(Under)Weary Of Your Sexist Attitude

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(I work at a clothing store for women’s intimates at a mall. It’s a slow day and not many people are coming in other than to look around. Usually, people are nice, but today was different. I’m a girl and a manager at the store. A man walks into the store with a sack of undergarments for women.)

Me: “May I help you, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, I’d like to return these.”

Me: “Great. Do you have a receipt or the packaging?”

(The underpants don’t really look used, but store policy is that we can’t return them without them.)

Customer: “I have neither. Can I please return them?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we can’t take them back without the packaging or the receipt.”

(For the next ten minutes the man keeps asking why I can’t take them back.)

Me: “Sir, there is absolutely no way I can take these back without the packaging or a receipt; there would be no way to tell if this came from our store!”

Customer: “Fine, then bring me a manager!”

Me: “Sir, I am a manager.”

Customer: “This cannot be!”

(Obviously, he thinks women can’t in any way be in charge of anything.)

Me: “Sir, I’m telling the truth, and I can’t take your merchandise without the packaging or receipt.”

Customer: “I will find another manager!”

(The man left the store and headed into the mall like he was going to find another manager out there. I never saw him again.)

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