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(I showed my Dad a popular music video about a fox. He was silent the entire video until the end, when all he said was, “That was weird.” Fast forward a few months, and I’m following my Mom’s new puppy into the house from outside. The puppy runs over to my Dad, who is standing in the kitchen making dinner.)

Me: “The puppy is saying hello!”

Dad: *in a singsong voice* “The fox says what!”

Me: *laughing* “Did you mean to say what does the fox say?”

Dad: *in a singsong voice* “What does the fox say!”

(I couldn’t stop laughing. At least he sort of remembered the lyrics!)

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(This is a call form a London based telemarketer. They are speaking with a heavy Indian-Asian accent making some of what they say hard to understand).

Marketer: Am I speaking to Ms. [My Mother’s name, but under heavy accent]?

Me: Who?

Marketer: I’m ringing from Convenience [Something, lost to accent]

Me:Who is this call for? (As I’m unsure if they asked for my Mother or got a wrong number)

Marketer: I’m ringing from Convenience..

Me: Yes, who is this call for?

Marketer: I’m ringing from Convenience..

Me: Who is this call for?

Marketer: *Louder and more aggressive* I’m ringing from Convenience..

Me: No, not who is this call from, who is this call for?

Marketer: I’m ringing for Ms. [Mother’s name, clear enough this time].

Me: She’s not here.

Marketer: Is this a relative of Ms. [Mother’s name]?

Me: No (Lying, but after his attitude I didn’t really want to stay on the phone with him).

Marketer: *Very aggressive* Thanks for wasting my time. *Hangs up*

(The best kicker? Despite the last line, they rang back again about 1-2 hours later, and I’m certain it was the same marketer)

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I’m a petite female cashier for a local grocery store. I see this young lady, who looks under 28 unloading her full cart of groceries and beer. As required by law and store policy for people who look under 28, I ask her for her ID.

Me: “I need to see your ID.”

Customer: “My friend’s getting more stuff and he’ll show you his ID.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll wait for him but I still need to see your ID.”

Customer: (with attitude) “My friend will show you his ID!”

At this point, I will not scan the beer because I could lose my job easily if I sell alcohol without ID verification.

Finally, the “friend” comes with more groceries. He is much older and it seems like one of these situations where older people will buy alcohol for their “younger friends.”

After putting down his items he shoves his very dirty and smelly wallet to my face.

I’ve signaled my male supervisor over to help with the situation because the older guy is very intimidating.

Me: (in a very calm tone) “Sir, I can’t see your ID”

Male Customer: (With attitude) “Why not? It’s right there!” The open wallet is still touching my face. He does not realize that I’ve refused the sale of beer.

He sighs in a very exasperatedly manner and takes his ID out of his wallet and throws at me. It is at this point that I decide to stay quiet and let my supervisor tell him why I won’t be selling him alcohol.

After handing him the receipt, he yells that “<Rival grocery store> would not do this <beep> and that I’ll be shopping there from now on!”

Me: “Okay. That’s fine and have a nice day!”

After all this hoopla, a line has formed behind these rude customers and I couldn’t walk away for a minute to calm my nerves because I didn’t want to make other customers wait. I start to check out the next customer’s groceries.

Customer #2: (After overhearing my supervisor’s spiel on the store policy/law on alcohol) “Does that happen a lot? And you did the right thing.”

At this point, I’m almost in tears and my voice is wavering.

Me:”Thanks! And it happens every once a while.”


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(My school has a program where students from Japan come to learn our culture and language. They stay for half the year and when they leave, another student comes. I am meeting my new roommate.)

Roommate: *Struggling to explain the program to me in English*

Me: Don’t worry, I am aware of how the program works. You are the second foreign student I have hosted.

Roommate: Oh! That is good. Can you tell me her name? Maybe I know her.

(I was taken aback until I remembered that they are from the same university, after all. She did not recognize the name.)

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My husband has just passed away. I finalized funeral arrangements, and the funeral is tomorrow.

I go to the nail salon to get my nails painted black, and the lady doing my nails makes an inquiry about my husband as he usually brings me. I explain he just died and the funeral is tomorrow.

Another customer was listening in and paid for my nails as well as writing me a nice supportive note.