Undressed To Impress

| Romantic | November 18, 2013

(My husband is in bed and I am getting dressed into my nightwear. I have just started taking off my top.)

Husband: “Yey, you’re pretty!”

(I start to take off my trousers.)

Husband: “Yey, you’re pretty again!”

Me: “Am I only pretty when I am taking off my clothes then?”

Husband: “Yes, only at the exact moment when you are taking off your clothes. When you are fully dressed or completely naked, your prettiness is all gone.”

Me: “That’s no good; that means I can never be pretty for very long. There will always be a need to put on my clothes again so I can take them off and be pretty.”

Husband: “You’ll just have to keep taking off your clothes whenever you see me.”

Me: “So, should I just put on all my clothes in layers, then continue peeling off layers one at a time so I am always pretty?”

Husband: “Yes. That is clearly the only solution.”

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