. I walk her over and overhear the couple whispering.)

Wife: I don’t think it’ll fit.

Husband: We can try more cream.

(I didn’t bother to ask if they had any questions and walked back to our checkout. About 10 mins later they come up and put a bottle of vaginal tightening gel and the BIGGEST realistic dildo on the counter. It is a duplicate of the famous 70’s p*rnstar John Holmes, nicknamed ‘The Cock of Legend’.)

Me: Did you find everything alright?

Wife:(sniffs) Where is the other salesgirl? I want her to ring us up.

Me: I’m sorry, she is on lunch. I can get you rung out.

Wife: Fine, but don’t talk to us.

(I am very annoyed at this point, so I ignore her and ask our standard questions as I ring everything up.)

Me: Now are you well stocked with lubricant and toy cleaner? This guy requires alot.

(At the same time they both reply)


Husband: She doesn’t need lube, she needs more tightening gel for it.

(I barely held back a laugh and I heard the other customer in toys laugh aloud. The wife was bright red and pissed off.)


(I take a step back, actually shocked by what she said. My manager had just come out of the back office in time to hear it. Everyone knows I have never taken rudeness lightly and usually am the one to deal with mean customers.)

Me: Mam’ please watch your mouth. You are calling us all whores when you are the one buying a dildo the size of my forearm and are afraid it won’t be big enough. And yes I am a heathen. Ohga-bhoga! So buy your toy, stock up on that tightening gel since we are not expecting another shipment anytime soon and go have a freaking orgasm because you need it.

(She started sputtering and didn’t stop the entire time her husband went back to grab the last of the gel, paid and started dragging her out the door. The customers started laughing and clapping. My manager was laughing too.)

Manager: I don’t know whether to write you up or hug you.

Me: Buy me a coffee and call it even?

(She walked away laughing.)

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[I’ve been putting off coming out to my dad for years for fear of his reaction. After a couple of failed attempts, I manage to get a solid block of time alone with him to explain.]

Me: Dad, I need to tell you something.

Dad: ?

Me: I’m bi.

Dad: /What/?

Me: Yeah!

Dad: /What/?

Me: Yeah!

Dad: …/What/?

Me: Yeah!

[And that’s how I came out to my dad]

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(As my class is walking in, Donald Trump was just sworn in and we’re watching his speech. Then a transgender student walks in and immediately says this to the teacher.)

Student: “If you don’t turn that off I’m going to shoot myself.”

(this teacher is known for being a laid back, fun, and caring teacher. Along with being passionate about teaching students thinking for themselves.)

Teacher: “Ok we shouldn’t look at history before it’s written. We shouldn’t pre-judge someone, let’s let him actually do something first and then decide if he’s good or not. Pre-judging is something you yourself have been fighting for and yet you do it to Trump.”

(He said more but you get the idea. It was certainly amusing to see the guy at a loss of words after that.)

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My boys have a swimming lesson at our local gym. The centre has had signs up for weeks about the lessons and have told every member that goes to use the pool about the lessons.

Despite this, one woman ignores all directions from staff to leave the pool so that the kids can swim. She has heard the staff, she just refused to leave the pool. When she gets to close to son I decide that I have had enough and proceed to yell loudly at her.
The management finally manage to get her out of the pool and she goes out to the front desk to complain that a crazy lady yelled at her.

I really wonder about some people. I do feel bad about telling loudly in such a small space though.