Understanding Is Its Own Reward

, , , | Right | June 5, 2018

(I’m working the customer service desk at a movie theater. This theater offers loyalty cards; every time you spend $100, you receive $10. After every purchase, we print a receipt with how much you’ve spent towards your reward and how many rewards points you have.)

Customer: “I need the info for your corporate office!”

Me: “I’d be happy to get that for you. I just need to know why you need to get that information.”

Customer: “Why do you need to know?”

Me: “Our corporate headquarters require us to ask this every time a customer asks for their information so that we can send reports out that prepare them for your coming phone call. It is to make your experience better.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, the reason I need to contact your corporate headquarters is because your idiot employees charged me when they shouldn’t have. I have one of your rewards cards, and I was charged $2.59 extra, even though this receipt says I have $3.19 on it.”

(I take a look at all the receipts and her loyalty card and log into the loyalty balance system. She has a spend balance of $3.19; she used her $10 reward towards the cost of her ticket but still had a balance left over.)

Me: “You don’t actually have any rewards on your card. It looks like you had $10 and spent it, and you spent $2.59 today.”

Customer: “No! It says right here that I have $3.19 on my card. I demand to speak to your corporate headquarters about this!”

Me: “I will call my manager over and he can get you that information, but ma’am, you don’t have a reward; you have a spend balance towards a reward.”

(This goes on back and forth for some time, and when my manager gets over to the desk, he goes back and forth trying to explain the same thing to no avail.)

Manager: “Look: you earned those $3.19 after this purchase.”

Customer: “Oh, that makes sense. I don’t know why you didn’t say that in the first place.” *walks away*

Me: “You do know you’ll just send her confusion on to the next person, right? She still doesn’t have a reward.”

Manager: “I know, but it was easier than dealing with another twenty minutes of that.”

Me: “I’ve met six-year-olds who understood this better than her.”

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