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Hamilton, ON, Canada | Unfiltered | March 21, 2016

(I am the submitter of [this https://notalwaysfriendly.com/tickled-pink-by-the-interaction/39368] story. That webcomic creator still streams regularly. His wife is almost always nearby, and she usually acts as a deadpan voice of reason to keep his zany antics in check. One of the “rules” of their marriage is that they’re allowed to take any measures to make sure the other person gets a bigger portion, or the last portion, of a desirable item — such as junk food. One night…)

Wife: *brings something to [Creator]*

Creator: *feigning outrage* “Ugh, HONEY!”

Wife: “Yes?”

Creator: “I asked for a Reese’s peanut butter cup!”

Wife: “Yeah?”

Creator: “And you’ve given me…”

Wife: *matter-of-fact* “Seven.”

Viewers: *uncontrollable laughter*

([Creator] continued “raging” for at least a minute about this, but after much playful arguing, [Wife] finally convinced him to accept the peanut butter cups. In all honesty, most of us come to the stream for their sense of humour, and the adorableness of their relationship, more than the drawing.)

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Manitoba, Canada | Unfiltered | March 21, 2016

(I moved from the US to Canada to be with my boyfriend. He and I are visiting his parents, who I absolutely adore. They enjoy picking on me about my American-ness, which I tend to encourage.)

Me, to boyfriend’s mom: “Hey, you have two Americans in the house… your toilet is the American Standard brand!”

(BF’s mom, who I have never heard say a naughty word or speak badly about anyone before, gets a wicked grin on her face.)

BF’s mum: “Of COURSE it’s an American, it’s full of s**t!”

(she followed that up with the sweetest smile. It took me about five minutes to stop laughing.)

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Alaska | Unfiltered | March 21, 2016

I work for a locally owned plumbing and heating company with a basic mon-fri 9am-5 pm shift. I also almost always carry over the counter pain killers on me just in case of a bad headache or “female” surprises. I do rarely have to take said painkillers, but I am not hesitant to offer them to co-workers, or even my boss if needed, and my boss gets A LOT of headaches. On this particular day, its slow for the office staff but not him. He was so busy he got a migraine. So he decided to take advantage of the fact that I carry regular pain killers on me, and walks into the office asking “Got any drugs?” Needless to say, I gave him a horrified look until he clarified that he needed headache meds……

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Oklahoma | Unfiltered | March 21, 2016

I am sitting in my biology teacher’s classroom during lunch. The class she has is one of her rowdy classes. We are talking, but there is a lull in the conversation long enough for us to see Student 1 try to shoot a tissue box into the trash can, miss, and say:

Student 1: “Sh*t!”

Teacher: *flabbergasted*

Student 1: *shoots and makes it*

Teacher: “Student 1! Get my tissues out of my trash and watch your language!”

Student 2: “Yeah, sh*thead!”

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Iceland | Unfiltered | March 20, 2016

(It is July of 2015, and I am feeling absolutely crushed, after learning that an amazing video game developer has passed away. I am working at a local game store)

Customer: Good morning, I’d like to buy this.

(He hands me a Ness Amiibo)

Me: …Sure.

Customer: Something wrong?

Me: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Customer: Let me guess… it’s about [Late video game developer]

Me: …Yeah.

Customer: I’m shocked by his passing too, but I decided that I wanted to buy this, fly to Japan with it and leave it as a memento on his grave, as a thank you for all the wonderful times he has given us.

Me: *stunned* Wha… really? Sir, that is so nice of you!

Customer: It’s the least I could do. Also, here’s a banana.

(I rang it up for him as he gave me a banana, a little note to one of the E3s. Wherever you are sir, thank you so much and I hope that he liked your gift from above)

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