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(I am helping out at a haunted house on Halloween. Near the front there is a light-display orb designed to be touched. Most people try to touch it. My job is to wear a monster glove and surprise people when they come up. Usually I just run the gloved hand over the orb and say “don’t touch the orb” in a creepy voice. There is really nothing wrong with touching it though)

Child: Look mommy! (She begins playing with the orb)

Me: Don’t touch the orb!

Parent: How dare you! My child was just trying to play with it! Let her touch it!

(note: I am quite young at the time of this story, and scared to stand up to a grown-up, so I say nothing, and they move on. A little later, a group of teens come over)

Me: Don’t touch the orb!

(At this point the teen grabs the glove off of my hand, and shows it to her friends) Teen #1: Ha, look! It’s just a glove! (She is very pleased with herself for defeating the illusion)

Me: Please give it back. I don’t want you to ruin it for the younger children, and I also don’t want you to steal my glove.

Teen #2: Gosh, you don’t have to be so pushy. It’s just a glove.

(They give it back and leave)

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(I was the Not so Friendly one in this situation. For a time my father decided he was Mormon. During that time he would have some Mormon fellows that would come over and talk about lessons with him. I have never been religious and after going to his church only once I decided never to go back again due to the men being extremely sexist. They refused to acknowledge my existence because I wore dress slacks to their church and women should only wear dresses or skirts. One day the Mormon fellows came to the house shortly before I woke up. I wore a tank top and shorts to sleep.)

Me: *Wanders into kitchen groggy, searching for breakfast*

Mormon #1: Please do not wander about so scandalously dressed!

Me: *Freezes and slowly turns to stare at the three men at the table, not having realized they were there* I’m in my own house, I just woke up, and you have the audacity to tell me how I should dress, in my own house?

Mormon #2: Women should not walk around so carelessly dressed! Showing off so much skin is sinful and tempting behavior.

(This is not the first time these same ones have come at me for my dress. They almost always said something rude about my ‘daring to wear pants’ or ‘showing off my shoulders’. I had finally had enough.)

Me: If it was up to me you would never set foot in this house. I tolerate it because it’s my Dad’s choice to practice your faith. Back off.

Mormon #1: A women has no right to tell a man what he can or can’t do in another man’s house!

Me: I can tell you whatever the f*** I want. I do not believe in your religion, which I feel is pretty horribly sexist. Now leave me the f*** alone so I can eat my breakfast.

Mormon #1: *to my Father* Your daughter is very rude and you should discipline her for speaking in such a manner in front of men!

Me: *Poking my head out of the kitchen where I went to fix a bagel* You lay a finger on me and I will break your arm.

Mormon #2: Did that girl just threaten her own father?! What blasphemy! *to my Father* It is your right to punish her for acting so shamefully!

Me: *Storming into the room, slamming my hands on the table, and leaning close to their faces* I will do it. I don’t make threats. I don’t take s***. I am my own person and I’ll be d***ed before I ever let some man try and act like I am property! I know that you just urged my father to beat me, and I would never let him or any man lay a hand on me! I am not like other meek women who will just do as told because ‘You’re a man’. Before he found your religion my father raised me to think for myself and to never let a man rule me or my life. That’s how I was raised, and that’s the father I will listen to. Not the man your religion is making him if he thinks anything like you!

(I grabbed my bagel and went back to my room leaving them in stunned silence. My Dad who had been quiet through the whole thing later asked me not to come out when they were around. The next time those same Mormons came to the house they asked my Dad if he had properly punished “the shameful one”. My Dad slammed the door in their faces after telling them he would never tolerate someone speaking of his daughter that way. He came and thanked me because he realized he was changing due to that outburst and hugged me begging forgiveness. It made him realize he was becoming the very thing he always warned me about. He never went back to their church again.)

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Calling news paper and 911 for ciggrates


Checkout on 11/16/2010. Called the hotel sometime in afternoon telling the front desk clerk that he wants $15 reimbursement for the cigarettes that it has been stolen by the housekeepers. The hotel front desk told the customer that that is not possible. The customer threatened to call 911 and go to the news paper for this incident. The manager took and handled the phone call explaining the guest hotel policy and still if we wants to call 911 he can.

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(I have a friend who is from India, who often makes jokes about his ethnicity and emphasizes that others are allowed to as well, as far as he is concerned. My white friends and I usually don’t take advantage of this, but…)

(I hand the Indian friend a box of his favorite candies, which are caramel-based and extremely sticky.)

Me: “Your teeth are about to have to wage a war with these [candies], and you can’t rely on your fiery Indian blood to help you, because these things are as brown as you are.”

Me: *bites lip*

Other friends: *holds breath*

Indian friend: *cracks up*

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(My mom works at a bus yard. Both brothers and I are homeschooled, so sometimes my mom had to take us to work. One time, one of my mom’s friends toke my baby brother off her hands for a day.)

-My little brother runs up to my mom, hugging her-

Mom: Hi buddy! What do you have there?

Baby Brother: A piggy! -holds out a small stuffed pig-

(soon enough, some of my mom’s coworkers come though the small hallway, and my baby brother runs up to one of them)

Baby Brother:Look at my pig!

Coworker:That’s very nice little guy -as he tried to get past him, my baby brother got in his way again-

Baby Brother:You can pet him if you want!

coworker:No thank you buddy-again he tries to get past and my brother got in his way a third time-

Baby Brother:-who all of a sudden gets a very serious face- Pet my pig.

-My mom’s coworker, who seemed startled at the 4 foot tall eight year old, pat the pig on the head-

Baby Brother: I said pet him.

Mom:[little brother’s name], he does not need to pet your pig!

-Me and my other brother are cracking up in the corner-

Coworker:No, it’s ok.-pets it on the head-

(this continued for the next half hour, every time my baby brother saw someone he did the same thing. We still tease him for it, he now has a “family” of pigs.)

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