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Indiana | Unfiltered | February 3, 2016

(There is a friend of mine from high school who, over the years, has become notorious for contacting the people in our old friend group only when he needs/wants something. I thought this little gem of a text conversation was hilarious. Note, we hadn’t spoken in at least six months before this. I’ve also lost about 30 lbs since he’s last actually seen me in person.)

Friend: [My name], you look fantastic!

Me: Aww, thank you [friend].

Friend: No, this is the part where you say, “Aww, you too!” :P How are you, dork?

(We were texting! How would I know what he looks like??? LOL)

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Rescue, CA | Unfiltered | February 3, 2016

My friend and I are visiting my parents while they are babysitting my three-year-old nephew. He has a a problem with his brain that has delayed his speech development, but at this time he was finally starting to expand his vocabulary. We always like to try and get him to say words.

Mom: “Say ‘outside’!”

Nephew: “Outside.”

Dad: “Say, ‘Up stairs’.”

Nephew: “Up… stairs.”

Mom: “Say, ‘Firetruck’!”

Nephew: “Firetuck.”

Me: “Say, ‘is’.”

They all look at me like I’m crazy.

Me: “Well, he’s going to have to learn a verb one of these days.”

Nephew: “Is.”

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VA, USA | Unfiltered | February 3, 2016

(I am a receptionist at a salon when this exchange with Google occurs. It is important to note two things: I handle the online accounts, and the business owner is not tech-savvy in the slightest.)

Me: Thank you for calling [salon], this is-

(An automated message cuts my greeting off, saying it needs to verify our listing. This is an exchange I’d already been through before, but figure it wouldn’t hurt to take the two minutes to verify the information again. I follow the prompts to talk to someone, then this happens:)

Tech: Hello, we need to verify the information for your listing. Are you the business owner?

Me: No but I handle the online accounts.

Tech: Is the business owner available?

Me: No, she’s with a client, but I can verify the information for you-

Tech: *click*

(The information that needed to be verified? The address and phone number of the business. Literally ANYBODY could have verified it.)

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New Mexico | Unfiltered | February 2, 2016

(We are in hisotry with out new teacher who is very interesting. We end up talking about laws about marajuna)
Student 1: ( Teacher) did you know that in like Colorado you can’t some marajuna in public they have special bars for that

Teacher: your thinking about Amsterdam

Student 1: I didn’t know Marajuna was llegal in Canada

(The class tells him that Amsterdam is not in Canada, still determined he heads over to a map of the USA trying to prove us wrong.)

Student 2: that’s a map of the USA

( the class starts laughing especially student 3)

Teacher:(student 3) stop laughing

(Another teacher walks in who happens to be student 1’s mom)
Teacher 2: why is (student 3) laughing so much?

Teacher: because (student 1) has no knowledge of geography

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Philadelphia, PA, USA | Unfiltered | February 2, 2016

(I work at a university dining hall to help prepare meals for students. On this shift I’m manning the salad station and a woman approaches the station)

Me: Hi there, what can I get for you today?

Woman: I want a romaine salad.

(I select one from the shelf of prepackaged containers)

Woman: No I don’t want that one, it doesn’t have enough lettuce in it.

(She scans the selection of packaged salads and hands me one)

Woman: I want this one. And I want onions, tomato, feta cheese, and chicken.

(I start by giving her onions and then begin adding the tomatoes)

Woman: (Condescendingly) Are you serious right now? You call that onions? I want more onions! Are you trying to put me on a diet? I need to be able to taste them, give me more!

Me: (doing my best to maintain an upbeat tone) –Of course, sorry about that.

(I give her double the onions and move onto the tomatoes again)

Woman: Now what are you doing? I don’t need more tomatoes, I just need a little bit of them. (I move onto the feta cheese) Oh, and give me a lot of feta but not too much chicken either.

Me: (getting frustrated but still holding my smile) Alright, will that be all?

Woman: Yeah, and just to let you know I got two 50 cent toppings, one 75 cent topping and a dollar for the chicken in case you forgot.

Me: (finishing writing down the topping costs and handing her the salad while still smiling) Here you go. Have a nice day!

(She takes the salad and hands me a card)

Woman: My contact number if you ever need my expertise. (She leaves)

(I turn around and one of my coworkers sees my annoyed face and tells me that this woman is always condescending to the workers when she orders a meal so the rest of the staff doesn’t like taking her order either. Fortunately I didn’t have to deal with her again because I got moved to the grill station)

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