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(A colonoscopy is a medical procedure where a doctor examines the patient’s intestines with a small camera. But, of course, medical suffixes can be easily mixed up if you aren’t intimately familiar with them.)

My sister has just gotten in an argument with our father, in which he became verbally aggressive. Later, she is talking with our mother about it.

Mom:Well, I got him back for it. I scheduled him for a colonoscopy.

Sister: (horrified) Don’t you think that’s…kind of harsh!

Mom:Oh, the doctor’s been on him to get one for a while. It was time anyway.

Sister: But…he yells at me, so you have his colon removed??!!

Mom: (laughs) Yeah, and next time it’ll be a lung!

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((I’m in a wholesale store shopping with my husband. This store commonly has samples available for the customers, and this is an encounter I had with one of the employees who was handing out samples. It starts with me walking past the employee and her sample station, and grabbing a cookie from one of the sample trays she has out. The other tray – the one I did not grab from – had one cookie on it. I grabbed from the second tray because it had the cookie I wanted, as some of them were different.))

Employee: *looking at me as if I’m at fault for something* You should have taken the cookie from the tray with just one on it. You grabbed it so fast, I didn’t have a chance to cover this tray up. Normally I would let it go, but when it’s busy like this, you need to grab from the other tray.

Me: *Not saying anything, but with a bewildered look on my face*

Employee: It’s not your fault, but you need to know to take food from the other tray next time… *continues on, making me feel bad*

Me: *still with bewildered look on my face, nods, conversation ends, leaves*

((I still don’t know why this deserved a lecture. I wasn’t rude to her in any way, even though I was confused by her actions. She was an elderly lady – I did not want to upset her more or get her in trouble by reporting her, so I let it go.))

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(We’ve just started Year 9 and we’ve got this really awesome geography teacher. She’s new, but has the ability to make the class laugh so hard. This happens on a Friday afternoon, second-to-last lesson.)

Teacher: Let’s start talking about development indicators!

*Class start murmuring*

Teacher: My great great grandmother was the 5th of 12 children. My great great great grandmother thought that the others would die because of illness so she just had spare children. They all lived and she ended up having 12 kids.

Student #1: That’s so mean.

Student #2: That’s cheap labour!

Whole class: Yeah!

Teacher: My great great grandmother didn’t want to have many children as she had 11 siblings so she had the one child who survived!

Student #1: I’m confused with all the greats.

Student #3: Me too.

(As [Teacher] explains again, I face-palm. Then…)

Student #4: How many aunties have you got?

Teacher: 3, why?

Student #4: How many brothers and sisters?

Teacher: Ok guys, we’re meant to be learning geography, not the [Teacher] family tree!

(The class explodes into laughter. We quickly get into the next activity. The kicker? We’d only just started the first proper task when [Head of Geography] came in to assess [Teacher]’s teaching. It certainly made the class feel better, as we had two tests on our last lesson of the week!!!)

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At sundown, around 7:00, we get a huge rush through counter and drive-through. Since the entire day was dead, everyone was sent home except two assistant managers, and myself, as a cashier. The line is going out the door and drive-through isn’t as good.

After serving some friends of mine, a large man cuts to the front of the line.

Me: “Welcome to Arby’s, how can-”

Customer: “Yeah I ordered my food in the drive-through but it’s taking forever, so I’m going to pay here and pick it up.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, we would have to ring up a new order, and there is a wait on-”

Customer: (Yelling) “I’ve already ordered so you don’t need to make a new one! Just find my order and give me my food!

Me: “Sir, I’m not able to do that on this-”

Customer: “Fine, ring up my new order. You’re wasting years of my life right now.”

(My friend is listening to all of this and turns to him)

Friend: “Hey, back off. It’s super busy and those guys are busting their asses off.”

Customer: “I don’t care, it’s fast food, I have a nephew-”

Friend: “I have a nephew too, and he could kick BOTH of your asses.”

(My manager runs over with his order and gives it to the customer)

Customer: (Grumbling) “Wasting my life, damn kids.”

Me: (To friend) “Thank you…”

Everyone that witnessed this exchange is SUPER polite to me during their order, understanding of the wait, thanks me profusely for the job I am doing, and rings the “Good Service” bell as they leave.

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(I am a very petite girl, and one of the smallest in my karate school. I’m usually paired up with opponents who are larger than me because my instructor has informed everyone to be careful with a partner who isn’t your size in our classroom setting, not in a street fight. We have an annual tournament, and I’ve been paired up with people much larger than me who are considerably taller.)

Partner: How are you even in the adult class? You look like a 5 year old!

Me: I’m actually [my age]. Please, give it all you’ve got!

Partner: No way! There’s no way I’d beat up a tiny girl like you!

Me: Trust me, I’ll be fine.

Partner: No, you won’t. I’m too good for you. How are we even paired up?! I bet you can’t even fight!

(Within 30 seconds, I’d knocked him onto the ground and won the match. I ended up winning the entire tournament!)

Instructor: (announcing the winners’ names) And, in 1st place, proving that size makes no difference, [my name]!

(She clearly looked at my opponent who teased me about my size!)

Crowd watching the tournament: GIRL POWER!

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