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Underaged And Overspoken

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My younger sister has gotten a hold of my twin sister’s ID. At seventeen, she uses our sister’s ID to buy cigarettes as we are eighteen and old enough to buy. Our mom makes sure the closest gas station knows our little sister is underage so she can’t buy cigarettes there and has to go out of her way to get them.

Today is the day before our little sister’s eighteenth birthday and we’re buying drinks at the closest gas station.

Cashier: “And how are y’all doing today?”

Little Sister: “Great! I turn eighteen tomorrow!”

Cashier: “Awesome! Happy birthday!”

Little Sister: “Now I won’t have to use my sister’s— I, uh, never mind.”

She runs out of the store.

Me: “Now she can stop using a fake ID.”

The cashier and I laughed over her almost admitting to breaking the law. She never did get in trouble for using that ID and busted it back out to buy alcohol after my twin and I turned 21.

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