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Glasgow, Scotland, UK | Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

(I just finished serving a woman with a little boy in a buggy and an older daughter when she approached the cash desk)

Mother: Is a 24 a size 6?

Coworker: Yes, it is.

Mother: All right, I’ll take this then.

(She points to a little girl’s boot her son is holding, and I guess where this is going)

Mother: He won’t let it go, so I’ll just take it.

Coworker: It’s for your little boy?

Mother: He really doesn’t want to let it go so I’ll just get them.

(Coworker attempts to prise the boot away from him, and he starts to cry. Coworker then returns with the boot and rings it up)

Mother: *cheerfully* It’s just so much easier to let him have it!

(We watch as she puts the boots on him. We honestly believed they would have been sneaked back to be returned, but they have never been seen again.)

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Southern Oklahoma | Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

(On my lunch break I decide to grab a combo meal at a local fast food drive -through. As with thousands of other restaurants across the nation, the establishment has the sandwich, fries and a drink combined under a number for easier and faster ordering – at least that is what I thought!)

Voice over speaker: Welcome to [popular fast food chain], can I take your order?

Me: Yes, I would like a Number 11 with an unsweet tea, please.

[Slight pause]

Voice over speaker: [very rudely] So, do you want, like, just the sandwich, or WHAT?

Me: …

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

(I have playground duty twice a week and a student I don’t know approaches me, crying.)

Student 1: They’re being mean to me! *points to some boys playing nearby*

Students 2, 3, 4 and 5: *look exasperated*

Me: How were they being mean to you?

Student 1: They keep running away from me!

Me: (to other students) Why do you keep running away from him?

Student 2: We were playing tag, and he was it. But we’re not playing anymore.

Me: (to student 1): Were you playing tag with them?

Student 1: Yes, but I didn’t want to be it! *is still sobbing*

Me: Well, that’s how the game is played. Did you know that was how the game was played?

Student 1: Yes. But I didn’t want to be it! *is still crying*

Me: That’s just the way it works. But it doesn’t matter, because everyone is playing a different game now.

Student 1: But I want to play tag! I just don’t want to be it.

(This continues for a few more rounds, the boy still crying the whole time. Eventually I give up and walk away. The boy immediately stops crying)

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Langhorne, PA, USA | Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

I work in a relatively small amusement park just outside of Philadelphia. People come from all over to see the characters that the park is known for. While the prices are quite high, park employees have no responsibility for them and can’t change them at all.

Me: Hi! Welcome to [Park Name]! How can I help you?

Guest: You can tell me why the prices here are so f***ing high!

Me: Well, I have no control over the prices-

Guest: What do you mean, you have no control? Don’t you work here?

Me: Well, yes, I do work here, but I only sell the tickets, I don’t control the corporation that decides the price.

Guest: That is ridiculous! I demand you give me the lowest possible price!

Me: Do you have a coupon or a season pass? Or do you know someone with a season pass? Or are you the family member of an active military soldier?

Guest: ….No, but what does that have to do with anything?

Me: Those are the only ways to get a discount.

Guest: …I want the season pass then. At least then I only have to pay once.

She then proceeds to purchase four of the most expensive of the three types of season passes that the park offers. So instead of storming off in a huff like I expected, she spent more money after ranting about the high prices.

Guest: Thank you!

Me: [I wave absently] [to my coworker, I say]: did that just happen?

Coworker: I’m just as surprised as you are.

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Richland, WA, USA | Unfiltered | October 3, 2015

(My friends and I tend to be…eccentric. One night, Friend 1 says my name while trying to address Friend 2.)

Friend 1: Hey, Kevin. Wanna play Pathfinder?

Friend 2: Sure.

Me: *yelling from my bedroom* HEY, FRIEND! I’M KEVIN, AND SURE.

Friend 3: Hahaha! “I’m Kevin!”

Friend 1: I’M KEVIN! No. Now he’s Kevin, too. I’m Kevin, too. She’s Kevin, too. We’re all Kevin!

Me: Mwuahahah! I’m spreading…you will all be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Friend 1: Hey, Kevin. Kevin’s giving me weird looks again.

Me: Yeah. What’s up with that Kevin?

Friend 3: What?

(This continues for a bit, until…)

Friend 1: Everyone’s Kevin! It’s like a disease!

Friend 3: Kevin grew.

Friend 1: Hehe. Kevin’s a growth.

Me: Technically, true. Kevin did grow. All Kevins grew.

Friend 1: Did you know that most Kevins breathe air?

Me: Wrong. Most Kevins breath Kevins.

Friend 1: Is everything turning into Kevin?

Me: Kevin is indeed Kevin into Kevin. (Everything is indeed turning into Kevin.)

Friend 1: Kevin Kevin is Kevin Kevin.

(And so it begins…)

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