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Underhanded Tactics

, , , , | Right | October 7, 2020

I work for a large clothes store with five till points. It is midday; all five coworkers and I are on the tills. None of us have customers, but our manager insists we never leave our tills whilst our register is signed in.

Coworker: “Here’s your customer!”

Sure enough, I look up and see a familiar customer heading to my till out of the other four.

Me: “Hello again, nice to see you. How are you today?”

As expected, I just get a glare. She pulls out her phone and calls up her friend and chats away. My coworkers start giggling.

I look down at her basket and see that she has at least eight items, but they are all screwed up, twisted on the hangers, and even inside out! She does this every time and never chooses anyone but me for some reason.

Customer: “Hey, you be careful with that dress! That cost more than your whole wardrobe, girl!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

I continue detangling it, wondering how she even made it so tangled in the first place.

Me: “That will be £90.99, please.”

I hold out my hand for her amount and she looks at me, individually takes out five £20 notes, looks at my hand, sneers, and places them UNDER my hand. She turns away from me and continues talking. She does it EVERY TIME!

Me: “Thank you, here’s your change. Have a nice day.”

She turned back to me, still on the phone, and held out her hand. I looked at her hand and replicated the sneer she gave me and then tried to keep a straight face as I placed, under her hand, the most change my till would allow me to for £9.01. 

She looked at me in horror but was speechless. She picked up her change and left. She never came to my checkout again!

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