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Cincinnati, OH, USA | Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

(I’m in my first year of high school Spanish. We are doing some review before our test and my teacher is calling on people to name the objects on the screen in Spanish.)

Teacher: [Student’s Name], can you tell me what these are?

(He switches the slide to a picture of a girl with an arrow pointing to her eyes.)

Student: Ummm… ajos?

(My teacher starts laughing in the back. Everyone turns around in confusion, and the student who answered is red with embarrassment.)

Teacher: Oh, I’m sorry, you were close, I think you meant “ojos.” I was laughing because “ajo” actually means “garlic” in Spanish, so you said her eyes were garlic.

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New York | Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

(I’m working the front of the store cashing out customers at one of the stations set up to handle larger orders. Our store has express and self checkout lanes. It’s about 5:30 and traffic is starting to pick up. I’m loading bags into an old woman’s cart as she is going through the motions to pay with a card to help her leave quickly as a line is forming.)

Old Woman: Thank you very much for your help dear.

Me: You’re welcome ma’am. Have a wonderful day.

(The next customer comes up to the register.)

Customer #2: What is your problem? You’re way to slow! Don’t you know some of us have places to be! What kind of idiot are you?

(Slams down a single pack of peanut butter cups.)

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Malaysia | Unfiltered | February 24, 2016

I was having my dinner when I overhead this exchange. Two guys, obviously friends, bumped into each other at McDonald’s.

Friend 1: Hey man, what are you doing here?

Friend 2: Having dinner.

Friend 1: What are you eating?

Friend 2: McDonald’s…

Me *to myself*: Ummmm…

I didn’t know which was more obvious, the friend asking, or the friend answering!! Of course, the answer could be ‘burger, nuggets and so on’, but still…

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Finland | Unfiltered | February 24, 2016

(I work as a guide in an old wooden church. A mother comes in with his 3-year-old son. They go in and look around for 5 to 10 minutes. As they come out, we hear the following:)

Mom: “This is a church.”

Son: “This is a church?!”

Mom: *to me and the other guide* “He though this was grandma’s place.”

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England | Unfiltered | February 24, 2016

We are allowed a radio in the office, unfortunately due to the age gap there is a real conflict of musical taste.

As two of the younger guys brought the radio, we normally have a station on that plays more chart hits.

Coworker: i’m sorry but this is rubbish (turning radio down)

Me: Whats the problem?

Coworker: This music, it is the same every day.

Me: It’s not the same exactly.

Coworker: It’s been on this morning and I’ve heard the same song four times! (Other radio station) is far better, as least theres some variety.

Me: You realise that this is a chart show?

Coworker: (Blank look)

Me; As in, it only plays songs that are in the charts, there is only so many songs they can pick from.

Coworker: Well they should put some different ones in, some for older guys like us to listen two.

Me: You want a radio station aimed at a younger generation, to play music that many of them won’t have even heard of?

Coworker: Well yeah…

(We never did agree on the radio, eventually (after me pointing it out several times) they brought a second radio. With both on quietly we could all listen to what we wanted. Although it didn’t stop the complaining!)